OSRS Mithril Seeds Guide


Mithril Seeds Guide OSRS

Mithril seeds in the world of OSRS are a fascinating and magical type of seed with unique properties. These seeds can be planted virtually anywhere, giving rise to vibrant flowers upon cultivation. Upon planting the seeds, the player experiences a distinctive movement – shifting one adjacent square to the west, or east if westward movement is not possible. Subsequently, players are presented with the option to pick the flowers, resulting in the generation of one of nine different colors of flowers.

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How to Obtain the Mithril Seeds

Players can acquire 40 mithril seeds upon completing the Waterfall Quest. Additionally, these magical seeds are available for purchase at the Legends' Guild with Siegfried Erkle, providing players with a convenient way to obtain them.

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The versatile nature of mithril seeds extends beyond mere aesthetics, as they find application in various aspects of the game. Some players employ them as a means of disruption, particularly in scenarios where others are engaged in Hunter and Firemaking training. The strategic placement of mithril seeds interferes with conventional trapping and fire-setting activities, as these actions cannot be executed on the same tile as a planted flower.

Additionally, mithril seeds play a role in player versus player (PvP) activities, such as Last Man Standing. In these situations, seeds force the player to move a tile, which can be advantageous when frozen and helps gain a tactical advantage.

It is important to note that when planting mithril seeds, the player constantly moves west. If obstacles obstruct westward movement, the player adjusts his course to the east. In cases where obstacles block both the west and the east, the player redirects his movement to the south.