OSRS Nex Guide

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Nex Guide OSRS

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the ultimate challenge in Old School RuneScape – Nex, the formidable Zarosian general lurking within the Ancient Prison. In this extensive guide, we will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to face Nex and her minions head-on. Remember, teamwork is crucial, as attempting to solo Nex is a task for only the most skilled and daring players.


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Getting There

The journey to Nex's lair begins with The Frozen Door miniquest. Assemble the frozen key by defeating the four God Wars Dungeon generals. Ensure your Ranged, Strength, Agility, and Hitpoints are at level 70. Equip Zaros-related items to make the journey less perilous. The safe room, accessed by gathering 40 ancient essence, is where you'll prepare for the battle. Ready your team and pass the ancient barrier to enter Nex's chamber.

Pro Tip: Aim for a kill count of at least 80 or 120 before entering, ensuring a swift return in case of teleportation or supply restocking needs.

Fight Overview

Nex's circular chamber hosts a battle with five phases: Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice, and the climactic Zaros phase. Beware of the level 285 mages representing the Ancient Magicks. Nex is weakest to stab attacks, but a balanced approach of melee and ranged is advised for efficient kills.

Throughout the battle, Nex utilizes various attacks, including standard melee, magic, and ranged attacks. Utilize protection prayers wisely, as they significantly reduce damage. Nex's rapid movements and unique mechanics demand precise coordination.

Smoke Phase

A single player, on the top right of the image, purposely receives Nex's Choke attack by having the least amount of magic defence bonuses.

Nex's first phase, the Smoke Phase, initiates with her cry, "Fill my soul with smoke!" In this stage, Nex employs Smoke Rush against players, potentially causing poison. Unlike other phases, her basic magic attacks in this stage don't drain prayer. The strategy involves players adopting melee distancing (MD), standing within melee range. This prompts Nex to use her melee attack, targeting one player instead of the more damaging magic attack that affects multiple players.

Special Attacks in this phase:

1. Choke: Nex shouts, "Let the virus flow through you!" Targeting the player furthest away with the lowest magic defense bonus, this attack infects them, draining two prayer points every two ticks and reducing stats based on the player's highest attack bonus. The virus can spread between adjacent players, but negative magic defense armor, gas masks, facemasks, or slayer helmets prevent infection, and the spectral spirit shield reduces prayer drain.

2. Drag: Nex drags a random player within 6 tiles toward her, stunning them and deactivating their protection prayer. The likelihood of dragging depends on the player having Protect from Magic.

3. Smoke Dash: Nex shouts, "There is... NO ESCAPE!" and dashes down one of the four aisles, dealing up to 50 damage. Warning indicators help players avoid the targeted area.

Upon reaching 80% health, Nex calls, "Fumus, don't fail me!" Mage Fumus becomes vulnerable, requiring players to defeat him to progress. Fumus is weak to stab attacks, with ranged also effective.

1. Nex's first phase features Smoke Rush. Melee distancing is key to minimizing damage.

2. Special attacks include Choke, Infected players, Drag, and Smoke Dash.

Shadow Phase

Nex unleashes her Shadow Smash attack.

Nex's second phase, the Shadow Phase, begins with her cry, "Darken my shadow!" Here, she uses shadow shots, considered Ranged attacks. Activating Protect from Missiles halves the damage from these shots, and successful hits can slightly drain prayer points, mitigated by the spectral spirit shield.

Key points:

1. Damage Proximity: Players receive more damage the closer they are to Nex, up to 30 (with Protect from Missiles). It's advisable to stand at the furthest distance (8 for crossbows not on long-ranged, 10 otherwise) and use a hit-and-run tactic for reduced damage.

2. Chasing Strategy: If Nex chases a player in the center, the targeted player should stand on the center aisle without attacking. Nex will be unable to attack, darting back to the center, preventing close-range shadow attacks.

Special Attacks:

1. Shadow Smash: Nex shouts, "Fear the shadow!" Deadly shadows appear under players, giving three ticks to move before erupting and dealing up to 50 damage.

2. Embrace Darkness: Nex shouts, "Embrace darkness!" The room darkens, causing constant damage from pure shadow if players are too close. After triggering this damage, players must stay outside Nex's melee distance for 10-15 seconds to avoid further harm.

Players targeted by Nex should lure her away from Umbra, enabling the team to attack Umbra safely. Upon reaching 60% health, Nex calls, "Umbra, don't fail me!" Now, mage Umbra becomes vulnerable and must be defeated, being weakest to ranged attacks.

1. Shadow shots are unleashed, considered ranged attacks.

2. Special attacks: Shadow Smash and Embrace Darkness.

3. Smart positioning is crucial to avoid damage from the pure shadow.

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Blood Phase

A player is marked in red as part of Nex's Blood Sacrifice attack.

Nex's third phase, the Blood Phase, begins with her cry, "Flood my lungs with blood!" Here, Nex uses Blood Barrage, healing a percentage of the damage dealt and draining prayer based on the damage. This attack targets one player but has a 3x3 AoE centered on the current target. Melee distancing is advised to reduce magic attack chances.

Special Attacks:

1. Blood Siphon: Nex summons up to eight blood reavers, kneeling for about 8 ticks. During this, damage she receives heals her, and reavers die with a new siphon. Players should focus on killing reavers to prevent healing.

