OSRS Relic Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded League 4

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Relic Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded League 4

In the Trailblazer Reloaded League, players have the opportunity to unlock powerful benefits known as relics through the accumulation of league points. Upon completing the tutorial, players can choose from three relics without needing points. The relic system consists of eight levels, each with a unique passive benefit that unlocks automatically.

It's crucial to note that once a player chooses a relic for a level, that choice becomes permanent, and no modifications are allowed in the relic selection for that level.

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Level 1 (0 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Double Rarity of Items: Items from certain sources will be twice as common, increasing the chances of obtaining valuable items.

2. Infinite Run Energy: Run energy never depletes while running, allowing players to move quickly without worrying about fatigue.

3. Stackable Clue Scrolls: All clue scrolls will appear as stackable scroll boxes, facilitating clue management and improving efficiency in solving them.

4. Regionalized Clue Steps: Players will only receive clue steps that they can complete within the unlocked region, offering a more specific and manageable approach to solving clues.

Endless Harvest detail.png Endless Harvest 

  • Resources gathered from Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining are doubled. Experience is also given for the extra resource.
  • Resources gathered by the relic are sent to the player's bank; if the bank is full, it will be placed in the player's inventory instead.
  • Items that normally cannot be banked will be placed in the inventory instead.

Notable restrictions:

  • Forestry: anima-infused bark and tree leaves are not doubled.
  • Volcanic Mine: points aren't multiplied if bonus ore fragments are mined, but experience from doing so will be given.
  • Sulliusceps: experience is not doubled.

Production Prodigy detail.png Production Prodigy 

  • Crafting, Smithing, Herblore, Fletching, and Cooking are boosted by +12.
  • All items are processed at once when performing the following activities, awarding full XP:
    • Smelting ores, smithing bars, and making cannonballs.
    • Fletching logs, stringing bows, and cutting bolt tips.
    • Cleaning herbs and making potions which do not have a stackable secondary ingredient.
    • Cooking food and making jugs of wine.
    • Crafting leather, jewellery, battlestaves, or pottery, cutting uncut gems, glassblowing, and spinning flax or wool.
  • There is a 25% chance that players will make an extra product, which will be sent to the bank if there is space. The additional product will also grant XP.

Despite giving Crafting experience, the relic will not apply to crafting guardian essence in Guardians of the Rift.

Trickster detail.png Trickster 

  • Players are given the Sage's greaves, which are boots that grant 2/3rds of the player's Agility level as experience whilst running, roughly every 10 ticks.
  • Players will always succeed in performing actions for Thieving, Agility, Hunter, and Firemaking.
  • The maximum amount of coin pouches players can hold is tripled.
  • The player will automatically re-pickpocket an NPC until they can no longer do so (ex. obtaining the maximum amount of coin pouches allowed)
  • Pickpocketed loot is doubled and converted to bank notes. Stacks with rogues outfit for quadruple loot.
  • Box traps will lure creatures faster, and give double loot and Hunter experience.
  • Impling jars will never break upon opening one.
  • Players can burn multiple logs per action (up to nine), providing there is space to do so.

As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.

Level 2 (500 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Improved XP Multiplier: The league XP multiplier increases from 5x to 8x, providing players with an even faster experience rate to enhance skill training.

2. Triple Mini-Game Points: Mini-game points received are tripled, allowing players to quickly obtain the benefits and rewards associated with participating in mini-games.

Fairy's Flight detail.png Fairy's Flight

  • Players are given a fairy mushroom which allows teleporting to any fairy ring, spirit tree, or tool leprechaun.
  • Can only teleport to locations within regions the player has unlocked.

As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.

Unlocking this relic will autocomplete Tree Gnome Village, despite it not being mentioned in the description.



Globetrotter detail.png Globetrotter

  • Players are given a globetrotter pendant which allows teleporting to all locations from an ornate jewellery box and nearly all spellbook teleport spells.
  • Can only teleport to locations within regions the player has unlocked, and cannot be used above level 20 Wilderness.

As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.


teleports 1

Level 3 (1200 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Memory Crystal: Players will receive a "memory crystal" that allows them to teleport from the location they most recently teleported to.

2. Cooldown: The crystal has a cooldown of six minutes, which can be reduced by one minute for every 300 total levels the player has. There is no cooldown when the player reaches a total level of 1800.

