OSRS Perilous Moons Quest Guide



Beneath the steep and jagged cliffs of Ralos' Rise sits the dwarven town of Cam Torum. Its strong fortifications have kept it safe through all of Varlamore's history... but now the inhabitants face a new challenge.

Lurking below the surface is an ancient temple, built to contain powerful entities. Now, the earth has been disturbed – and the dwarves need your help to keep these strange beings contained!

Perilous Moons.png

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Required Quests:

Twilight's Promise

Children of the Sun

Required Skills:

Slayer 48 Slayer

Hunter 20 Hunter 

Fishing 20 Fishing

Runecraft 20 Runecraft 

Construction 10 Construction 

Required Items:

Knife (obtainable during quest)

Big fishing net (obtainable during quest)

Rope (obtainable during quest)

Pestle and mortar


Combat level 75 Combat level

Combat equipment for multiple PvM encounters.

Some form of energy regeneration


5 Empty inventory spaces (for building supplies)

Ten Quetzal feed Sacks, Four Soft Clay, Three Limestone Bricks (To build the unlockable Quetzal landing site at quest start)

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to Zuma

Start Point

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1. Heading to Cam Torum Entrance: Begin by making your way to the Cam Torum entrance located at the southern side of Ralos' Rise. If you haven't constructed a landing site near the city entrance yet, it's advisable to do so for swift access using the Quetzal Transport System.

2. Encounter with Zuma and Attala: Upon arrival, you'll encounter Zuma and Attala engaged in an argument. Zuma desires to enter the dwarven city to document recently discovered ruins, whereas Attala opposes the idea citing potential risks. A guard will emerge from the gates, informing Attala about a creature that has escaped through the mountain's outflow spring, leaving them short-handed to handle the situation.

Encounter with Zuma and Attala

3. Assisting Attala: Choose to assist Attala and proceed towards the outflow spring. There are multiple routes to reach it:

- Players lacking level 47 Agility must take the western path, heading north towards the Teomat, then circling back to the southeast of the exposed altar.

Exposed altar.png

- Those with access to the Cam Torum landing site can utilize Renu to fly to the Teomat and then make their way to the southeast of the exposed altar.

- Players with level 47 Agility can travel east past the bridge, then head north to ascend a set of rocks leading to the outflow spring.

4. Confrontation with Sulphur Nagua: Upon reaching the area, you'll encounter a Sulphur Nagua roaming around. It's a level 98 creature that delivers two attacks per strike, but it shouldn't pose a significant threat. Eliminate the Sulphur Nagua and return to Attala.

Sulphur Nagua.png

5. Permission to Enter Cam Torum: With the Sulphur Nagua dealt with, Attala will agree to allow you and Zuma entry into Cam Torum, albeit with the condition of keeping Zuma in check.

6. Entering Cam Torum and Proceeding to the Ruins: Enter Cam Torum through the designated entrance and proceed north until you reach the ruins entrance. Speak to Jessamine, an employee of the Grand Museum, and express your willingness to assist with the dig. Jessamine will grant you permission to enter the ruins.

Entering Cam Torum and Proceeding to the Ruins

7. Entering the Ruins: Upon entering the ruins, you'll find yourself in an antechamber with a prominent black monolith at its center. Speak with Attala, Zuma, and Jessamine in that order. Jessamine informs you that the murals' inscriptions are in the language of the Old Ones and requests your assistance in setting up camps in the surrounding caverns.

Entering the Ruins

8. Setting Up Campsites: Grab the Building Supplies located just west of Jessamine to obtain a hammer, saw, and three building supplies. Construct campsites in the following rooms accessed from entrances in the antechamber's corners:

- Earthbound Cavern: Use the north-west entrance.

- Streambound Cavern: Utilize the north-east entrance.

- Ancient Prison: Enter through the south-west entrance (beware of aggressive Sulphur Nagua).

Moons of Peril

9. Translating Inscriptions: After building all three campsites, speak to Jessamine again. She reveals that the ruins are named "Neypotzli" and that emissaries of unknown origins are sealed within. Jessamine provides you with a water talisman and earth talisman, explaining that the power of "earth and streams" sealed the emissaries.

10. Enchantment of Talismans: Take the talismans to Nahta at The Runic Emporium, marked on the map with a magic shop symbol. Nahta enchants the talismans and instructs you to visit the blacksmith in the city's forge, located north-east, who will infuse the talismans.

11. Using Talismans: Return to Neypotzli and speak with Attala. She directs you to use the talismans to locate the area where earth and water runic energy resonate the most. The earth talisman pulls north and south, while the water talisman pulls east and west. Use the talismans to guide you.

12. Confrontation with Eyatlalli: When you reach the correct location, attempt to click either talisman, summoning Eyatlalli. She reveals that Neypotzli is a prison for the Moons of Peril, powerful nagua. Eyatlalli disappears as the ground shakes.


13. Preparation for Ritual: Enter the Earthbound Cavern and search the supply crates near the campsites for a big fishing net, rope, pestle and mortar, and a knife.

14. Gathering Ritual Items: Collect a moonlight grub from the grubby saplings to the east. Grind it into paste using the pestle and mortar. Set lizard traps by the black rocks and catch a Moss Lizard. Use the knife on the raw lizard to obtain a moss lizard tail. Enter the Streambound Cavern and catch a raw bream, then use the knife to obtain bream scales.

Moonlight grub paste detail.pngMoss lizard tail detail.pngBream scales detail.png

15. Initiating Ritual: Return to Eyatlalli with the three items. The ritual begins, but you'll need to distract the Moons of Peril while Eyatlalli completes it.

