[OSRS] Pirate's Treasure quest guide

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Pirate's Treasure OSRS

"Pirate's Treasure" unfolds as a quest where your assistance is enlisted by the pirate Redbeard Frank. Your task involves aiding him in acquiring a supply of Karamjan rum. In return for your aid, Redbeard Frank pledges to disclose the whereabouts of the treasure hidden by his former captain, One-Eyed Hector.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items required     

Karamjan rum (obtainable during the quest for 30 coins)

White apron (obtainable during the quest in Port Sarim at Gerrant's Fishy Business.)

60 coins (only 30 is needed if using a Ring of charos(a))

10 bananas (obtainable during the quest)

Spade (obtainable during the quest)

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Captain Redbeard

Items needed: 30 coins.

Initiate the quest by engaging in conversation with Redbeard Frank, situated at the northernmost dock in Port Sarim. He expresses his desire for you to procure some Karamjan rum before he's willing to divulge the location of the treasure. If you've previously completed the quest "Rum Deal," your character will inquire whether Braindead Rum could serve the purpose.

Walk southward along the docks until you encounter a trio of sailors (not the Monks of Entrana). Engage in a conversation with any one of these sailors to secure passage onto the ship bound for Karamja. The fare for this voyage is 30 coins. Alternatively, if you possess a Ring of Charos (a), you can use it to persuade them into granting you a free passage. Once you arrive on Karamja, disembark from the ship and commence your journey westward toward the local pub. It's also possible to teleport to Karamja using an amulet of glory.

conversation with Redbeard Frank

The island of Karamja

Items needed: 10 bananas and 30 coins.

Important Note: Ensure that you don't leave the island with the rum in your inventory. If you do, the island's officers will confiscate the rum due to Asgarnia's prohibition on the import of intoxicating spirits. Attempting to teleport off the island or engaging in certain random events that involve teleportation will also result in the breaking of the rum bottle.

Upon reaching "Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers," engage with Zambo, the bartender, through a trade. Purchase a single Karamjan rum from him, at the cost of 30 coins.

Proceed to the hut situated to the east of the banana plantation. Initiate a conversation with Luthas. Express your interest in employment, and Luthas will hire you as his laborer. If you mention the customs officer, Luthas reveals that his crates are typically left unchecked. Agree to assist him, which will lead you to enter the nearby banana plantation. Pick 10 bananas from the trees within the plantation. It's worth noting that collecting 5 bananas also fulfills an easy task within the Karamja Diary.

Apply the Karamjan rum to the crate positioned east of the hut, effectively concealing it. If you encounter a message questioning your intent, consider inquiring about employment with Luthas. Subsequently, proceed to fill the crate with the bananas. Opt for the "Fill-Crate" option to expedite this process. Once the crate is filled, engage in conversation with Luthas. He will remunerate you with 30 coins for your efforts. Seize the opportunity to inquire about the crate's destination, to which Luthas will disclose that they are dispatched to Wydin, the owner of the food store in Port Sarim.

You can employ the payment received from Luthas to cover your return fare to Port Sarim. Alternatively, once you've been searched by customs, you can employ a Ring of Charos (a) to convince the customs officer to allow you to travel for free. Travel back to Port Sarim to continue your quest.

Back at Port Sarim

Items needed: White apron
Items recommended: a teleport to Varrock and Falador.

Upon returning to Port Sarim, take a brief detour to the fishing shop located to the west. On the rear wall, you'll spot a white apron. Acquire the apron and don it (please note that the white apron at Wydin's store is inaccessible at this point).

Engage in conversation with Wydin, situated at his food store just south of the fishing shop. Express your desire for employment, and Wydin will consent provided you're wearing the white apron. Proceed to the back room, where you'll find a crate topped with a banana. Conduct a search of this crate, uncovering the hidden Karamjan rum. It's essential to avoid teleporting with the rum in your possession.

Return to Redbeard Frank and deliver the rum to him. As a token of gratitude, Frank will hand you a key designed for unlocking a chest situated on the upper floor of Varrock's Blue Moon Inn. To proceed, travel or teleport to Varrock and locate the Blue Moon Inn, positioned just north of the southern city gate. Ascend to the upper level and seek out the chest within the room at the end of the hallway. Employ the key to unlock the chest, revealing a pirate message. This message furnishes a clue pertaining to the treasure's location. Be sure to carefully peruse the contents of the clue.

With the information gleaned from the message, set your sights on Falador, the city synonymous with the White Knights. Travel or teleport to Falador to continue your quest.

Buried treasure

Items needed: Spadepirate message
Items recommended: A weapon.

Upon reaching Falador, your first action is to secure a spade. You can obtain one from the estate agency located just to the southwest of the park. With the spade in your possession, proceed to the park.

Within the park, seek out the statue of Saradomin positioned at its center. Take note of the direction in which the statue's outstretched arm points. Observe the arrangement of the dirt patches beneath, which vaguely resemble an "X" shape. Stand precisely at the center of this dirt "X" and utilize your spade to dig.

utilize your spade to dig.

Prepare yourself for the appearance of an irate level-4 gardener who will engage in combat with you. You have the option to defeat him or escape the park to avoid confrontation. Should you choose to stand your ground and defeat the gardener, following his defeat, proceed to dig once again at the same location.

Your efforts will reward you with a casket, symbolizing the successful completion of the quest.

complete quest