3. Instance Guard Exceptions: The crystal will not save teleports made from an instance, with some exceptions.

Banker's Note detail.png Banker's Note

  • Players are given a banker's note which allows players to use note-able items on it to turn them into banknotes or unnote them. Items must be used on the banker's note.
  • The "Activate" option allows players to note and un-note items in one action with a quantity of the player's choosing. An item must first be used on the banker's note in order for this to work.

As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.


Some general uses of Banker's Note include:

1. Bringing noted supplies such as food and potions for combat, allowing for longer trips and safer bossing. Loot can also be noted to save on inventory space.

2. Gathering skills such as Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing no longer require a trip to the bank to keep the supplies.

3. Creation skills like Fletching and Herblore can be easier trained away from a bank or in tandem with other skills by bringing noted supplies and noting the results.

4. For Construction, logs and planks can be unnoted and noted at a Sawmill to save trips to a bank. Unnoting supplies while building is also a good substitute for a Servant.

5. For Runecraft, essence can be noted at the rune essence mine and unnoted at a runic altar to use. Note: This does not work with guardian essence within the Guardians of the Rift minigame.

6. For Prayer, bones can be unnoted at an altar (in the POH's Chapel, the Chaos Temple, the Ectofuntus, or Forthos Dungeon's Sacred Bone Burner) for fast training.

Fire Sale detail.png Fire Sale

  • All item shops with coins as currency are free. This only applies to shops with a standard shop interface (e.g. general stores). Shop items with 0 stock cannot be bought, and if a shop has 1 item in stock it's limited to 1 item per buy action.
  • These items can be automatically noted if the player chooses so.
  • Shops will no longer buy items for gold.


Money making:

(Coins) In the starting regions, Oziach for rune platebodies and Jukat in Zanaris for dragon longswords are the best options for items to alch.

 Asgarnia Asgarnia - Happy Heroes' H'emporium. in the Heroes' Guild sells dragon battleaxes.

 Fremennik Fremennik - The Keldagrim Stonemason sells a number of high-value items, including condensed gold which high alchs for 4.8m coins.

 Tirannwn Tirannwn - Iorwerth's Arms and Quartermaster's Stores both sell dragon halberds.

 Kandarin Kandarin - With Magic 66 , mystic robe tops can be bought at the Magic Guild Store.

(Tokkul): In the starting regions, death runes can be bought en masse from Aubury's Rune Shop. and sold to TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store. 50 death runes sell for a total of 915 tokkul, or 1199 tokkul while wearing Karamja gloves. Note: while chaos runes can be bought quicker due to them being sold in packs, it is still faster overall to buy and sell death runes for tokkul due to them selling for more than twice as much.


 The Shrimp and Parrot in Brimhaven sells swordfish and cooked karambwans.

 Asgarnia Asgarnia - The Warrior Guild Food Shop sells Potatoes with cheese and is close to a bank.


 Lowe's Archery Emporium sells arrows up to adamant arrows.

 Rune arrows can be bought from Dargaud's Bow and Arrows. Kandarin Kandarin, Lletya Archery Shop Tirannwn Tirannwn, and Daryl's Ranging Surplus Kourend Kourend

 Asgarnia Asgarnia - Martin Thwait's Lost and Found. sells throwing knives up to steel knives

 Morytania Morytania - Ak-Haranu's Exotic Shop. sells bolt racks.


 Aubury's Rune Shop. sells elemental runes and combat runes up to death runes.

 Kandarin&Asgarnia - Magic Guild Store (Runes and Staves) sells most runes, including blood runes, soul runes, law runes, and nature runes.

 Desert Desert - Ali's Discount Wares. sells most runes, including blood runes, cosmic runes, and nature runes.

 Tirannwn Tirannwn - Amlodd's Magical Supplies sells most runes, including blood runes, cosmic runes, and nature runes.

 Wilderness Wilderness - Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop. sells cosmic runes and nature runes; Battle Runes sells blood runes.

 Fremennik Fremennik - Baba Yaga's Magic Shop. sells most runes, including blood runes and nature runes. It also uniquely sells Astral runes for Lunar Spells.

