OSRS Seed Pack Guide


Seed Pack Guide OSRS

In the thriving world of farming, Guildmaster Jane stands as a beacon of reward and opportunity. For those green-thumbed enthusiasts who take on her challenges, the coveted seed pack awaits as a token of accomplishment. Let's delve into the intricate details of this horticultural delight.

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What are Seed packs?

A seed pack serves as a valuable reward bestowed by Guildmaster Jane upon successful completion of a farming contract. Guildmaster Jane offers the option to exchange a spirit seed, seedling, or sapling for a tier 5 seed pack.

Farming contracts are categorized into difficulty tiers ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 5. For instance, Tier 1 contracts involve simple tasks like cultivating potatoes, while Tier 5 contracts present more challenging endeavors such as nurturing a magic tree. The specific tier of each contract is conveniently displayed on Guildmaster Jane's page.

Upon acquiring a seed pack, players are granted the opportunity to unveil its contents through a single roll on the reward table. The player retains the flexibility to extract seeds continuously until the seed pack is completely depleted.

It is important to note that, in the event of a player's death, the seed pack will be permanently destroyed. This adds an element of risk to the acquisition and usage of seed packs, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration when venturing into farming contracts.

Average loot value

The average value of a seed pack based on tier is as follows:

ContractValueIncluding spirit seedIncluding hespori seedCombined value
Tier 1Coins 1000.png 6,576.70N/AN/ACoins 1000.png 6,576.70
Tier 2Coins 1000.png 11,184.41Coins 1000.png 11,361.59Coins 1000.png 11,644.31Coins 1000.png 11,821.49
Tier 3Coins 1000.png 26,228.17Coins 1000.png 27,202.66Coins 1000.png 28,757.63Coins 1000.png 29,732.13
Tier 4Coins 1000.png 62,242.75Coins 1000.png 65,166.24Coins 1000.png 69,831.14Coins 1000.png 72,754.63
Tier 5Coins 1000.png 81,857.81Coins 1000.png 85,755.79Coins 1000.png 91,975.67Coins 1000.png 95,873.65


The amount of Seed pack depends on the type of contract you make:

ContractFarming LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
EasyFarming 4511/3112/318/31N/AN/A
MediumFarming 65N/A4/2210/228/22N/A
HardFarming 85N/AN/A3/188/187/18