[OSRS] Pest Control Guide


Pest Control Guide [OSRS]

Welcome to the OSRS Pest Control Guide! In this guide, you will dive into an exciting team-based combat activity. Learn how to join the action, face invading pests, and protect the boat. Discover strategies to earn community points and valuable rewards to enhance your gear. Pest Control is a popular activity in OSRS, suitable for both new and experienced players. Join other adventurers to fight against the pests and gain combat experience points. Get ready for fast-paced action and immerse yourself in the world of Pest Control to confront the threat of the invading creatures.

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Pest Control is situated on the Void Knights' Outpost, a southernmost island in the game. Accessing it is convenient from the docks of Port Sarim, located south of the Lady Lumbridge (ship). Simply speak with the Squire, and she will inquire if you wish to go to the Void Knights' Outpost. Alternatively, you can right-click the Squire and choose "Travel."

The quickest way to reach the outpost is by using the Grouping teleport and selecting Pest Control, which teleports you directly there. Please note that this has a 20-minute cooldown and cannot be used in a player-owned house or from PvP areas like the Wilderness or the Emir's Arena.

Players can also utilize Pest Control teleports, which can be obtained as rewards from Treasure Trails or purchased from other players.To access Port Sarim, players can use the fairy ring code "aiq" to Mudskipper Point, teleport to Draynor Village using the Amulet of glory, or walk from Falador or Lumbridge. Another speedy route involves teleporting to Ardougne, taking the boat to Brimhaven, and then using the charter ship to reach Port Sarim. The Squire's ship is conveniently located next to the charter ship.

A map showing the location of the Pest Control Minigame found in Port Sarim in Old School RuneScape.

Official world







Pest Control

Required Items

For the quest "[OSRS] Secrets of the North," you will need various items to take on the challenges that await you. Here is a list of the required items for different tasks:

  1. Killing Abyssal Creatures and Portals:
    • Combat gear suitable for dealing with Abyssal creatures, such as weapons and armor appropriate for your combat level.
    • Food and potions to sustain your health during battles.
  2. Repairing Structures:
    • A hammer to repair damaged structures and fortifications.
  3. Chopping Trees:
    • An axe to chop down trees and gather resources.
  4. Teleportation and Movement:
    • Teleportation items or spells to move efficiently between locations.

Make sure to check the quest guide for more detailed information on how to use these items effectively during your quest to uncover the secrets of the north


Skills: Participating in a game of Pest Control requires a combat level of 40 or above. There are different landers available, each with its own minimum combat level requirement:

1. Novice Lander: Requires a combat level of 40 or higher.

2. Intermediate Lander: Requires a combat level of 70 or higher.

3. Veteran Lander: Requires a combat level of 100 or higher.

To join the Pest Control activity, ensure your combat level meets the minimum requirement for the lander of your choice

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To earn commendation points in Pest Control, players must maintain their activity bar above 25% throughout the game. If the activity bar drops below this threshold, it turns red, and no points are awarded if it remains below 25% at the game's end.

Attacking standard enemies yields a moderate increase in activity, while attacking Portals and Spinners provides a higher increase.

Repairing barricades or gates grants a higher increase in activity and some Crafting experience. Players struggling to maintain activity through combat may find it easier to repair barricades, allowing non-combat-focused players to earn points. Completing the Easy Kandarin Diary for Kandarin headgear is recommended to double log output from normal trees, as trees won't respawn on the island. Repairing barricades requires a hammer and yields 5 Crafting experience per repair. Your barricade repair speed depends on the attack speed of your equipped weapon, so faster weapons like darts facilitate quicker repairs.


 A game of Pest Control can accommodate 5 to 25 players. Anyone interested in participating must board a lander. If the lander reaches its capacity of 25 players, the game will commence automatically. However, if there are fewer than 25 players, a 2-minute wait is required after at least 5 players have boarded the lander before the game starts. If there are 5 players on the lander and no one else is joining, the game may begin earlier.

In highly populated Pest Control worlds, particularly the level 40 novice lander, spots can fill up rapidly. Sometimes, more than 25 players attempt to board a lander. Players who are not selected in the first group of 25 are assigned a priority number, starting at 1, which increases by 1 with each departing group. Higher priority numbers have a better chance of being selected in the next group. With many players attempting to join at once, priority levels can exceed 5+. However, due to the large number of players trying to join, the wait time between games is minimal.

