OSRS Ring of the Elements Guide

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Ring of the Elements Guide OSRS

This special ring serves as a convenient means of teleportation, transporting players in close proximity to the elemental runic altars. To power up the ring, players need to infuse it with elemental energy.
It's worth noting that, the ring functions as a piece of warm clothing at Wintertodt. Notably, it stands out as the only ring slot item with this attribute.

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How to Obtain the Ring of the Elements

The Ring of Elements is a coveted item that can be purchased through the Rift Guardians reward shop. To make this acquisition, players must spend 400 Nether Pearls obtained when participating in the Guardians of the Rift minigame.

Guardians of the Rift - OSRS Wiki

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How to charge the Ring of the Elements

This is achieved by combining one of each elemental rune (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) along with a law rune. Each teleportation using the charged ring consumes 135 charges, and it can hold a maximum of 10,000 charges. To fully charge the ring, players will need a total of 1,350,000 rune charges, reflecting the investment required for its optimal use.

resourceCost per charge
1 x Air rune.png Air runeCoins 10000.png 4
1 x Earth rune.png Earth runeCoins 10000.png 4
1 x Fire rune.png Fire runeCoins 10000.png 4
1 x Water rune.png Water runeCoins 10000.png 4
1 x Law rune.png Law runeCoins 10000.png 119
Total cost to fully charge (10,000)Coins 10000.png 1,350,000

Should players wish to reclaim the runes used for charging, they can do so by selecting the "Uncharge" option when at a bank.

It's important to mention that the number of charges is tracked per player, not per individual ring. Therefore, if a player owns multiple rings, each additional ring will share the same number of charges as any other ring in their possession. Additionally, once charged, the ring becomes untradeable, emphasizing its personal and non-transferable nature.


Air Altar:

air altar

Water Altar:

Water Altar

Earth Altar:

Earth Alta

Fire Altar:

Fire Altar