2. Blood Sacrifice: Nex marks a player for sacrifice, dealing damage if they don't move away. Failure results in damage and prayer drain for the sacrificed player and nearby players.

Upon reaching 40% health, Nex commands, "Cruor, don't fail me!" Now, mage Cruor becomes vulnerable, needing to be killed for the next phase. Cruor is weakest to slash attacks, though ranged is still effective. Any lingering blood reavers are auto-killed as Nex transitions to the next phase.

1. Nex unleashes Blood Barrage, targeting a single player.

2. Special attacks: Blood Siphon and Blood Sacrifice.

3. Manage the AoE effect of attacks effectively.

Ice Phase

Nex unleashes her Containment attack.

Nex's fourth phase, the Ice Phase, begins with her command, "Infuse me with the power of ice!" Here, Nex uses Ice Barrage, freezing non-protected players and lowering their prayer points. Standing in melee distance is advised. Beware the 'Containment' special attack, especially after Glacies activates, to avoid being frozen.

Special Attacks:

1. Containment: Nex smashes the floor, creating icicles in a 5x5 area. This can damage players up to 60 hitpoints and deactivate protection prayers. Players near Glacies should be cautious to avoid getting frozen.

2. Ice Prison: Nex freezes a targeted player, spawning ice stalagmites in a 3x3 AoE. The prison shatters after four seconds, dealing up to 75 damage. Destroy stalagmites with stab or crush attacks. Praying Protect from Missiles reduces damage if frozen.

Upon reaching 20% health, Nex commands, "Glacies, don't fail me!" Now, mage Glacies becomes vulnerable, needing to be killed for the final phase. Glacies is weakest to crush attacks, although ranged is still effective.

1. Ice Barrage is employed;standing in melee distance is advised.

2.Special attacks: Containment and Ice Prison.

3. Stay alert during the 'Containment' attack to avoid being frozen.

Zaros Phase

Nex's fifth and final phase, the Zaros Phase, commences with her declaration, "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!" Here, she heals for 500 hitpoints and employs melee and non-attuned magic attacks, draining 5 prayer points with each hit, mitigated by the spectral spirit shield.

Key Points:

1. Combat Approach: Players should converge on Nex, akin to the smoke and ice phases, minimizing overall damage. Players with the lowest crush defence are more prone to her melee attacks.

2. Ruinous Powers: Nex employs several Zarosian prayers:

3. Turmoil: Enhances magic and melee attacks, draining player stats and transferring them to Nex.

4. Soul Split: A prayer allowing Nex to heal a percentage of her health for each successful hit.

5. Deflect Melee: Activates a variant of Protect from Melee, deflecting damage dealt to Nex by melee attacks.

6. Wrath: Nex unleashes a powerful Retribution-like attack upon her death, dealing up to 50 damage in a 5x5 radius. Players should move away within three seconds to avoid damage.

7. Prayer Rotation: Nex begins with Soul Split, switches to Deflect Melee after four auto-attacks, has no active curses after another four auto-attacks, and then reactivates Soul Split after four more auto-attacks. This pattern continues until Nex is defeated.

1. The final phase brings forth Zaros' power, introducing Turmoil, Soul Split, Deflect Melee, and Wrath prayers.

2. Coordinated prayers are crucial to surviving this intense phase.

Advanced Strategies

Mastering Nex requires advanced tactics for reduced personal and team damage. Follow-stalling and 5-tick stalling are advanced techniques to synchronize attacks and mitigate damage effectively. Melee P2, while risky, can be rewarding for skilled players.

Equipment and Inventory

Ensure you wear Zarosian items to avoid aggression in the Zarosian encampment. Equipment choices, including weapons and armor, play a crucial role in the battle. Various inventory setups are available, allowing for flexibility based on your team size and experience.

1. Zaryte vambraces and the Zaryte crossbow are Zarosian items and protect the player from aggression, so additional protection is unneeded.

2. Ancient bracers(+11) can replace Barrows gloves(+12) in most instances with little to no DPS loss while providing a slight bonus to prayer; similarly.

3. Ancient d'hide boots(+7) can replace Pegasian boots(+12) in a pinch.

4. A Slayer helmet can replace the Masori mask to help mitigate the cough in larger team sizes such as masses.

5. In duos, it is highly recommended for players that own one to bring an Elysian spirit shield to mitigate damage and make the kill easier, saving you brews for the end.

Best in-Slot Setups

Zaryte Crossbow (for 2-5 mans)

Zaryte Crossbow

Full Hybrid (for 2-5 mans)

Full Hybrid

Hybrid/Melee P2 (for 2-3 mans)


Budget Setups

Zaryte Crossbow (5 mans and Masses)

Zaryte Crossbow

Dragon Crossbow (Masses)

Dragon Crossbow

Crossbow Setup

Crossbow Setup

Full Hybrid Setup

Full Hybrid Setup

Hybrid/Melee P2 Setup

Hybrid/Melee P2 Setup

Facing Nex is no small feat; it demands teamwork, skill, and strategic prowess. With this comprehensive guide, you're equipped to embark on this challenging adventure. May your team be resilient, your prayers unwavering, and your attacks true. Best of luck, adventurers, in conquering the Ancient Prison and emerging victorious against Nex, the Zarosian general. May your loot be bountiful, and your victories legendary!