OSRS Recipe for Disaster/Goblin Generals Quest Guide

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Recipe for Disaster/Goblin generals Quest Guide OSRS

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Required Items:


Orange slices

Blue, green, or purple dye

Spice or Gnome spice.

Fishing bait

Bucket of water

Charcoal or Ground charcoal

Required Quests:

Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook's Quest

Cook's Assistant

Goblin Diplomacy

Start Point:

Inspect one of the goblin generals in the Lumbridge Castle dining room.

Recipe for Disaster.png

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1. Start the Mission: Inspect the frozen goblin generals in the Lumbridge Castle dining room to initiate the mission.

2. Head to Goblin Village: Go to Goblin Village and enter the building just south of the generals. Descend the stairs, and you'll find Mudknuckles, a goblin chef.

3. Talk to Mudknuckles: Mudknuckles will tell you that he needs coal to finish a cooking recipe he overheard from two dwarves. Give him the coal, and a humorous explosion will occur.

4. Food Troubles: Mudknuckles will inform you that he's having issues with the food, as the generals are arguing about it.

5. Prepare the Ingredients:

Orange Dye: Use the dye on some orange slices.

Spicy Maggots: Use the spices on the fishing bait.

Soaked Bread: Use a bucket of water on a piece of bread.

6. Deliver the Ingredients to Mudknuckles: Give Mudknuckles the three prepared ingredients. This will result in the creation of "Slop of compromise."

El chef afirma que funcionó.

7. Feed the Goblin Generals: Deliver the "Slop of compromise" to the goblin generals in Lumbridge to complete this part of the mission.

Congratulations! Sub-Quest Completed!

Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Goblin generals