[OSRS] Misthalin Mystery quest guide

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OSRS Misthalin Mystery

"Misthalin Mystery" stands alone as a unique quest within the realm of Old School RuneScape, positioned as the 130th quest in the game's expansive storyline. This quest holds the distinction of being the second creation tailored exclusively for the Old School RuneScape iteration. The narrative unfurls when Abigale, having narrowly escaped from an eerie gathering hosted within a mansion situated on a distant island, finds herself in dire straits. Her purpose becomes seeking aid for her gravely wounded partner, Hewey, who has fallen victim to an enigmatic assailant of unknown identity.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items required

Bucket (obtainable during quest)

Tinderbox (obtainable during quest)

Knife (obtainable during quest)

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Initiate contact with Abigale, positioned at the southeastern fringes of Lumbridge Swamp. She will earnestly implore the player for their assistance, having endured an assault by an obscure entity on an adjacent isle. Proceed to embark upon the rowboat situated just south of her location. Upon arriving, navigate towards the gate; a swift westward trajectory will unveil a captivating fountain. At this juncture, secure a bucket thoughtfully placed adjacent to the fountain's perimeter.

talk to abigale

Forge ahead in a northerly direction from the fountain's site, thereby triggering an evocative cutscene. Within this visual interlude, witness the tragic demise of Sid, orchestrated ruthlessly by the enigmatic assailant known as the Killer. To leverage the collected bucket, imbue it with the rainwater stored within a conveniently stationed barrel. A meticulous search of the barrel subsequently culminates in the acquisition of a key vital to entering the mysterious manor.

https://oldsescene the tragic demise of Sidchool.runescape.wiki/images/thumb/Misthalin_Mystery_-_Sid_dies.png/800px-Misthalin_Mystery_-_Sid_dies.png?6a4b4

Enter the manor and retrieve the knife, conveniently resting upon a table. Forge ahead by attempting to access the door situated in the northern expanse, boasting a distinctive red topaz (pink) knob. This action will activate yet another captivating cutscene, unraveling the shocking demise of Tayten, orchestrated by the cunning killer lurking within a wardrobe. An intriguing twist ensues as the killer slips a note beneath the door, a missive that you must promptly retrieve and peruse to facilitate your progression.

take knife table  https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/imagThis action will activate yet another captivating cutscenees/thumb/Misthalin_Mystery_-_Tayten_dies.png/800px-Misthalin_Mystery_-_Tayten_dies.png?a197d

This note encases a riddle, its meaning veiled within a painting adorning the room to the southwest. This artwork encapsulates mountains, a serene blue river, and a sun gracing the horizon's edge, casting its radiance upon the eastern facet of the room. Employ the knife to interact with the painting, subsequently embarking on a thorough search that culminates in the discovery of a ruby key.

search painting

As you traverse the mansion, note the doorknobs which bear a correspondence with the appropriate keys for access. Unveil the secrets concealed beyond the eastern door, where shelves shelter a tinderbox awaiting your grasp. Task yourself with illuminating the quartet of dormant candles inhabiting the room. Upon successfully enkindling all four, you will be notified of the room's ambient warmth, suitable for expediting the drying process of the fuse connected to the barrel housing explosives. Employ the tinderbox on the adjacent barrel, strategically positioned adjacent to the compromised wall. Exit the room to trigger a reverberating explosion, signifying the culmination of this eventful sequence.

use tinderbox barrel

Scale the wall with determination, crossing its barrier and proceeding in a northerly direction from the manor. This course of action will instigate yet another captivating cutscene, thrusting you into the presence of the captive Lacey, ensnared by restraints. Within this tense encounter, the enigmatic Killer will question Lacey about the identity of the vampyre inhabiting South Misthalin. A notable choice is bestowed upon players at this juncture; however, the specific response bears no consequence, rendering any selection valid. It's noteworthy that the correct answer, Count Check, if chosen, will unfortunately seal Lacey's fate as the Killer intervenes fatally.

