OSRS Into the Tombs Miniquest Guide


Into the Tombs Miniquest Guide OSRS

into the tombsminiquest guide osrs

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Required Quests:

Beneath Cursed Sands


Combat level 95 Combat level

Equipment to complete a full run of Tombs of Amascut raid

Start Point:

Map icon Talk to Maisa inside Osmumten's tomb at the Necropolis.

Start Point

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1. Initiating the Miniquest: The miniquest begins when a messenger delivers a message from Maisa to the player, directing them to meet her at the Jaltevas Pyramid within the Necropolis.

2. Meeting Maisa: Upon arrival at the pyramid, a brief cutscene occurs where Maisa provides the player with a journal and assigns them the task of freeing the lesser gods – Apmeken, Crondis, Het, and Scabaras – trapped in the Tombs of Amascut.

3. Entering the Tombs: Players must enter the Tombs of Amascut to begin the quest. This involves navigating through the pyramid and descending into the depths where the tombs are located.

4. Releasing the Lesser Gods: Within the tombs, players encounter demi-bosses that must be defeated to release the lesser gods from Amascut's control. This involves completing a full run of the Tombs of Amascut.

5. Confronting Amascut: After releasing the lesser gods, players proceed to the lower levels of the tombs, where Amascut has activated Elidinis' and Tumeken's Warden. Players must defeat these Wardens to weaken Amascut's influence.

6. Commendation from Osmumten: Upon defeating the Wardens, players reach Osmumten's burial chamber, where his spirit acknowledges their victory over Amascut. However, he warns that Amascut's forces will return, emphasizing the ongoing need for the player's assistance.

7. Claiming Rewards: Players can teleport to the tombs' lobby after claiming their rewards. Here, they can interact with the lesser gods to learn more about their backstory and receive additional information.

8. Meeting with Maisa: Finally, players should speak with Maisa in the lobby. They can speculate about Amascut's intentions, particularly whether she has gone to Menaphos and is reconsidering her plans. As a reward, Maisa provides the player with an antique lamp before departing to aid the lesser gods.