OSRS Rada's blessing 4 Guide

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Rada's blessing 4 Guide OSRS

Rada's blessing 4 is notable for providing the best-in-slot prayer bonus for the ammunition slot, with a +2 bonus. This surpasses the prayer bonuses offered by god blessings in the game. This makes Rada's blessing 4 a highly desirable item for players looking to maximize their prayer bonuses and enhance their character's abilities within the game.

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How to Obtain the Rada's blessing 4

Rada Blessing 4 is a reward from the achievement journal in OSRS for completing the Kourend and Kebos elite journal tasks. This blessing can be obtained from Elise in the courtyard of Kourend Castle once all the tasks have been completed.

Elise Location:


Elise Location

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Kourend Woodland:

kourend woodland

Mount Karuulm:

Mount Karuulm:


1. Increased drop rate of Xeric's talisman

2. Free access to Crabclaw Isle

3. 5% chance to mine two dense essence blocks at once

4. Ability to use a slayer helmet as a Shayzien helm (5)

5. 5% increased yield from Hosidius and Farming Guild herb patches

6. 8% chance to catch two fish at once everywhere when equipped

7. Additional +1 to the blessing's prayer bonus

8. Reduced tanning prices at Eodan in Forthos Dungeon

9. Protection from the burn effect in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon without specific boots

10. 10% additional blood runes when crafting blood runes at the Zeah altar

11. 80 free dynamite a day from Thirus

12. 10% reduced burn chance at the Hosidius Kitchens

13. 20 slayer reward points for completing Konar's Slayer tasks

14. The ash sanctifier yields 100% of the Prayer experience when purifying demonic ashes

15. Unlimited teleports to Mount Karuulm