OSRS Ring of Shadows Guide

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Ring of Shadows Guide OSRS

The Ring of Shadows is a unique ring bestowed upon adventurers upon successfully completing the Desert Treasure II quest - The Fallen Empire. Serving as an upgraded version of the ring of visibility, it not only retains the original effects but also boasts comparable offensive stats to the brimstone ring, making it a noteworthy alternative. Notably, it cannot be equipped in the Lassar Undercity.

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How to Get it after the Quest

Should the Ring of Shadows be lost, a replacement can be acquired from the Mysterious Bandit in the Ancient Vault for a fee of 75,000 coins. Interestingly, adventurers have the option to purchase multiple rings from this elusive bandit, ensuring they are well-equipped for their mystical endeavors.

Mysterious Bandit Location:

Mysterious Bandit.png

Mysterious Bandit Location

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 Attack bonusesStab +4Slash +4Crush +4Magic +5Ranged +4
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +5Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +2Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +2Ring slot table List

Charging and Uses

To empower the ring, one must use a blood, soul, death, and law rune on it, allowing it to store a maximum of 1,000 charges. The complete charging process incurs a cost of 729,000 coins, or 729 coins per teleport. Once charged, the ring facilitates teleportation to the Ancient Vault. Additional teleport locations, such as Ghorrock Dungeon, the Scar, the Lassar Undercity, and the Stranglewood, can be unlocked by utilizing tablets obtained as drops from specific adversaries – Duke Sucellus, The Leviathan, The Whisperer, and Vardorvis respectively. Uncharging the ring will refund the used runes.

1. Frozen tablet: Dropped by the Duke sucellus. Unlock the teleport to Ghorrock Dungeon.

Frozen tablet detail.png

2. Scarred tablet: Dropped by the Leviathan. Unlock the teleport to the Scar.

Scarred tablet detail.png

3. Sirenic tablet: Dropped by the Whisperer. Unlock the teleport to the palace of the Lassar Undercity.

Sirenic tablet detail.png

4. Strangled tablet: Dropped by Vardorvis. Unlock the teleport to the temple entrance in the Stranglewood.

Strangled tablet detail.png



The ring can teleport to the following locations:

1. Ancient Vault:

Ancient Vault

2. Ghorrock Dungeon:

Ghorrock Dungeon

3. The Scar:

The Scar

4. Lassar Undercity palace:

Lassar Undercity palace

5. The Stranglewood:

The Stranglewood