OSRS Ironman Money Making Guide 2023


Ironman Money Making Guide[OSRS]

Making money on Ironman and Ultimate Ironman accounts is quite different compared to regular accounts, as they are restricted from using the Grand Exchange to directly trade items for coins. For instance, a regular account could defeat Zulrah, receive a tanzanite fang, and sell it on the Grand Exchange for 2,073,967 coins, but on an Ironman account, it would only yield 66,000 coins through its High Alchemy value.

Due to these limitations, many traditional money-making methods are challenging or impractical for Ironmen. Instead, they must focus on activities that directly generate coins or acquire items suitable for alching. High Alchemy is a common method for converting items into coins, so it's advisable to perform alching while engaging in other activities whenever possible.

Some activities that can be done while alching items include farm runs, bird house runs, questing, Agility training, Hunter training, and melee combat.

At the early stages of the game, players can sell various items to shops, but once they gain access to High Alchemy and can afford nature runes, alching becomes a more profitable approach, as it generates more income and can be done quickly.

Setting a short-term goal of achieving level 55 Magic is recommended, as it unlocks High Alchemy and allows for more efficient money-making.

Additionally, there are specialty stores that purchase items for a price close to their High Alchemy value and often have minimal requirements for selling items.

For example, players can sell items to Martin Thwait in the Rogue's Den or to the general store in the Wilderness Bandit Camp, although caution is advised in the Wilderness due to Player Killers. After completing the Plague City quest, players can access the West Ardougne General Store, which buys items at a slightly lower price than their High Alchemy value. These stores are useful for selling items that are not worth alching or for those who have not yet reached level 55 Magic.

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General tips

Making money on Ironman and Ultimate Ironman accounts requires careful consideration of various factors, and some strategies may benefit from optional but helpful elements. For a more comprehensive guide, players can refer to the Ironman Guide and Ultimate Ironman Guide.

One valuable asset is the Graceful outfit, which grants a run energy regeneration effect, allowing players to run for longer periods. This is particularly beneficial for Ironmen who have limited access to teleportation methods. Acquiring the Graceful outfit early on is highly recommended, and Ultimate Ironmen should also aim for a magic wardrobe to store the outfit efficiently.

To convert items into coins, several common options are available:

Adamant, rune, and dragon items.

High-level runes, which can be sold to Ali Morrisane.

Dragonhide bodies and battlestaves, along with their raw materials.

Rune, amethyst, and dragon javelin heads.

Ores and bars, particularly adamantite and runite. Ores can be processed into bars at the Blast Furnace and then smithed into platebodies.

High-level gems like rubies, diamonds, and dragonstones, which can be crafted into valuable jewelry.

Onyx bolt tips, which can be attached to runite bolts to create onyx bolts, profitable when alched.

Additionally, certain skills, such as Construction, Fletching, and Smithing, require substantial financial investment. Obtaining useful supplies for these skills can be seen as an effective way of saving money, thus indirectly making money on an Ironman or Ultimate Ironman account.

These money-making methods, along with considering optional but beneficial elements, will enhance the overall experience and success of an Ironman or Ultimate Ironman journey.

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Money making

"I will provide a selection of money-making methods among the many available options."

Cutting gems at a gem shop:

Cutting gems at a gem shop can be a profitable money-making method for players with a Crafting level of 20 or higher (27 Crafting is recommended for cutting emeralds). This method involves purchasing uncut gems from a gem shop, cutting them into valuable gems, and then selling the cut gems back to the same shop for a decent profit.

One advantage of this moneymaker is that it doesn't require venturing into the Wilderness, making it safer for players. Additionally, the entry requirements are relatively low, and it is considered to be of medium click-intensiveness, requiring moderate attention from players.

Players can choose to travel between different gem shops if they notice that the stock of gems is low in one shop on most worlds. However, it's essential to be aware of the drawbacks of this method. The success of this strategy somewhat depends on luck, as the shops' stock is influenced by the activities of other players in the game. If many players are buying or selling gems, you may need to hop between worlds more frequently, leading to lower experience and gold per hour.

In a test conducted over a 5-minute period, buying 1 sapphire and 1 emerald, cutting them, and selling them repeatedly after hopping worlds, an average rate of 90,000 coins per hour and 24,000 Crafting experience per hour was achieved. However, it was noted that the shops' stock of emeralds did not replenish fast enough to sustain the method over a more extended period.

While cutting gems at a gem shop can be profitable, players should be mindful of the fluctuations in stock and adjust their approach accordingly for optimal results.

Collecting bronze chainbodies

In the vicinity of Boot, a bronze chainbody can be found spawning on the ground. Players can pick up the chainbody, then hop to another world and repeat the process. This method allows for a continuous supply of bronze chainbodies.

Once a sufficient number of chainbodies is collected, players can head to the general store located to the north-east, just south of Nurmof. Here, they can sell 1 to 3 chainbodies at a time. Afterward, they can hop to another world to continue the selling process.

It's important to note that while this method can generate some profit, it may not be as efficient or lucrative as other money-making methods in the game. However, for those starting out or looking for a simple way to earn some extra coins, picking up and selling bronze chainbodies can be a viable option. Players should keep in mind that the stock of chainbodies at the general store may vary across different worlds, so hopping between worlds can help optimize the selling process.

As always, players should be mindful of the time invested and compare this method with other money-making opportunities available in the game to determine the most suitable approach for their gameplay style.

Fletching willow shortbows

Fletching and Woodcutting skills progress relatively quickly, and they offer low-intensity activities that prove quite valuable. Moreover, these skills are essential for completing various quests. One effective method to earn decent money is by fully fletching the highest available bows and then dealing with them accordingly.

Once players have crafted the highest-level bows, they have two profitable options. Firstly, they can choose to high alch the bows, converting them into coins. Alternatively, players can sell the bows to general stores for a reasonable profit.

This money-making strategy is advantageous for several reasons. It not only boosts your fletching skill but also allows you to earn money without engaging in complex or high-risk activities. Additionally, the bows crafted during this process can be utilized for alching or sold, making them versatile and suitable for generating income.

Remember to compare this method with other money-making techniques to determine the most efficient and rewarding approach for your specific gameplay style. Additionally, keep in mind that the market demand and prices may vary, so staying updated on current game trends can further enhance your profits.

Crafting battlestaves

One profitable method for making money involves crafting battlestaves and then high alching them for profit. However, efficient crafting of battlestaves can vary depending on the player's preferences and risk tolerance.

There are two main approaches to crafting battlestaves. The first method requires meeting numerous and high requirements, such as crafting Fire battlestaves. This can yield significant profits but may demand more time and effort to achieve the necessary levels and complete the associated tasks.

The second approach involves crafting battlestaves in the Wilderness, which comes with the risk of being attacked by Player Killers (PKers). While this method may yield faster results, it requires caution and preparedness to defend against potential threats.

To craft battlestaves, players can obtain orbs through glassblowing or by acquiring them as drops from wyverns. The battlestaves themselves can be obtained from sources like Baba Yaga, the Wizards' Guild, or by claiming the daily barrel near Zaff after completing Varrock task sets.

Keep in mind that the profitability of this method is subject to fluctuations in the in-game economy and the availability of materials. As such, it's crucial to stay updated on market trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Before embarking on this money-making endeavor, weigh the pros and cons of each crafting method, and choose the one that aligns best with your skill levels, resources, and risk tolerance. By being strategic and attentive, you can turn crafting battlestaves into a rewarding and profitable venture in Old School RuneScape.