Some players use the waiting time to cast High Level Alchemy or Humidify on items.

Restrictions: Pets are allowed on the island but not on the landers or within the minigame. Additionally, Dwarf multicannons and Alchemy spells are prohibited during the activity.

The Outpost

The Outpost serves as a hub for various utilities, providing convenience to players participating in Pest Control. Here's what you can find at the Outpost:

1. Bank: A secure place to store your items and manage your inventory.

2. General Store: Offers unique items for purchase, providing useful supplies.

3. Anvil: Nearby is a skilled smith who can repair Barrows armour, ensuring it remains in top condition.

4. Void Knight Archery Store: Stocks various archery equipment for combat purposes.

5. Void Knight Magic Store: Provides a variety of runes, including body, air, water, earth, fire, mind, chaos, and death runes.

6. Three LCVP-style ships (landers): Players board these ships to initiate games of Pest Control, where they will combat the invasion of pests.

The Outpost acts as a central location for preparation and coordination before venturing into the challenging battles of Pest Control. It offers essential resources to equip players for the intense combat against the menacing creatures threatening the island. Whether you need supplies, repairs, or a team to join the fight, the Outpost provides all the necessary tools to ensure your success in defending the Void Knight order.


The rules for Pest Control are straightforward and revolve around two primary objectives:

1. Protect the Void Knight: The main goal is to keep the Void Knight alive for 20 minutes. Players must defend the Void Knight from the relentless attacks of pests throughout the duration of the game. If the Void Knight survives the entire 20 minutes, the game is won.

2. Destroy the Portals: Alternatively, players can choose a more aggressive strategy by focusing on destroying all four portals before the Void Knight is killed. This approach can lead to quicker victories, with games ending in as little as 2 minutes. However, it requires a well-coordinated effort from the team. While attacking portals, players should remain vigilant about the Void Knight's status. If the Knight is under heavy attack or has less than half health, some players should switch to defend and ensure the Void Knight's survival.

Notably, each portal kill rewards the Void Knight with 50 hitpoints, providing some relief from the ongoing assault. It is crucial for players to strike a balance between offensive and defensive actions to achieve success in Pest Control. By effectively coordinating their efforts, players can triumph over the pests and protect the Void Knight, securing victory for the forces of good.


In Pest Control, portals play a pivotal role. These structures continuously spawn pests until they are destroyed.

At the beginning of a game, all four portals are protected by shields, making them impervious to damage. Players must wait for the Void Knight to disable the shields before launching their attacks. The initial shield drops after 15 seconds, followed by the other shields dropping every 30 seconds. The moment shields are removed, it will be announced, and by 1 minute and 45 seconds, all shields are down.

With the shields gone, players can freely engage and eliminate the portals. Novice lander portals have 200 Hitpoints, while intermediate and veteran landers have 250. These portals possess a defense level of 120 and defensive bonuses of +100 for each attack style, except their weakness. To effectively attack portals, players should exploit their weaknesses or have a high accuracy bonus. The specific weakness of each portal is shown in the following table:




Attack weakness






The table below illustrates the sequence in which portal shields will drop. Generally, Portal 1 and Portal 2 will precede the shield drops of Portal 3 and Portal 4. However, the red portal shield will never be the first to drop.

A picture of the sequence that Pest Control portal shields will be removed in Old School RuneScape.


Winning players are rewarded with commendation points based on the chosen difficulty level and their progress in Combat Achievements tiers. The maximum number of commendation points a player can hold at any time is 4,000, as the squire restricts boarding the boat with more than that amount. Commendation points can be exchanged for experience, Void Knight equipment, and diverse resource packs. Additionally, players receive coins for each game of Pest Control won, equal to 10 times their current combat level. This makes the minigame not only a thrilling combat experience but also a means to earn valuable rewards and progress in their adventure.

Pest Control points rewarded in the game Old School RuneScape.

Set costs


Regular void

Elite void

1 helm

850 points

1250 points

2 helms

1050 points

1450 points

3 helms

1250 points

1650 points

Collection log

1510 points

1910 points