OSRS Pestilent Bloat Guide - Theatre of Blood

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Pestilent Bloat Guide OSRS

Step into the ominous Theatre of Blood, a place where darkness thrives and challenges await. Beyond the towering castle of Ver Sinhaza lies an arena of horrors, and within its confines emerges the Pestilent Bloat—the second enigma of this malevolent stage. Join us as we unravel the grotesque tale of its creation and navigate the twisted mechanics that define this undead abomination. To new adventurers, heed the call and brace yourself for a journey through the shadows in Old School RuneScape.

Crafted by the deranged vampyre known as "The Butcher," the Pestilent Bloat stands as a testament to macabre experimentation. At Verzik Vitur's request, this undead abomination was pieced together from three giant heads, an ogre's corpse, buckets of human blood, cyclops arms, catablepon legs, an apple pie, and a twisted sense of pride—a horrifying concoction that breathes life into the Theatre of Blood's second act.

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Unveiling the Unholy Mechanics

When the group enters the room, The Bloat moves in a square pattern. If any player is within its line of sight, the accompanying flies will launch rapid attacks, dealing 10 to 20 damage per interval until the player moves out of sight. This threat extends to all players in the raid and can be lethal for the group.

After seven or fourteen ticks of mutilated flesh falling from the ceiling, The Bloat stops, allowing players to attack it. After a few seconds, it performs a stomp that inflicts up to 80 damage, although the present ticks can consume the fallen flesh. If its defense has been reduced, it regenerates to the maximum when performing the stomp. It's worth noting that being hit by mutilated flesh causes between 30 and 50 damage and temporary stun. The falling of flesh can be anticipated and avoided by observing the shadow on the ground, and it only occurs when the boss reaches 90% health in normal mode.

The Pestilent Bloat uses a custom implementation of line-of-sight verification for its attacks. Instead of using a tile within The Bloat's 5x5 area as a reference point, the line is checked for all tiles on the side closest to the player, allowing the attack if any of them have a clear view of the player.

Additionally, The Bloat can change the direction it moves once per rotation. Its movement speed varies with its health; up to 60%, it will always walk; between 40% and 60%, it will always run. When it reaches 39.9% or less health, it alternates between walking and running after each attack, regardless of whether the attack succeeds or not.

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Strategies Unveiled

A group of players fighting The Butcher's crazed creation, the Pestilent Bloat.

Survival hinges on coordinated attacks and deft maneuvers. The Bloat's movement speed varies with its health, adding an extra layer of complexity. Falling hands, shadows on the ground indicating their imminent descent, and the lethal stomp at lower health thresholds test a team's mettle. Raiders must be strategic, timing their assaults during moments of vulnerability and seeking refuge behind pillars to evade the impending stomp.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, in addition to the previous mechanics, mutilated flesh will fall from the ceiling all of the time; starting as soon as the first player enters the room. It will continue to fall even when Bloat has stopped.

The Bloat is also more likely to turn around while he is moving than in normal mode encounters and can do so multiple times per rotation.

Entry Mode

In Entry Mode, Bloat can scale down to 20% of its original Hitpoints when done in a solo party. The encounter is generally less punishing for mistakes due to its lower damage from flies and the stomp. This allows players the freedom to practice against the Theatre of Blood bosses without as much risk.

If a team wipes in Entry Mode, they will be taken back outside of the boss room and have unlimited attempts to fight the boss again. Hardcore ironmen will still lose their status upon death.