OSRS Rumour System in the Hunter Guild



The Hunter's Rumour system introduces an engaging assignment mechanism akin to Slayer tasks or Farming contracts within the Hunter Guild. Upon initiating dialogue with Verity, players unlock access to this intriguing system. By conversing with a hunter in the underground pub known as the Burrow, players can embark on investigating a rumour. This entails tracking and hunting down a specific creature as directed by the respective hunter until they procure a rare part from the designated quarry.

Upon obtaining these rare creature parts, players can exchange them with the originating hunter for valuable Hunter experience and a Hunters' loot sack. This sack contains an assortment of meats, furs, bones, and unique items such as the coveted Hunter's skilling outfit, blueprints for quetzal whistles, and even a quetzal pet.

Upon reaching a milestone of 10 completed rumours, players ascend the central rope within the Hunter's Guild and confer with Soar Leader Pitri to receive a blueprint for a Basic quetzal whistle. This whistle, once crafted, can be charged with raw meat and serves the dual purpose of teleporting the player directly to the Hunter's Guild and providing a means to check their current rumour status.

It's worth noting that the level requirements for participating in this system are fixed and cannot be boosted.

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How to changed the Rumour

The players are limited to pursuing only one rumour at a time. However, should they find themselves dissatisfied with their current assignment, they have the option to seek out another hunter for an alternative rumour. In the event that none of the available rumours are desirable, players can approach Huntmaster Gilman to reset their rumours. This process necessitates having previously accepted a rumour from Huntmaster Gilman, subsequently accepting another rumour from a Guild Master, and finally completing the new rumour assigned by Huntmaster Gilman before resetting any further rumours.

Upon successfully locating the rare creature part, players are greeted with a distinctive chime sound accompanied by the message: "You find a rare piece of the creature! You should take it back to the Hunter Guild."

Moreover, the completion of rumours grants players the ability to cook certain meats obtained through hunting. For instance, the cooking of Raw Graahk requires the completion of 25 rumours before players can undertake this culinary endeavor.

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Tiers of Rumours

Novice: 46 Hunter, from Huntmaster Gilman 

Reward: Hunters' loot sack (basic) Hunters' loot sack (tier 1).png

Huntmaster Gilman (Novice).png   Huntmaster Gilman location

Adept: 57 Hunter, from Guild Hunter Cervus or Guild Hunter Ornus

Reward: Hunters' loot sack (tier 1) Hunters' loot sack (tier 1).png

Guild Hunter Cervus (Adept).png   Guild Hunter Cervus

Expert: 72 Hunter, from Guild Hunter Aco or Guild Hunter Teco

Reward: Hunters' loot sack (tier 2) Hunters' loot sack (tier 1).png

Guild Hunter Teco (Expert).png   Guild Hunter Teco location

Master: 91 Hunter, from Guild Hunter Wolf after the conclusion of At First Light.

Reward: Hunters' loot sack (tier 3) Hunters' loot sack (tier 1).png

Guild Hunter Wolf (Master).png   Guild Hunter Wolf

List of Rumours

LvlHunter CreatureRare partMethod
Hunter 19px Tropical wagtailTailfeathers.png TailfeathersBird snare.png Bird snare
Hunter 23px Wild kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftLogs.png Deadfall
Hunter 25px Sapphire glacialisBlue butterfly wing.png Blue butterfly wingButterfly net.png Butterfly net
Hunter 29Swamp lizard.png Swamp lizardSwamp lizard claw.png Swamp lizard clawSmall fishing net.png Net trap
Hunter 31px Spined larupiaLarupia ear.png Larupia earTeasing stick.png Spiked pit
Hunter 33px Barb-tailed kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftLogs.png Deadfall
Hunter 35px Snowy knightWhite butterfly wing.png White butterfly wingButterfly net.png Butterfly net
Hunter 37px Prickly kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftLogs.png Deadfall
Hunter 39px Embertailed jerboaLarge jerboa tail.png Large jerboa tailBox trap.png Box trap
Hunter 41px Horned graahkGraahk horn spur.png Graahk horn spurTeasing stick.png Spiked pit
Hunter 43px Spotted kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftFalconer's glove.png Falconry
Hunter 45px Black warlockBlack butterfly wing.png Black butterfly wingButterfly net.png Butterfly net
Hunter 47Orange salamander.png Orange salamanderOrange salamander claw.png Orange salamander clawSmall fishing net.png Net trap
Hunter 49px Razor-backed kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftNoose wand.png Tracking
Hunter 51px Sabre-toothed kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftLogs.png Deadfall
Hunter 53Chinchompa.png Grey ChinchompaChinchompa tuft.png Chinchompa tuftBox trap.png Box trap
Hunter 53px Sabre-toothed kyattKyatt tooth chip.png Kyatt tooth chipTeasing stick.png Spiked pit
Hunter 57px Dark kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftFalconer's glove.png Falconry
Hunter 57px Pyre foxFox fluff.png Fox fluffLogs.png Deadfall
Hunter 59Red salamander.png Red salamanderRed salamander claw.png Red salamander clawSmall fishing net.png Net trap
Hunter 63Red chinchompa.png Carnivorous chinchompaRed chinchompa tuft.png Red chinchompa tuftBox trap.png Box trap
Hunter 65px Sunlight MothSunlight moth wing.png Sunlight moth wingButterfly net.png Butterfly net
Hunter 69px Dashing kebbitKebbity tuft.png Kebbity tuftFalconer's glove.png Falconry
Hunter 72px Sunlight antelopeAntelope hoof shard (sunlight).png Antelope hoof shardTeasing stick.pngSpiked pit
Hunter 75px Moonlight mothMoonlight moth wing.png Moonlight moth wingButterfly net.png Butterfly net
Hunter 79Tecu salamander.png Tecu salamanderSalamander claw.png Salamander clawSmall fishing net.png Net trap
Hunter 80px HerbiboarHerby tuft.png Herby tuftMagic secateurs.png Tracking
Hunter 91px Moonlight antelopeAntelope hoof shard (moonlight).png Antelope hoof shardTeasing stick.png Spiked pit