OSRS Moons of Peril Strategy and Tips



Embarking on a perilous journey beneath Cam Torum lies the Neypotzli dungeon, a realm teeming with challenges suitable for mid-level adventurers. Here, amidst its depths, await the Moons of Peril, three formidable bosses that test the mettle of those brave enough to face them. For players of at least level 75 combat, the dungeon offers an experience reminiscent of the legendary Barrows, presenting an array of dangers and treasures to be discovered. This guide serves as a beacon of guidance for those daring souls who seek to conquer the Moons of Peril and claim victory beneath the earth.

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How to get to the Neypotzli dungeon

1. Teleporting via Calcified Moth: For those in possession of a Calcified Moth, teleportation to Cam Torum offers the swiftest route to Neypotzli dungeon. By crushing the moth, adventurers are instantly transported to the heart of Cam Torum, positioning them mere steps away from the dungeon's entrance.

2. Utilizing the Quetzal Transport System: A more unconventional yet equally efficient method involves utilizing the Quetzal Transport System. Unlocking access to Cam Torum via this system requires 10 Quetzal Feed, 3 Limestone Bricks, and 4 Soft Clay. Once unlocked, travelers can swiftly traverse to Cam Torum and proceed northwest from the city to locate the dungeon's entrance.

3. Venturing through Ralos' Rise: Another route to Neypotzli involves journeying through Ralos' Rise via the Quetzal Transport System. Upon arrival, adventurers must navigate southeast to locate an agility shortcut, accessible to those with a minimum Agility level of 47. By successfully traversing this shortcut, travelers can then continue their journey northwestward to reach the dungeon.

4. Trekking from Civitas Illa Fortis: For those preferring a more traditional approach, embarking on a journey westward from Civitas Illa Fortis presents a viable option. Passing the Hunter Guild to the northwest, adventurers must then ascend the mountain pass leading towards Cam Torum. Though this path is arduous, it offers a scenic route with ample opportunities for exploration along the way.

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Preparation & Supplies for the Neypotzli Dungeon

Before delving into the depths of the Neypotzli dungeon to confront the Moons of Peril, adventurers must ensure they are adequately prepared with the necessary supplies. Unlike many dungeons, Neypotzli offers a self-contained environment, providing access to basic tools, food, and potions essential for sustained exploration and combat. This guide outlines the key preparations and supplies required for a successful venture into this perilous realm.

Food: Sustenance is crucial for maintaining strength and endurance during prolonged battles within Neypotzli. Fortunately, the dungeon offers abundant resources for food preparation, including Moss Lizards and Raw Bream. Catch these creatures within the Earthbound and Streambound Caverns respectively, then cook them at camp spots to create Cooked Moss Lizards and Cooked Bream. These nourishing meals provide healing proportional to your Cooking and Fishing levels, ensuring you remain fortified throughout your journey.

Cooked bream detail.png

Potions: In the face of formidable adversaries, potions can tip the scales in your favor by bolstering combat prowess and resilience. Neypotzli introduces the Moonlight Potion, a versatile elixir combining the effects of Prayer and Super Combat potions. Crafted from Moonlight Grubs found within Grubby Saplings, these potions offer a potent blend of offensive and defensive benefits, eliminating the need to carry separate potions into the dungeon.

Moonlight potion(4) detail.png

Efficient Route

1. Start at The Antechamber and head through the northeast entrance to Streambound Cavern.

Streambound Cavern:

Streambound Cavern

2. Gather tools and restore run energy at the camp spot as needed. Ensure you have vials of water, a big fishing net, a rope, and optionally, a butterfly net and a jar.

3. Collect Moonlight Larvae to craft 2 to 8 Moonlight potions. Use these potions to restore your prayer between runs.

Collect Moonlight Larvae

4. Gather Raw Bream from the nearby stream to cook and stock up on food in your inventory. If your Hunter level is higher than your Fishing level, you can skip this step as Moss Lizards provide faster food.

Gather Raw Bream

5. Enter the Eclipse Moon arena to the south and engage in battle with the boss. After the fight, you'll be teleported back to the camp spot in the Earthbound Cavern.

Enter the Eclipse Moon arena

6. Once you are in Earthbound Cavern restore run energy at the camp spot in the option "Make-cuppa" and head east.

Earthbound Cavern restore run energy

7. Enter the Blue Moon arena to the east and confront the boss. After the battle, you'll be teleported back to the camp spot in the Ancient Prison.

camp spot in the Ancient Prison

8. Enter the Blood Moon arena to the east and face the boss in combat. After the encounter, you'll be teleported once again to the camp spot in the Ancient Prison.

9. Head south to enter the Ancient Sanctuary and claim your loot. Proceed north to re-enter Streambound Cavern.

 south to enter the Ancient Sanctuary

Boss Mechanics Guide for Conquering the Moons of Peril

Facing the Moons of Peril within the Neypotzli dungeon demands not only strength and skill but also a keen understanding of their mechanics. Each boss presents a formidable challenge, with unique abilities and weaknesses that adventurers must exploit to emerge victorious. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the bosses' mechanics, empowering adventurers with the knowledge needed to overcome these formidable foes.

Boss Overview:

- Each boss resides in their respective room within the dungeon, boasting 500 hitpoints.

- Battles occur simultaneously with other players in the world, but individual damage must be dealt by each player before being teleported out.

- Bosses are weak to specific melee combat styles.

- They share a similar set of mechanics, including standard auto attacks and special attacks triggered by lunar phases.

- Bosses are surrounded by symbols representing moon phases, guiding players to strategic positioning during combat.

Standard Attacks:

- Bosses execute a series of 3 hits as standard auto attacks, rolling accuracy and damage against the player's corresponding melee defense style.

