OSRS Scarecrow Guide

Scarecrow Guide OSRS

In the realm of farming, a scarecrow serves as a valuable guardian for crops, and members with a Farming level of 23 can craft one to protect their agricultural endeavors. It's worth noting that Ironmen need a Farming level of 47 to obtain watermelons before creating a scarecrow. The process of crafting and situating a scarecrow itself rewards the farmer with 25 Farming experience.

The primary purpose of the scarecrow is to stand sentinel in the flower patch, offering protection to sweetcorn crops nestled in the nearby allotments. This not only aids in safeguarding the plants but also contributes to the overall efficiency and success of the farming venture.

It's important to recognize that fashioning and deploying a scarecrow is not just a practical farming measure but also a recognized task in the Falador Medium and Morytania Easy Diaries.

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How to create the Scarecrow

To create a scarecrow in the game, follow these steps:

1. Gather the materials:

- Obtain a hay sack by using an empty sack on a hay bale or haystack.

- Acquire a bronze spear (ensure it is not poisoned, as poisoned variants will not work).

- Have a watermelon on hand, as it is a crucial component for completing the scarecrow.

2. Creation:

- Combine the hay sack with the bronze spear. Use the hay sack on the bronze spear to assemble the scarecrow. Make sure the spear is not poisoned, as this could affect the scarecrow's functionality.

3. Final touch:

- Add the watermelon to the scarecrow. This completes the construction process and prepares the scarecrow for deployment.

4. Placement:

- With the scarecrow in your inventory, head to the flower patch where you want to deploy it.

- Use the scarecrow on the flower patch to position it effectively. Once placed, the scarecrow will serve as a protective presence for sweetcorn planted in the nearby allotments.

5. Weeds and maintenance:

- Note that weeds may grow around the scarecrow over time. However, this growth does not compromise the scarecrow's ability to safeguard sweetcorn from diseases.

6. Removal:

- To remove the scarecrow, use a spade on the flower patch. This action will return the scarecrow to your inventory, allowing for flexibility in repositioning or storage.