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Level 4 (2000 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Triple Rarity of Items: Items from certain sources will be three times more common, significantly increasing the chances of obtaining valuable items.

2. Bigger and Badder Slayer Unlocked: The "Bigger and Badder Slayer" is unlocked, allowing players to face superior killer monsters.

3. Probability of Superior Killer Monsters: Superior killer monsters have a 1/50 chance of appearing, offering additional challenges and rewards for those seeking to confront formidable enemies.

4. Hunter Points Refund and Multiplication:
   - If the player has already purchased the Bigger and Badder Slayer, they will be refunded 150 hunter reward points.
   - Hunter point rewards are multiplied by 5 and are no longer limited to a minimum streak of 10 tasks, improving efficiency and rewards associated with hunting.

Archer's Embrace detail.png Archer's Embrace

  • Ranged weapons with an attack speed above 4 (2.4 seconds) will have it halved, rounded down.
  • Ranged weapons with an attack speed below 3 (1.8 seconds) will have it halved, rounded up.
  • The player's ranged accuracy is doubled.
  • Successful hits have a 10% chance to fire an extra projectile, with a damage roll independent from the first.
  • Players will save 90% of the ammunition they use on ranged weapons. Stacks with Ava's devices for a maximum of 98% savings.
    • Applicable charged weapons include the crystal bow, Bow of Faerdhinen, chinchompas, venator bow, and toxic blowpipe.
  • Enchanted bolts have a doubled chance to activate.

Equipment Notes:

  • Because of the way attack speed is rounded, ranged weapons that usually attack every 3, 4, or 5 ticks will all attack equally as quick with Archer's Embrace.
  • One side-effect of this is that longbows on "Rapid" attacks just as fast as a shortbow on any attack style, making them roughly equal since they have the same bonuses. Longbows have better Attack range and shortbows can be used on accurate for +3 ranged attack.
  • Crossbows on "Rapid" attack every 2 ticks, making them a great option especially with the boosted chance for enchanted bolts procs.
  • On "Rapid", throwing knives, darts, and the toxic blowpipe all attack every tick. This makes them very powerful options, especially in combat situations where the player doesn't have to move.
  • The ammunition saving effect of Archer's Embrace stacks with Ava's devices, but not all regions have access to an Ava's device or similar.
  • Asgarnia Asgarnia AND Morytania Morytania - With these two regions you can complete Animal Magnetism, giving access to Ava's attractor and Ava's accumulator.
  • Fremennik Fremennik - This region autocompletes Animal Magnetism, and Vorkath additionally allows you to upgrade to an Ava's assembler.
  • Kandarin Kandarin - With level 99 Ranged, the Ranging cape bought at the Ranging Guild gives the same ammo-saving effect as the Ava's accumulator.
  • Asgarnia Asgarnia - With level 99 in all skills you can buy the Max cape, which includes the functionality of the Ranging cape.

Brawler's Resolve detail.png Brawler's Resolve

  • Melee weapons with an attack speed above 4 (2.4 seconds) will have it halved, rounded down.
  • Melee weapons with an attack speed below 3 (1.8 seconds) will have it halved, rounded up.
  • The player's melee accuracy, as well as melee, ranged, and magic defence, are increased by 50%.
  • Successful hits have a 10% chance to deal double damage.
  • Players will save 90% of the charges they use on applicable melee weapons.
  • Immunity to all status effects from NPCs and players, including (but not limited) to poison, venom, dragonfire, and icy breath. Excludes stuns, roots, and slayer monster attacks (such as banshee shrieks).

Weapon Notes:

  • Because of the way attack speed is rounded, melee weapons that usually have attack speeds of 3, 4, or 5 will all have an attack speed of 2 with Brawler's Resolve.
  • Notable weapons with an attack speed of 5 that may overperform include: Dragon longsword, Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Osmumten's fang, Soulreaper axe, Scythe of Vitur.

Superior Sorcerer detail.png Superior Sorcerer

  • Magic weapons have an attack speed of 2 (1.2 seconds).
  • The player's magic accuracy and damage are increased by 175% and 20% respectively.
  • Players will save 90% of the runes they use when casting spells, including charges from powered staves.
  • In multicombat areas, magic attacks will damage up to 5 surrounding targets for up to 25% of the initial damage dealt on the primary target.
  • Spells that bind/freeze the target will always hit, providing that they are not immune or are already bound.
  • Players will be given the arcane grimoire and rune pouch.
    • The grimoire will allow the changing of spellbooks from the inventory, providing players have unlocked them.
    • The rune pouch can store five types of runes, while the divine rune pouch can store six.

