OSRS Recipe for Disaster/Culinaromancer Quest Guide

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Recipe for Disaster/Culinaromancer Quest Guide OSRS

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Required Quests:

Quest points 175 Quest points

Completion of the following quests:

Desert Treasure I

The Dig Site

Temple of Ikov

The Tourist Trap

Troll Stronghold

Death Plateau

Priest in Peril

Waterfall Quest

Horror from the Deep

Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest

Freeing Evil Dave

Freeing the Goblin generals

Freeing the Lumbridge Guide

Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Freeing Pirate Pete

Freeing Sir Amik Varze

Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

Freeing King Awowogei

Required Items:

Ice gloves for defeating Flambeed

Menaphite remedy or restore potions since Karamel will lower your stats

Certain armour and weapons for each boss

Good healing food, such as sharks

Start point:

Release each member of the council from the Culinaromancer's spell.

start point

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After having freed all the council members, you will witness a scene in which Aris resets time with the magical words "Tempus procedit!" Following this, the Culinaromancer will retreat through a portal to his own dimension, ready to cause more trouble. Aris urges you to follow him, and thus begins your ultimate confrontation.

Once inside the strange dimension, you will encounter the Culinaromancer, some white portals that take you back to Lumbridge, and one of your former quest bosses. However, the Culinaromancer is too powerful to be defeated immediately; first, you must face the initial five bosses. Note that you won't be able to use prayer in this dimension.

Important Tip: You can leave and restock after defeating each boss without losing your position in the fight.

1. Agrith-Na-Na:

Luchando contra Agrith-Na-Na.

- This boss, a version of Agrith Naar from the "Shadow of the Storm" quest, is now made of bananas and is level 146.

- Uses melee attacks up close and Fire Blast at a distance. You can defeat it using any combat style, and make sure to bring enough food.

2. Flambeed:

Fighting Flambeed.

- Flambeed is Fareed from "Desert Treasure I," now at level 149.

- You need ice gloves to wield a weapon; attacking melee without them will drop your weapon. Use water attacks if you're a mage and ice arrows or a crystal bow with ice gloves if you're an archer.

- Flambeed drops cakes.

3. Karamel:

Luchando contra Karamel.

- Karamel is Kamil from the "Desert Treasure I" quest. Fight her up close with a lower-level fire spell than your real Magic.

- Use Fire Bolt with Chaos gauntlets and keep stat restoration potions and plenty of food. Melee is not effective.

- Karamel drops a chocolate ice cream.

4. Dessourt:

Postre de lucha.

- Dessourt is Dessous from "Desert Treasure I." Avoid melee combat; use magic like Iban Blast or ranged attacks.

- Make sure to bring plenty of food and defeat Dessourt quickly. Drops chocolate dust.

5. Gelatinnoth Mother:

Luchando contra la madre Gelatinnoth.

- Gelatinnoth Mother is the Dagannoth Mother from "Horror from the Deep." You'll need Water, Air, Earth, and Fire runes to attack her during her weakness.

- Use magic and ranged, as melee is not effective. Changes color based on weakness.

- Gelatinnoth Mother drops various useful items.

Final Confrontation - Culinaromancer:

Luchando contra el culinaromancer.

- After defeating the Gelatinnoth Mother, the Culinaromancer will attack you directly. He is level 75, hits high, and uses magic.

- Use any attack style and bring plenty of food. Armor maximizing maximum hit and, to a lesser extent, crush defense is recommended.

- Defeating him with a full inventory will reward you with a lamp and a symbolic cake on the ground.

Congratulations! Sub-Quest Completed!

Recipe for Disaster/Defeating the Culinaromancer