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Nylocas Vasilias Guide OSRS

Embark on a journey into the eerie realm of Morytania, where shadows dance and unspeakable horrors await. Within the cursed walls of the Theatre of Blood emerges the Nylocas Vasilias, a creature born from the darkest corners of Vampyrium. As the stage is set for a perilous encounter, new adventurers are called upon to test their mettle and face the Nylocas Vasilias. Join the ranks of those who dare to challenge the unknown, for in Old School RuneScape, the call of adventure echoes through the corridors of the theatre.

Originating from Vampyrium, the Nylocas are arachnids that have found their way to the Theatre of Blood, where they dwell in the third room. These creatures, as detailed in the ancient tome Arachnids of Vampyrium, are typically no larger than humans individually but pose a threat in groups. Verzik Vitur, the vampyric ruler, brought these arachnids to Gielinor as companions, unleashing them within the confines of the theatre.

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Three breeds of nylocas existed on Vampyrium: the Ischyros, Hagios and Toxobolos. Verzik Vitur, who possessed many of the nylocas that were brought to Gielinor, began an extensive breeding program to make them stronger that resulted in the creation of the Athanatos, Matomenos, Vasilias and Prinkipas strains.

Nylocas Ischyros:

Nylocas Vasilias (melee).png

The Nylocas Ischyros are one of the three true nylocas breeds native to Vampyrium. They are grey in colour and are notable for their hard, spine covered abdomens. The size of these nylocas can vary, but they typically do not grow much bigger than an adult human. The legs of an Ischyros end in sharp claws, which they use against their foes.

Nylocas Toxobolos:

Nylocas Vasilias (ranged).png

Another one of the three original breeds native to Vampyrium, the Nylocas Toxobolos are dark green in colour and can be distinguished by their leaf-shaped claws. The Toxobolos typically attack by launching spines at their targets, but rarely use their claws to attack.

Nylocas Hagios:

Nylocas Vasilias (magic).png

The last of the true nylocas breeds native to Vampyrium, the Nylocas Hagios are light blue in colour and are notable for the magic that visibly radiates from their exoskeleton. In size and general behaviour, they are similar to the other two true nylocas. However, the Hagios targets their enemies with magical attacks.

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Preparing for the Nylo Encounter

1. High Combat Prowess: To stand a chance against the Nylocas onslaught, ensure your combat stats are honed to perfection. Aim for a minimum of level 90 in Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, and Magic. Only the strongest will endure the Nylo Encounter.

2. Equip for Success: Cloak yourself in the finest armor Gielinor offers. Barrows and God Wars Dungeon sets, paired with potent weapons like the Toxic Blowpipe or Trident of the Swamp, will be your weapons of choice. The battlefield demands the best, and you shall deliver.

3. Stock Up for the Battle: The Nylocas Vasilias does not yield easily. Arm yourself with a bounty of high-tier supplies. Sharks, Anglerfish, or superior sustenance will keep you standing. Potions, from Saradomin Brews to Super Restores and combat-specific elixirs, shall be the lifeblood that courses through your veins in the heat of battle.

Team Harmony

1. Build a Diverse Ensemble: The theatre thrives on diversity. Assemble a team with warriors proficient in melee, archers skilled in ranged combat, and sorcerers adept in magic. A harmonious blend of strengths will be your greatest asset.

2. Roles and Responsibilities: When distributing the roles, the players must divide themselves into 2 melees, 1 mage, 1 ranged.


Before venturing into the Nylocas-infested room, adventurers must prepare meticulously. Stamina potions and combat potion sips are essential for the arduous task ahead. Assigning specific roles based on combat styles is crucial for efficient teamwork. The waves of Nylocas Toxobolos (green), Hagios (blue), and Ischyros (gray) must be tackled strategically. Ranged, magic, and melee styles are imperative, ensures seamless coordination.

The survival of the team depends on vanquishing these arachnid waves swiftly. The destruction of the pillars by the Nylocas poses a dire threat, potentially leading to the demise of the entire team. Coordination, quick thinking, and targeted attacks are key to overcoming these challenges. As the waves progress, some Nylocas may diverge from attacking pillars, choosing instead to target the team directly. Prioritizing these aggressive Nylocas becomes paramount to avoid distractions and maintain focus on protecting the pillars.

Confronting the Vasilias

Upon surviving the Nylocas onslaught, a behemoth descends—the Nylocas Vasilias. Arguably the most dangerous breed, the Vasilias boasts formidable offensive stats and shapeshifting abilities. With a level 400 Attack, 350 Strength, 50 Magic, and 350 Ranged, it presents a daunting challenge. Its combat styles rotate every 10 ticks, making strategic prayer switches and gear adjustments essential for survival. A well-coordinated team can deploy tactics, such as using a Bandos godsword special to reduce its Defense and unleashing dragon claws or crystal halberd specials for maximum damage.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, during the hordes of nylocas, Nylocas Prinkipas will spawn 3 times in the middle of the room using the same mechanics as the regular mode Nylocas Vasilias, where it will recoil damage to players who hit it with the wrong attack style and heal itself. These don't attack the pillars and only target the players.

Not only that, every nylocas fought during the hordes will inflict recoil damage to players using the incorrect attack style. But due to their low health, they can only recoil their max hp (usually 9-11). Anyone using multi-hitting attacks such as Barrage spells or Chinchompas should be aware that they can very quickly kill themselves due to the recoil damage.

In addition to the above mechanics, Nylocas Vasilias in hard mode will fire its ranged attack at everyone stood within 2 squares of its target. It is advised to spread out with a 3-tile gap from other players in your party when it turns green.

Its magic attack also has a special mechanic where it will bounce off of the player it hits and will spread to every other player. This attack deals the same damage to every player it hits for the damage it deals regardless if they have Protect from Magic up or not. This damage is reduced by 50% if standing within two tiles of the target. If the players are all on the same tile then the attack will only damage the target.


Arachnids of vampyrium.png: Nylocas Vasilias drops Arachnids of vampyrium with rarity Always in quantity 1 Arachnids of vampyrium1AlwaysNot Sold