OSRS Scurrius, the Rat King Guide

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Scurrius, the Rat King Guide OSRS

Within the depths of Varrock Sewers lurks Scurrius, the Rat King, awaiting brave adventurers. Accessible through the sewer entrance located just east of the Varrock Palace courtyard, players can navigate eastward and climb through the broken bars to reach his domain. Upon arrival, players are given the option to enter the public area or create a private instance, with the latter being free of charge.

It's worth noting that the use of a Dwarf multicannon is strictly prohibited within the arena. Any attempt to deploy one will result in the message: "It's far too damp for you to set up a cannon here."

In the unfortunate event of a player's demise during combat with Scurrius, their grave will manifest next to Historian Aldo, stationed just outside the entrance to Scurrius' lair, allowing for swift recovery of lost items.

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How to get to Scurrius' lair

You can easily get there using a teleport to Varrock and go to the entrance to the Varrock sewers which is next to the palace.

How to get to Scurrius' lair

Once you are in the Varrock sewers you just have to head east

Scurrius' lair

Scurrius, the Rat King Overview 


Scurrius employs various attack styles throughout the battle, challenging players to adapt to different combat situations:

1. Melee Attack: Scurrius utilizes a powerful tail slam. Prayer recommendation: Protect from Melee.

2. Magic Attack: Scurrius releases blue lightning bolts. Prayer recommendation: Protect from Magic. Note that damage occurs upon impact only.

3. Ranged Attack: Scurrius launches rotten cheese projectiles. Prayer recommendation: Protect from Missiles. Damage occurs upon impact.

Special Attacks:


- When Scurrius reaches 80% health, it retreats to a Food Pile, periodically healing 5 or 10 health. During this phase, magic and ranged attacks, along with rubble attacks, are utilized.

- Healing stops upon reaching 30% health.


- Scurrius summons six level 46 giant rats after a screech. Rats persist after Scurrius is defeated.

- Rats are accurate and hit 0-1 through Protect from Melee. Players always deal maximum damage when attacking them.


- Scurrius jumps, causing rubble to fall. One targets the player's tile, while others fall randomly. Indicated by a shadow on the targeted tile. Hit results in 15-21 damage.


1. Phase One:

- Starts on the east side, using melee attacks and occasional rubble attacks.

- At 80% health, moves to a Food Pile, breaking free of binds. The chosen pile is random.

- Resumes attacking after healing.

2. Phase Two:

- At Food Piles, eats every few seconds, healing 5 or 10 hitpoints per player.

- Stops eating after ten animations, returning to melee attacks. Continues using rubble, magic, and ranged attacks, and summoning rats.

3. Phase Three:

- After eating from all piles or reaching 30% health, moves to the arena center.

- Exclusive use of ranged and magic attacks, along with rubble or rat summoning.

- If healing above 80%, reverts to Phase Two. This cycle repeats until Scurrius is defeated.

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Strategies for Conquering Scurrius, the Rat King

1. Utilize Protect from Melee:

- Prior to Scurrius reaching 30% health, prioritize Protect from Melee. Scurrius's melee attack is swift and accurate due to its high Attack level (300) and substantial melee attack bonus (+150).

- React swiftly to Scurrius's ranged and magic attacks, which are generally less accurate compared to melee strikes. Dodge falling rubble to minimize damage.

2. Tactical Rat Management:

- When giant rats emerge, manipulate Scurrius and their movement to entrap the rats, minimizing their numbers. Giant rats are formidable foes, bypassing prayer and dealing accurate hits.

- If equipped with a rat bone weapon, exploit its benefits by attacking giant rats for maximum damage without any attack delay, optimizing experience gains.

3. Adaptation to Phase Three:

- As Scurrius nears 30% health (150 hitpoints), it relocates to the arena's center, continuously bombarding the area with rubble while unleashing ranged and magic attacks. Melee attacks cease at this stage.

- Prioritize evasion of Scurrius's ranged and magic onslaught while maintaining awareness of falling rubble.

4. Post-Scurrius Engagement:

- Upon Scurrius's demise, focus on eliminating any remaining giant rats.

- If wielding a rat bone weapon, exploit its advantage to swiftly dispatch the remaining rats without any attack delay, enhancing efficiency.

5. Strategic Healing:

- Outside of combat, players can replenish their health by consuming from the Food Pile once every 10 minutes, ensuring they are prepared for subsequent encounters.

Employ these strategic approaches to effectively combat Scurrius and emerge victorious from the depths of Varrock Sewers. Adjust tactics based on the evolving battlefield dynamics for optimal results.


The best equipment you can take to face the rat king is your best equipment, be it melee, magic or ranged and once you have obtained the specialized weapons to exterminate rats such as the Bone mace, the Bone staff and the Bone shortbow, these will be the best options to face this abomination unless you have the Scythe of vitur, the Toxic blowpipe or the Tumeken's shadow as your main weapon.

Bone mace detail.png         Bone shortbow detail.png         Bone staff detail.png

Bone mace       Bone shortbow          Bone staff

Drops Uniques

Scurrius' spine.png: Scurrius drops Scurrius' spine with rarity 1/33 in quantity 1 Scurrius' spine11/33Not sold
Long bone.png: Scurrius drops Long bone with rarity 1/400 in quantity 1 Long bone11/400Not sold
Scurry.png: Scurrius drops Scurry with rarity Very rare in quantity 1 Scurry11/3,000Not sold
Curved bone.png: Scurrius drops Curved bone with rarity 1/5,012.5 in quantity 1 Curved bone11/5,013Not sold