OSRS Obor Boss Guide


Obor Boss Guide OSRS

Obor, known as the Hill Titan, is a formidable giant boss residing in his lair within the Edgeville Dungeon. Defeating him requires strategy and preparation, and this guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge to successfully challenge this colossal foe.

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Accessing Obor's Lair

To enter Obor's lair, you must obtain a giant key from a Hill Giant. Each key allows a single entry to the lair and one attempt to face Obor. It's crucial to remember that changing worlds while in the instanced zone will teleport you outside the gate.

Accessing Obor's Lair

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Combat Strategies:

Combat Strategies

1. Magic (Immobilization):

- Low-Level Players (50 Magic, 40 Prayer): Before initiating combat, activate the *Protect from Missiles* prayer. Begin with Snare to prevent Obor from approaching and recast it each time he regains mobility. Use the most powerful available magic spell to damage him. Efficiently maintain distance and minimize damage by moving from one end of the room to the other while casting offensive spells.

2. Magic (Tank): Members with at least 50 Magic, 60 Defence, and 42 in other combat stats.

- Gear: Wear Void Knight or Elite Void Knight equipment with the Void Mage Helm. Those with 78 Magic should use the Trident of the Swamp due to its poison susceptibility.

- Positioning: Stand against a wall to avoid knock-backs and pray a Defence-boosting prayer, such as Steel Skin.

3. Ranged Combat: At least 50 Defence, 60 Ranged, and 40 Prayer for Protect From Missiles.

- Armor Choice: Wear a Rune Chainbody for optimal Defence against Obor's crush attacks without compromising Ranged bonuses.

4. Melee Combat: At least level 50 in Attack/Strength/Defence and 40 Prayer for *Protect From Missiles* (for free-to-play).

- Weapon Choice: Members can use an Abyssal Whip or a Dragon Scimitar, while free players can opt for a Rune Scimitar.

Additional Tips:

- Bring enough food for the battle, as Obor can inflict significant damage.

- Observe Obor's behavior to optimize your attacks and minimize damage taken.

- If you are a member, consider using higher-level binding abilities for increased control over Obor.