OSRS Recipe for Disaster/Mountain Dwarf Quest Guide

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Recipe for Disaster/Mountain Dwarf Quest Guide OSRS

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Required Quests:

Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook's Quest

Cook's Assistant

Fishing Contest

Required Items:

About 320 coins (or 120 if you have the activated ring of charos)

Bucket of milk (can be bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest)

Pot of flour (can be bought from the Culinaromancer's chest)

Egg (can be bought from the Culinaromancer's chest)

Bowl of water (a bowl and sink can be found in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle)

4 Asgarnian ales (can be bought during the quest at the Rising Sun Inn in Falador)

Gloves, If not using gloves make sure to bring Telekinetic Grab spell runes (Ice gloves are the best, but other gloves will work fine too)


Fast travel to several locations

Falador (Falador teleport)

Lumbridge (Lumbridge teleport)

White Wolf Mountain (Taverley teleport, Teleport to House if your house is in Taverley, Camelot teleport or a Gnome Glider)

Ice Mountain, if you have no access to ice gloves (Combat bracelet to Monastery or Skull Sceptre

2 additional Asgarnian ales (in case Rohak sobers up)

Additional ingredients (bucket of milk, pot of flour and egg—in case you drop or lose the cake)

Start Point:

Inspect Mountain Dwarf in the Lumbridge Castle Dining Room.

start point

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Step 1: Initiate the Quest

- Inspect the frozen dwarf in Lumbridge Castle's dining room to start the quest.

Step 2: Obtain the Recipe for Asgoldian Ale

- Go to Falador and talk to any of the three waitresses at the Rising Sun Inn, next to West Bank.

- Inquire about dwarves and ale. She will offer you the secret recipe for Asgoldian ale for 200 coins

- If you have the activated ring of charos, charm her (persuade option).

- Add a gold coin to an Asgarnian ale to get an Asgoldian ale. Buy four (4) or six Asgarnian ales and add a coin to each following the secret recipe.

Step 3: Find the Old Dwarf

- Head to the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain (Camelot teleport or Games Necklace are useful).

Location of Rohak, under White Wolf Mountain.

- Talk to the old dwarf in the bar area. He will refuse to bake a dwarven rock cake but will mention the Rising Sun Inn.

Step 4: Intoxicate Rohak

- Use the Asgoldian ales on Rohak. Do it quickly to get him drunk, or you'll need more Asgoldian ales.

Step 5: Commission the Dwarven Rock Cake

- Rohak will agree to make a dwarven rock cake for 100 coins.

Rohak creates the dwarven rock cake.

- Give him your bucket of milk, egg, flour, and water bowl. He will place the cake on the table next to you.

Step 6: Cool the Dwarven Rock Cake

- You must cool the cake before delivering it to the frozen dwarf in Lumbridge.

- With ice gloves equipped, pick up the cake to cool it immediately.

- Without ice gloves, kill an ice demon with the cake in your inventory or wait several hours after leaving it in the bank.

Step 7: Deliver the Dwarven Rock Cake

- Once cooled, return to Lumbridge Castle and use the cake on the frozen dwarf.

Congratulations! Sub-Quest Completed!

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Mountain Dwarf