OSRS Recipe for Disaster/Sir Amik Varze Quest Guide


Recipe for Disaster/Sir Amik Varze Quest Guide OSRS

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Quest Points: 107 quest points

Access to the Kharazi Jungle

Must have started the Legends' Quest

The ability to defeat a level 227 black dragon

Required Previous Quests:

Family Crest

Heroes' Quest

Shield of Arrav

Lost City

Merlin's Crystal

Dragon Slayer I

Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook's Quest

Cook's Assistant

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Underground Pass


Plague City

Waterfall Quest

Required Items:

Bucket of milk (can be bought at the Culinaromancer's Chest)

Pot of cream (can be bought at the Culinaromancer's Chest)



Vanilla pod or tools to obtain it:

  - Any axe (blessed axe won't work)
  - Any machete (along with Radimus notes if Legends' Quest is incomplete)

Dramen staff or lunar staff to enter Zanaris

Dramen branch for cinnamon

Pestle and mortar

Ice gloves


Combat level 70

Anti-dragon shield or anti-fire shield

Anti-fire potion

Start point:

Inspect Evil Dave in the Lumbridge Castle Dining Room.

start point

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Warning: If you have initiated "Swan Song," the Wise Old Man will not have the dialogue option about the Evil Chicken. He will only talk about the "Swan Song" runes until Herman Caranos asks the player for help in the colony.

1. Inspect Sir Amik to start the quest. You must have started "Legends' Quest" to free him.
2. Ask the cook how to make a supreme brulee. He will instruct you to mix milk and cream, add a pot of cornflour, a vanilla pod from the Kharazi Jungle, the Evil Chicken's egg, and cinnamon (obtained by grinding a dramen branch). Then, you must flambe it with the help of a dragon.

Note: The ingredients can be combined in any order, but they must be followed in the specified order. Make sure to talk to the cook about freeing Sir Amik, or you won't be able to inquire about the Evil Chicken's whereabouts later.

3. Use the bucket of milk on the pot of cream to mix them.
4. Add a pot of cornflour to the milky mixture. If you don't have cornflour, grind it from raw sweetcorn in a windmill and fill it into a pot.
5. Add a vanilla pod to the cornflour mixture. Vanilla pods are found in the southwest section of the Kharazi Jungle. Pick a vanilla pod from the plants near the coast.

There are five vanilla plants.
Note: If you haven't completed "Legends' Quest," you'll need Radimus' notes to enter the Kharazi Jungle.

Evil Chicken and Black Dragon:

A player fighting the Evil Chicken in its lair.

Note: If you don't speak with the cook before this point, you won't have the option to ask him about the Evil Chicken through the Wise Old Man's dialogue. Return to Lumbridge Castle and speak to him if you haven't already.

1. Talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village. Choose the option to ask him something, ask about strange beasts, and then about the Evil Chicken.
2. Enter Zanaris and use the bank to prepare for combat: bring your Anti-dragon shield and everything needed to kill both the Evil Chicken and a level 227 black dragon. In case of banking between them, you'll need another raw chicken.
3. Equip your Anti-dragon shield and use a raw chicken (Morytania green raw chicken won't work) on the Evil Chicken's shrine north of the fairy ring leading to the shack in Lumbridge (North - east of the fairy ring you usually teleport to).
4. With your Anti-dragon shield (or Dragonfire shield) equipped, kill a black dragon. If you're ranging or using a halberd, there is a safe spot next to the entrance and just inside the corridor leading to a mine.
5. Run past the black dragons into the northern cave (not the eastern mining area) and kill the Evil Chicken. Fight as you did in previous random events. The Evil Chicken frequently attacks with Magic but deals low damage.
6. Collect the dropping egg.

Back at a bank:

1. Add the egg to the brulee and then grind the dramen branch with the mortar to turn it into cinnamon and add it as well.
2. Put on the ice gloves and rub the token. K'klik will appear (you must be in Lumbridge or Zanaris for this to work). He wants you to flambe his brulee to cook it.
3. Use the token. If a cat or kitten follows you, a technical issue may occur where it disappears. His pet still follows him; simply log out and log back in to fix the problem or "Call follower" in the "Worn equipment" tab.
4. Travel back to Lumbridge Castle and deliver the brulee to Sir Amik Varze to safeguard it.

Congratulations! Sub-Quest Completed!

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Sir Amik Varze completed