As the player is given items upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.

Level 5 (4000 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Enhanced XP Multiplier: The league XP multiplier is increased from 8x to 12x, providing players with an even more accelerated experience rate for skill development.

2. Mini-Game Point Multiplication: Received mini-game points are multiplied by 5, allowing players to efficiently gain benefits and rewards associated with participating in mini-games.

Bloodthirsty detail.png Bloodthirsty

  • Players can receive and cancel slayer tasks remotely via slayer helmets/gem/rings.
  • Expeditious bracelets and bracelets of slaughter have a 35% chance to proc their effects, and no longer consumes charges.

Superior slayer monsters will have the following buffs:

  • Spawn chance is increased to 1/25.
  • Slayer points are given upon killing one based on Slayer level requirement and difficulty.
  • Six rolls on their normal counterpart's drop table (excluding unique superior table)
  • 25% chance for a superior slayer monster to spawn as a bloodthirsty variant, which has the following:
    • Nine rolls on their normal counterpart's drop table
    • A guaranteed clue scroll drop if eligible
    • Tripled chance of rolling the superior unique drop table
    • A roll on the bloodthirsty unique drop table

A list of bloodthirsty monster variants follows:

Bloodthirsty Hydra

Bloodthirsty Nechryarch

Bloodthirsty Cockathrice

Bloodthirsty Shadow Wyrm

Bloodthirsty Night beast

Bloodthirsty abomination

Bloodthirsty Drake

Bloodthirsty twisted banshee

Bloodthirsty kurask

Bloodthirsty Repugnant spectre

Bloodthirsty smoke devil

Bloodthirsty Turoth

Bloodthirsty spectre

Bloodthirsty abyssal demon

Bloodthirsty choke devil

Bloodthirsty Crawler

Bloodthirsty Bloodveld

Bloodthirsty mutated Bloodveld

Bloodthirsty banshee

Bloodthirsty Basilisk Sentinel

Bloodthirsty basilisk

Bloodthirsty gargoyle

Bloodthirsty Mage

Bloodthirsty warped Jelly

Bloodthirsty Jelly

Bloodthirsty pyrelord

Bloodthirsty Infernal pyrelord

Bloodthirsty hand

Infernal Gathering detail.png Infernal Gathering

  • The player is given a set of Trailblazer tools that act as undegradable variants of crystal tools with no requirements, plus some additional effects:
    • Trailblazer axe - Any logs chopped are burned, granting Firemaking experience regardless of level requirements. Performs 1 tick quicker than normal tools.
    • Trailblazer pickaxe - Any ore mined will be smelted into a metal bar (if applicable), granting Smithing experience regardless of level requirements. Performs 1 tick quicker than normal tools.
    • Trailblazer harpoon - Any fish caught are cooked, granting Cooking experience regardless of level requirements. If equipped, it will also work for fish that don't require a harpoon to be caught, e.g. trout. Performs 2 ticks quicker than normal tools. 

Treasure Seeker detail.png Treasure Seeker

  • NPCs that drop clue scrolls have a 1/15 chance of dropping one, including impling jars.
  • The rate of obtaining clue vessels are increased by 10x.
  • Clue scrolls have the lowest possible amount of steps.
    • Beginner clues take 1 step.
    • Easy clues take 2 steps.
    • Medium clues take 3 steps.
    • Hard clues take 4 steps.
    • Elite clues take 5 steps.
    • Master clues take 6 steps.
  • Reward caskets will give the maximum amount of reward rolls.
    • Beginner caskets give 3 rewards.
    • Easy caskets give 4 rewards.
    • Medium caskets give 5 rewards.
    • Hard and Elite caskets give 6 rewards.
    • Master caskets give 7 rewards.
  • Upon opening a reward casket, there is a chance that players will receive another reward casket of the same tier; this is more common the lower the tier.
    • Additionally, there is a chance for the bonus casket to be upgraded to a tier above the one players initially opened.