16. Defeating the Nagua: Prepare to face three dangerous nagua with distinct mechanics, each requiring a unique approach to defeat.

The Moons of Peril

The three Moons of Peril must be defeated, each located in its own room within the dungeon. You can choose the order in which to fight them.

Boss Fight Mechanics:

- Boss Layout: Each Moon is positioned in the center of the room, surrounded by moon-shaped circles on the floor. One of these circles is highlighted with Eyatlalli's protection.

- Attacking Strategy: While engaging the boss, ensure you stand in the highlighted circle on the floor to mitigate the boss's damage and prevent it from healing itself. This highlighted circle will periodically move clockwise to the next circle.

- Special Attacks: When Eyatlalli's protection transitions between the full and new (empty) moon circles, the Moon will unleash a special attack.

Weaknesses and Defense:

- Melee Weaknesses: Each Moon is vulnerable to different melee styles:

- Blue Moon: Weak to crush attacks.
- Blood Moon: Weak to slash attacks.
- Eclipse Moon: Weak to stab attacks.
- Defense Level: Despite their high ranged and magic defense, the Moons have a low Defence level of 60. Players with proficient combat skills and decent melee gear should effectively engage them without the need to switch styles.

- Immunities: The Moons are immune to venom/poison, and protection prayers do not affect the damage taken. Damage reduction is achieved by standing on the correct highlighted circle.

The Blue Moon Encounter:

The Blue Moon Encounter

- Location: The Blue Moon can be accessed via the north-western path leading to the Earthbound Cavern. Upon entering the room, head towards the hunter icon on the minimap. Run past the Wyrmlings and descend the stairs near the boss room entrance.

- Preparation: Before entering the boss room, ensure to restore your run energy at the camp and gather necessary combat supplies. While there are no fishing spots, you can catch Raw moss lizards using rope on the rocks and cook them at the camp. Additionally, you can restore prayer by catching Moonlight moths with a butterfly net (requires 75 Hunter) or barehanded (requires 85 Hunter).

Special Attacks:

1. Weapon Freeze: The Blue Moon will unequip your weapon and encase it in a block of ice. Punch the ice to deal damage and release your weapon. Periodically, the Moon will spawn ice spikes around the block of ice, which must be avoided by stepping off them.
2. Brazier: The Moon extinguishes two braziers at the room's edges, similar to those in Wintertodt. Rush to each brazier and reignite it while evading damaging tornadoes that deplete your run energy.

- Combat Strategy: After dealing with the special attacks, resume standing in the protected circle and continue attacking the boss. Remember that the Blue Moon is weak to crush attacks.

- Conclusion: Upon defeating the Blue Moon, you'll be teleported to a camp located next to the room adjacent to the Blood Moon boss.

The Blood Moon Encounter:

The Blood Moon Encounter

- Location: If you weren't teleported to the camp after battling the Blue Moon, head to the south-western path leading to the Ancient Prison. The room will be distinguishable by its gray and yellow hues and will be populated by aggressive Sulphur Nagua (damage can be mitigated with Protect from Melee). Prayer restoration is possible by catching Moonlight moths with a butterfly net (75 Hunter) or barehanded (85 Hunter). The boss awaits at the bottom of the staircase in the north-east portion of the room.

- Preparation: Ensure you have ample supplies of food and potions if necessary by ascending the staircase into the Earthbound Cavern for resupplying.

Special Attacks:

1. Raining Blood: The Blood Moon disappears and showers blood from above, forming blood pools across the room. Move away from these pools to avoid damage.
2. Blood Jaguar: The Moon summons Blood jaguars alongside a damaging square of blood tiles. Locate the highlighted jaguar and attack it. Stay within the protected circle by the jaguar throughout the special attack. To minimize damage, step one tile away from the jaguar (towards the boss) just before the jaguar attacks, then resume attacking it immediately.

- Combat Strategy: Following the special attacks, return to standing in the protected circle and continue assaulting the boss. Remember that the Blood Moon is vulnerable to slash attacks.

- Conclusion: After defeating the Blood Moon, you'll be teleported to a camp. Note: Avoid eating while on Moon circles during main phases to prevent the boss from healing and dealing damage to you. Conserve eating for special attacks whenever possible.

Encounter with the Eclipse Moon:

Encounter with the Eclipse Moon

- Location: To find the Eclipse Moon, take the north-eastern path to the Streambound Cavern. Ascend the stairs past the camp, proceed past the wooden bridge, and head west at the fork to reach the boss room located in the southern portion of the area.

- Preparation: Ensure you are adequately equipped for the battle. Make necessary preparations such as stocking up on supplies and ensuring your equipment is ready.

Special Attacks:

1. Eclipse Shield: The Eclipse Moon will summon a moon shield and unleash rapid attacks with rays of light. Position yourself so that the moon shield is between you and the boss to mitigate damage from the attacks. Note that the shield will swiftly move around the boss in a circular motion.
2. Mimic: During this special attack, you will be teleported to the center of the room and immobilized. Clones of the Eclipse Moon will spawn around you and begin attacking. To prevent damage, face your character toward each clone as it spawns. One effective method is to click the tile below each clone as it appears.

- Combat Strategy: After the special attacks conclude, return to standing in the protected circle and resume attacking the boss. Remember that the Eclipse Moon is weak to stab attacks.

- Conclusion: Upon defeating the Eclipse Moon, you'll be teleported to a camp. 

Finishing up

Once all three Moons have been defeated, return to the Antechamber and speak with Eyatlalli, Attala, Zuma, & Jessamine (all of them must be talked to). Finish the quest by speaking with Eyatlalli.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

Congratulations! Quest Completed!