- If the first attack misses, subsequent attacks will also miss, offering opportunities for players to mitigate damage.

- Protection prayers are ineffective against the bosses' attacks, but defensive equipment and prayers such as Piety can significantly reduce incoming damage.

Special Attacks:

- Special attacks occur during new moon or full moon phases, alternating between bosses.

- These attacks pose unique challenges and require players to react swiftly to avoid devastating effects.

- While protection prayers are ineffective, defensive strategies and positioning play a crucial role in surviving these attacks.

Eclipse Moon

The Eclipse Moon, a formidable adversary within the Neypotzli dungeon, poses a unique set of challenges and mechanics that adventurers must master to emerge victorious. As a master of light and shadow, the Eclipse Moon demands both precision and strategy in combat encounters. This guide delves into the mechanics of the Eclipse Moon, offering insights and tactics to overcome its formidable defenses.

A preview image of the Eclipse Moon[2]

Weakness and Attacks:

- Weakness: The Eclipse Moon is susceptible to stab attacks. Players should utilize weapons optimized for stabbing to exploit this weakness effectively.

- Glancing Attacks: Insufficient defense against the Eclipse Moon may result in occasional "glancing" attacks, with the message indicating the player's attack being deflected by the Moon's shield. The exact effects of these glancing blows are unknown, but they likely reduce the effectiveness of player attacks.

Special Attacks:

1. Eclipse Shield:

- Mechanics: The Eclipse Moon spawns a moon shield and unleashes rapid attacks with rays of light. Players must position themselves behind the moon shield to avoid taking damage from these attacks.

- Strategy: Keep pace with the moon shield as it moves in a clockwise circle around the boss. By staying behind the shield, players can effectively mitigate damage and maintain their offensive capabilities.

2. Mimic:

- Mechanics: Upon activation, players are teleported to the center of the room and frozen in place. Clones of the Eclipse Moon spawn around the player, each launching attacks. Players must face their character toward each clone as it spawns to prevent damage and deflect attacks back at the boss.

- Strategy: Prioritize facing each clone as it appears to parry incoming attacks and deal damage to the Eclipse Moon. Utilize slow, high-hitting weapons for maximum effectiveness against the boss. Ensure that the final blow is dealt to the real Eclipse Moon to secure victory.

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon, a formidable adversary within the Neypotzli dungeon, presents a formidable challenge with its icy attacks and relentless assault. As a master of frost and cold, the Blue Moon demands both agility and resilience from adventurers who dare to face it. This guide explores the mechanics of the Blue Moon, offering insights and tactics to overcome its icy defenses and emerge victorious.

A preview image of the Blue Moon[2]

Weakness and Attacks:

- Weakness: The Blue Moon is vulnerable to crush attacks. Players should equip weapons optimized for crushing to exploit this weakness effectively.

- Frozen Hands: Inadequate defense against the Blue Moon may result in freezing attacks, causing delays and impairing attack capabilities. These freezing attacks progressively worsen with each subsequent hit, culminating in significant delays in player attacks.

Special Attacks:

1. Weapon Freeze:

- Mechanics: The Blue Moon employs a weapon freeze attack, encasing the player's weapon in a block of ice. Players must identify the pulsating blue block of ice and strike it to release their weapon. Meanwhile, ice spikes periodically spawn on the floor around the block of ice, requiring players to navigate carefully to avoid taking damage.

- Strategy: Keep a keen eye on the pulsating blue block of ice and prioritize freeing your weapon swiftly to resume combat. Utilize agility and quick reflexes to evade the ice spikes and minimize damage while freeing your weapon.

2. Brazier:

- Mechanics: The Blue Moon extinguishes braziers located at the edges of the room, akin to those in Wintertodt. Players must rush to reignite these braziers while avoiding damaging tornadoes that roam the room. Safespots marked by footprints in the snow provide temporary refuge from the tornadoes.

- Strategy: Quickly navigate the room to reignite the braziers, utilizing safespots to evade the damaging tornadoes. Prioritize teamwork and coordination to efficiently reignite the braziers while minimizing damage and maintaining mobility.

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon, a formidable foe within the Neypotzli dungeon, wields the power of blood and vitality to both heal itself and drain the life force of adventurers. As a master of blood magic, the Blood Moon presents a relentless challenge that demands both precision and perseverance in combat. This guide delves into the mechanics of the Blood Moon, offering insights and strategies to overcome its formidable abilities and emerge victorious.

A preview image of the Blood Moon[2]

Weakness and Attacks:

- Weakness: The Blood Moon is vulnerable to slash attacks. Adventurers should equip weapons optimized for slashing to exploit this weakness effectively.

- Vitality Drain: Each successful hit on the player by the Blood Moon saps their vitality, draining their life force and weakening their defenses.

Special Attacks:

1. Raining Blood:

- Mechanics: The Blood Moon disappears momentarily, causing blood to rain from above and form pools throughout the room. Players must avoid standing on these blood pools to prevent healing the boss. Remaining off the blood pools will inflict small chip damage to the boss.

- Strategy: Keep moving to avoid standing on the blood pools while continuing to engage the boss. Prioritize maintaining distance from the blood pools to prevent unintended healing and maximize damage output.

2. Blood Jaguar:

- Mechanics: The Blood Moon summons Blood Jaguars around the room along with a damaging square of blood tiles. Players must run to the highlighted Jaguar and attack it while remaining within the protected circle created by the Jaguar. To avoid damage, players should step one tile away from the Jaguar immediately before it attacks and then resume attacking it.

- Strategy: Focus on swiftly locating and engaging the Blood Jaguar while maintaining awareness of its attack pattern. Utilize precise timing and positioning to minimize damage taken and maximize healing from successful attacks on the Jaguar.