OSRS How to Clean Herbs Effectively


How to Clean Herbs Effectively

To enhance the efficiency of cleaning herbs, practitioners can employ the potent Degrime spell. This mystical incantation is nestled within the sacred pages of the Arceuus spellbook, accessible to those attuned with a Magic level of 70 and having traversed the trials of A Kingdom Divided.

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When invoked, the Degrime spell purifies all grimy herbs nestled within a wielder's inventory. However, this purification only extends to those herbs for which the wielder possesses the requisite Herblore proficiency to cleanse manually. Alas, while the Degrime spell facilitates the cleansing process, practitioners will find their Herblore enlightenment somewhat halved in its wake. For each herb cleansed through the arcane arts of Degrime, only half the customary Herblore experience shall be bestowed upon the practitioner. For instance, the casting of Degrime upon grimy toadflax yields but a meager 5 Avantoe experience per herb, rather than the full 10.

Runes Cost: 4Earth rune.png 2Nature rune.png


Thus, wielders of the Degrime spell find themselves straddling the fine line between expediency and enlightenment, as they harness its power to expedite their herb-cleansing endeavors while sacrificing a portion of their Herblore growth in the process.

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Guam leaf.png Guam leafHerblore 31.2
Marrentill.png MarrentillHerblore 51.9
Tarromin.png TarrominHerblore 112.5
Harralander.png HarralanderHerblore 203.1
Ranarr weed.png Ranarr weedHerblore 253.7
Toadflax.png ToadflaxHerblore 304.0
Irit leaf.png Irit leafHerblore 404.4
Avantoe.png AvantoeHerblore 485.0
Kwuarm.png KwuarmHerblore 545.6
Snapdragon.png SnapdragonHerblore 595.9
Cadantine.png CadantineHerblore 656.2
Lantadyme.png LantadymeHerblore 676.5
Dwarf weed.png Dwarf weedHerblore 706.9
Torstol.png TorstolHerblore 757.5