OSRS Recipe for Disaster/Evil Dave Quest Guide

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Recipe for Disaster/Evil Dave

Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Evil Dave.png

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Skill Requirements:

Cooking Level 25 in Cooking (can be boosted with potions) (only necessary if you choose to make the stews yourself)

Required Quests:

Gertrude's Cat

Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook's Quest

Cook's Assistant

Shadow of the Storm

Demon Slayer

The Golem

Required Items:

Any cat except an oversized cat (note that each cat has a different effective rat-catching rate; kittens or lazy cats are not recommended).

Various stew dishes (up to 9 at most)


Fast travel to Lumbridge (teleport to Lumbridge)

Fast travel to Edgeville (Amulet of Glory, Fairy Rings to dkr, Ring of Wealth to the Grand Exchange, or a teleport to Varrock)

Fishing, if you use a kitten to catch rats, or if you wish to battle Infernal Rat Behemoths after the mission (milk buckets can also substitute for battles against Infernal Rat Behemoths).

Start point:

Inspect Evil Dave in the Lumbridge Castle Dining Room.

start point

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1. Quest Start: Head to the Lumbridge Castle dining room and talk to Evil Dave to initiate the quest.

2. Visit to Mother's House:

Go to Edgeville and locate the house west of the bank, belonging to Evil Dave's mother.

        mother´s house

Speak to her and ask any questions you may have.

Descend through the trapdoor to discover that Evil Dave has been summoning Hellrats, the weakest form of demons.

3. Investigation of the Stew:

Question Evil Dave about what he ate, insisting that magic requires it.

Find out that Hellrats stole the necessary spices to make his perfect spicy stew.

4. Hellrat Hunt:

You can't face Hell-Rat Behemoths until you complete this subquest.

       Hunting heinous hell-rats.

Hunt Hellrats with your cat to obtain brown, red, yellow, or orange spices.

5. Stew Construction:

Use the spices to create the perfect stew for Evil Dave.

Start with one dose of a color and give it to Dave.

If Dave says a spice is correct, note it down. If all are incorrect, try two doses, and so on.

Continue until you discover the correct values for each spice (maximum six doses per spice).

6. Caution When Adding Spices:

Pay attention when adding spices to avoid mistakes.

Don't use the same spice quickly before its value updates in the stew.

7. Stew Delivery:

Once you have the stew with the correct values, give it to Evil Dave.

Make sure not to eat the stew yourself.

Complete all dialogue with Evil Dave.

8. Quest Completion:

Take the stew to Evil Dave in Lumbridge.

Avoid eating the stew, or you'll need to search for the spices again.

Important Note: If Evil Dave doesn't reveal what he ate, hold down the space bar and select "because magic requires it" to resolve the issue.


Some players may take more than 90 minutes to complete this section, so be prepared.

There is a rare bug where a Hellcat becomes invisible if you teleport out of the dining room. Log out and log back in to resolve it. 

Congratulations! Sub-Quest Completed!

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Evil Dave completed