  https://oldschool.runescape.wthe captive Lacey, ensnared by restraints. iki/images/thumb/Misthalin_Mystery_-_Lacey_dies.png/800px-Misthalin_Mystery_-_Lacey_dies.png?cb6de

In the aftermath of Lacey's demise, the Killer will not miss the chance to deliver another chilling message, left behind for your perusal. Retrieve the note promptly and delve into its contents.

take note

Contained within the note is a riddle, cryptically alluding to the piano nestled within the northeastern corner of the manor—a vessel for the enchanting strains of music. To decipher this puzzle, venture into the designated room through the compromised north-eastern wall. Be aware of the lurking danger, for the Killer's intentions remain hostile. In an act of daring defiance, translate the notes "D-E-A-D" onto the piano's keys. The harmonious resonance will unveil the hidden compartment within the instrument, revealing an emerald key, which serves as a tangible testament to your accomplishments.

search piano piano

Reenter the manor by climbing the damaged eastern wall and reach the room where the first note was found. Head to the kitchen doors. Witness another impactful scene as Mandy faces danger from the enigmatic Killer. After the scene, the Killer leaves another note behind. Pick it up and read its content closely.

 https://oldschool.runescapePick it up and read its content closely..wiki/images/thumb/Misthalin_Mystery_-_Mandy_dies.png/800px-Misthalin_Mystery_-_Mandy_dies.png?6a4b4

The note holds an enigma that demands your analytical skill. It challenges you as an observer of each tragic event, directing your attention to scattered letters in the text that hold the key to deciphering its meaning. The eerie prose continues, echoing the lethal nature of the Killer's blade and the ominous echoes of impending screams.

take note

The solution to this riddle points you toward the unlit fireplace in the eastern room. Go to the adjacent southeast room and enter the interior via the hole in the wall. Inside, use the knife on the unlit fireplace to reveal a hidden compartment with a series of switches. The key to unraveling this enigma is hidden in the first letter of each sentence in the chilling note. Armed with this knowledge, manipulate the switches sequentially, spelling out the solution: "Sapphire - Diamond - Zenyte - Emerald - Onyx - Ruby" (sdzeor). With switches aligned, the compartment yields, opening before you. Without delay, reexamine the fireplace, uncovering a sapphire key that symbolizes your relentless progression through this chilling tale.

search fireplace gemstone switch panel

Retrace your steps through the chamber adorned with candles and exit through the door. Proceed to the west, entering the room showcasing the enigmatic painting. Utilize the sapphire key to unlock the door with the distinctive blue handle. This action initiates a captivating cutscene, seamlessly transitioning into a formidable boss battle.

Note: You won't require any provisions, weaponry, or armor for this boss encounter.

the chamber adorned with candles and exit

Following the cutscene, the killer will vanish, heralding the commencement of the boss encounter. The killer's method of attack involves flinging knives at you while emerging from different wardrobes. Your counteroffensive involves repositioning the mirror in front of the wardrobe the killer occupies. To secure victory, you must accurately reflect his image three times.

Keep in mind: The shadowy orb that materializes on the wardrobe serves as a telltale sign of the killer's location.

Once you triumph over the confrontation, a cutscene will ensue. The killer's true identity is unveiled, exposing Abigale as the culprit alongside her accomplice, Hewey. Abigale will articulate her motives, driven by a disdain for adventurers. A confrontation erupts between Abigale and Hewey, culminating in her lethal act against him. Seize Hewey's knife and employ it to end Abigale's malevolent reign.

https://oldschool.runescaThe killer's true identity is unveiledpe.wiki/images/thumb/Misthalin_Mystery_-_two_Killers.png/800px-Misthalin_Mystery_-_two_Killers.png?a197d

As you make an attempt to exit the room, Abigale's last attempt to terminate you transpires. Fear not, as Mandy arrives in the nick of time, wielding her Bandos Godsword. With a final showdown, Abigale is vanquished, bringing an end to her reign of terror. Mandy advises you to rendezvous outside the manor. Engage in dialogue with her to claim your well-earned reward.

complete quest