OSRS Ring of Suffering Guide

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Ring of Suffering Guide OSRS

The Ring of Suffering is a highly sought-after enchanted zenyte ring renowned for its exceptional defensive capabilities. It stands as the premier defensive ring in the game, except when compared to its imbued variant. The Ring of Suffering starts as a zenyte ring, which players can enchant into its final form using the Lvl-7 Enchant spell. This process requires level 93 Magic, 20 soul runes, 20 blood runes, and 1 cosmic rune. Enchanting the ring grants 110 Magic experience. It's important to note that players must have a minimum hitpoints level of 75 to equip the ring.

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How to get the Ring of suffering

As explained above, to obtain the Ring of suffering you only have to enchant the Zenyte ring with the Lvl-7 Enchant spell to have this powerful ring in your hands.

Lvl-7 Enchant.gif


Magic 93 Magic to be able to use the Lvl-7 Enchant icon (mobile).png Lvl-7 Enchant spell 


ItemQuantityGE Price
Zenyte ring.png Zenyte ring1Coins 10000.png 12,303,155
Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune1Coins 10000.png 106
Soul rune.png Soul rune20Coins 10000.png 4,520
Blood rune.png Blood rune20Coins 10000.png 4,040
 Total costCoins 10000.png 8,285
Ring of suffering.png Ring of suffering1Coins 10000.png 13,641,804

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 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +10Slash +10Crush +10Magic +10Ranged +10
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +2Ring slot table List


- Imbued: The Ring of Suffering can be further enhanced by imbuing it, which effectively doubles its bonuses. To imbue the ring, players can utilize 725,000 Nightmare Zone reward points, 300 Zeal Tokens from Soul Wars, or acquire a Scroll of Imbuing from the PvP Arena for 200 reward points.

Ring of suffering (i) detail.png

- Charging with Rings of Recoil: Additionally, players have the option to charge the Ring of Suffering with rings of recoil, granting it the recoil effect and renaming it as the Ring of Suffering (r). Each ring of recoil provides 40 charges, with a maximum storage of 100,000 charges, equivalent to 2,500 rings. This process costs 1,995,000 coins. It's worth mentioning that if the ring is discharged, the stored rings will not be refunded. However, charges are not lost upon death. The recoil effect is toggle-able, allowing players to conserve charges during training and activate it strategically in activities like fighting Zulrah or engaging in PvP combat.

Ring of suffering (r) detail.png

Note: You can also imbue it and charge your ring suffering with ring of recoils to obtain the Ring of suffering (RI).