OSRS Mounted Digsite Pendant Guide

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Mounted Digsite Pendant Guide OSRS

The Mounted Digsite Pendant is an item that players can build in a player-owned house in the game RuneScape. To construct it, a Construction level of 82 is required (or 74 with a crystal saw and spicy stew). You also need to have a hammer and a saw in your inventory. When constructed, it provides 800 Construction experience points.

Once built, the Mounted Digsite Pendant allows players to select a destination from the teleport options it offers. The main difference is that the mounted pendant has unlimited teleport charges, unlike the standard Digsite pendant.

It's important to note that you can only have one Mounted Digsite Pendant in your player-owned house at a time. If you choose to destroy the mounted pendant, you will receive a Digsite pendant with one remaining charge. However, if the Portal Nexus room is removed with the mounted pendant still in place, it will not be returned.

This item is useful for players who want an efficient way to access the destinations offered by the Digsite pendant without worrying about running out of teleport charges.

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