OSRS Infernal Axe

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The Infernal Axe OSRS

The "Infernal Axe" is a special item in the game "Old School RuneScape" (OSRS). It's an upgraded axe that offers players a unique advantage when training the Woodcutting skill. The Infernal Axe stands out due to its ability to burn the logs obtained while chopping trees, allowing players to gain experience in both Woodcutting and the Firemaking skill simultaneously. This feature makes the Infernal Axe a valuable tool for those looking to maximize their efficiency in skill training within the game. Obtaining and upgrading the Infernal Axe is a sought-after goal for many players in their quest to optimize their skills and achievements in OSRS. The infernal axe shares the same unique attack as the dragon axe, augmenting a player's Woodcutting level by 3, and it necessitates a full 100% special energy to be utilized.

The infernal axe possesses the capacity to incinerate 5,000 logs prior to experiencing degradation. Upon reaching full degradation, the infernal axe functions identically to a dragon axe, encompassing its special attack capability. To assess the remaining charges of the axe, simply right-click on it, and this information will be presented as a percentage within the chat window.

Reinvigorating a degraded infernal axe can be achieved by employing a smouldering stone or a dragon axe on it. This action will consume the item used, replenish 5,000 charges to the axe, and concurrently bestow 350 Firemaking and 200 Woodcutting experience.

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How to create it


61 Woodcutting and 85 Firemaking are needed to create the Infernal Axe.

A Smouldering stone

A Dragon axe

With the smouldering stone in your inventory, right-click on it and choose the "Use" option. Use the smouldering stone on a dragon axe, and the two items will be combined to create the Infernal Axe.

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The Special Attack

The infernal axe showcases a shared special attack, known as Lumber Up, shared with the dragon axe, 3rd age axe, and crystal axe. This attack provides a visible +3 Woodcutting boost, utilizing 100% of the player's special attack energy. However, it necessitates the 60 Attack requirement to wield the axe.

When the special attack is employed every 5 minutes, it contributes to an approximately 1% increase in experience rates.

The special effect endures for a minimum of two minutes, capped at three minutes, and decays thrice. The application of the Preserve prayer can extend the duration by 50%.

The special attack can be used for woodcutting with the axe starting at level 58, as long as the player meets the 60 Attack requirement to wield it.

It's important to note that this boost doesn't stack with other visible boosts. If both boosts are activated simultaneously, the former takes precedence. Approximately two uses of the cape's boost can be executed in the time span between the fading of Lumber Up's effect and the restoration of your special attack energy to 100%.

Furthermore, levels boosted beyond 99 through the special attack will be treated as if they are 99. This leads to diminishing returns occurring at level 97 and 98. Specifying the special attack at level 99 becomes unproductive.

The Special Attack