Level 6 (7500 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Quadruple Rarity of Items: Items from certain sources will be four times more common, significantly increasing the chances of obtaining valuable items.

Equilibrium detail.png Equilibrium

  • Each time the player gains experience, they will gain additional experience equal to 10% of the player's total level in the skill trained (20% for the player's lowest level skill).
  • Additional experience given by this relic is not multiplied by the Leagues XP multiplier.
  • If chosen with Production Prodigy, each item processed will trigger this effect.

Farmer's Fortune detail.png Farmer's Fortune

  • Players will have a 20% chance to save the seed or sapling that was planted.
  • Farming patches will grow instantly and never catch diseases.
  • Players will harvest farming patches x25 faster, giving triple the usual yield and turning them into bank notes.

Ruinous Powers (relic) detail.png Ruinous Powers  

  • When chosen, it gives the player the Ruinous Powers book, an item that allows players to alternate between the standard prayer book and the Ruinous Powers prayer book.
  • As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.
  • Neither unlocking the Kharidian Desert region nor the completion of Desert Treasure II is required to unlock this relic.

Level 7 (15,000 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Enhanced XP Multiplier: The league XP multiplier is increased from 12x to 16x, providing players with an even more accelerated experience rate for skill development.

2. Mini-Game Point Multiplication: Received mini-game points are multiplied by 8, allowing players to gain even more substantial benefits and rewards from participating in mini-games.

Berserker detail.png Berserker

  • Damage dealt is increased by 0.4% for each hitpoint missing.
  • The player is guaranteed to hit their max hit on an NPC with full health.

Soul Stealer detail.png Soul Stealer

  • The player's minimum hit is increased by 10%. For example, a damage roll of 0-50 would be increased to 5-50.
  • Upon a successful hit, there is a 50% chance that the player's Hitpoints and prayer points are restored by 10% of the damage dealt, rounded up.
  • The restoration effect excludes multi-target attacks and special attacks.
    • The Scythe of Vitur's multi-hit effect will apply if all three hits are hitting the same target.
    • The venator bow will only apply for the first hit.

Weapon Master detail.png Weapon Master

  • Special attacks always result in a successful hit against NPCs, and the minimum damage dealt is increased from 0 to 20% of the player's max hit.
  • The player's special attack energy is restored by 30% every 30 seconds. The lightbearer will increase this to 30% every 15 seconds.
  • If players have 0% energy, they can instead choose to perform additional special attacks by sacrificing 25 Hitpoints.

Level 8 (24,000 points) - Passive Effects:

1. Quintuple Rarity of Items: Items from certain sources will be 5 times more common, providing players with an even greater chance of obtaining valuable items.

Guardian detail.png Guardian

  • Players are given the Guardian horn, which allows players to summon a guardian thrall that attacks for 30 minutes, with a damage roll of 6-15, an attack speed of 5, and an accuracy roll of 45,000.
  • The guardian thrall will attack with a style that the NPC has the lowest defence bonus for.
  • In multicombat areas, the guardian thrall will attempt to cast an area-of-effect attack if the primary target is weak to ranged or magic. This can be toggled via the guardian horn.
  • Arceuus thralls can be used alongside the guardian thrall.
  • Players cannot bring the guardian horn into locations where items are restricted. The Gauntlet is the only exception to this rule.

As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.

Executioner detail.png Executioner

  • Players are given the Sage's axe, which allows players to instantly kill targets who have less than 20% of their health remaining.
  • The axe's attack range is 6 tiles (7 tiles on longrange).
  • NPCs with ranged damage reduction are still applied when using the Sage's axe (ex. the 1/7th ranged damage reduction from the Kraken).

As the player is given an item upon unlocking this relic, it must be unlocked in a bank.

Undying Retribution detail.png Undying Retribution

  • Upon death, the player's hitpoints and prayer points are fully restored, dealing damage up to 200% of the player's Prayer level (50% for other players). The effect will only work in the same places that Retribution does.
  • There is a three-minute cooldown between uses, or when the player actually dies.
  • The damage effect will not work on NPCs that are immune to recoil damage, except for Nex, the Hespori, Vorkath, and all Wilderness bosses.
  • Dying with the effect active will not count towards death penalties in raids. For example, raid points are not deducted in the Chambers of Xeric if the effect activates.