OSRS How to Change the Respawn Point


How to Change the Respawn point in OSRS

In the vast world of Gielinor, navigating the various dangers can be challenging, and even the most skilled adventurers may find themselves meeting an untimely demise. Fear not, for the respawn point system is here to aid you in your journey. This guide will walk you through the process of switching your respawn point to different locations across Gielinor.

Death Changes

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Respawn points

A respawn point serves as the location where a player reappears after meeting their unfortunate end. This can occur through combat, activating the ring of life, or utilizing the ring of returning. For those attuned to the Arceuus spellbook, an additional option is available - the Respawn Teleport spell, allowing for a quick and strategic relocation.

1. Lumbridge: Lumbridge serves as the default spawn point in Gielinor. Positioned 46-49 tiles away, it is accessible by descending a ladder from the Culinaromancer's chest. Additionally, it is situated 36-39 tiles up two stairs leading to the bank. If you wish to revert to Lumbridge as your respawn point, all you need to do is speak to the NPC who initially changed your spawn point. This can be any of the following: Sir Tiffy, Merlin, Krystilia, or Crefydd.


2. Falador: After successfully completing the Recruitment Drive quest, players have the option to set their respawn point in Falador. Specifically, the respawn location is within the grounds of White Knights' Castle, positioned 49-56 tiles away from the bank. If you wish to make Falador your respawn point, initiate a conversation with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. He will assist you in making the desired adjustment to your respawn point.


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3. Camelot: For players seeking a strategic respawn point, Camelot offers an option once they have accomplished the King's Ransom quest and completed the Knight Waves Training Grounds miniquest. To set your respawn at Camelot, engage in a conversation with Merlin inside Camelot Castle. Your chosen respawn spot will be just outside the castle gates.

In non-PvP worlds, this location is approximately 39 tiles away from the nearest bank. However, in PvP worlds, the proximity is significantly reduced to approximately 5 tiles from the bank. This adjustment can prove invaluable for players looking to optimize their respawn strategy based on their chosen game environment.


4. Edgeville: For players seeking a respawn point with proximity to the wilderness, Edgeville provides an option facilitated by Krystilia in the north Edgeville jail cell. To set your respawn point in Edgeville, initiate a conversation with Krystilia and choose the "What can you do apart from Slayer Master stuff?" dialogue option. It is important to note that this option becomes available after a one-time fee of 5,000,000 coins is paid.

The designated respawn location in Edgeville is approximately 19-25 tiles away from the bank, situated in the ruins to the south. Should you decide to change your respawn point from Edgeville at a later time, you can speak to Krystilia again, and she will facilitate the switch at no additional cost. This flexibility ensures that players can adapt their respawn strategy as needed throughout their adventures.


5. Ardougne: After successfully completing the medium Ardougne diary, players gain the ability to alter the functionality of the Ring of life and Defence cape teleport. By right-clicking on either of these items, they can set the teleport destination to Ardougne. When activated, this teleportation feature comes into play if the player's Hitpoints fall to 10% or less, instantly transporting them to the Ardougne marketplace.

It's important to note that this teleportation mechanism is specific to situations where a player's Hitpoints are depleted to a critical level. In the event of a standard death, the player will be directed to their regular respawn point. This strategic option allows players to leverage the convenience of an Ardougne respawn in critical moments without affecting their standard respawn point for regular deaths.


6. Prifddinas: Upon successful completion of the Song of the Elves quest, players unlock the option to respawn in Prifddinas. Crefydd, the NPC facilitating this change, is situated upstairs by the altar in the Tower of Voices. Unlike some other respawn options, choosing Prifddinas as your respawn point is entirely free of charge.

The designated respawn location in Prifddinas places players in close proximity to the northern bank, approximately 33-37 tiles away. This proximity is advantageous for swift recovery and resumption of activities. Additionally, the chosen respawn point is conveniently positioned near a Player-owned house portal, offering quick access to various teleportation methods that players may have incorporated into their homes. This strategic respawn choice provides both convenience and efficiency for those who call Prifddinas home.


7. Ferox Enclave: For players seeking a strategic respawn point situated in the heart of the wilderness, Ferox Enclave offers an enticing option. By engaging in conversation with Ferox, players can change their respawn points to Ferox Enclave, with a one-time fee of 5,000,000 coins required for this service.

The distance to the bank within Ferox Enclave varies, providing options for both convenience and strategic placement. The banker is located 15-22 tiles away, while the bank chest is situated at a distance of 21-25 tiles. Despite its wilderness surroundings, Ferox Enclave itself is considered a safe zone. Located in level 13-15 wilderness, the enclave is positioned right next to an obelisk and just south of the Carrallanger teleport spot.

Notably, the exact spawn point within Ferox Enclave is on the north-east side, adjacent to the eastern barrier. This choice of respawn point offers a blend of wilderness proximity and safety, making it an appealing option for adventurers daring enough to embrace the challenges of the wilderness.

Ferox Enclave

8. Kourend Castle: Following the completion of the A Kingdom Divided quest, players gain the ability to set their respawn point to Kourend Castle. To initiate this change, players can have a conversation with Asteros Arceuus, located on the 2nd floor of Kourend Castle near the south-eastern stairs.

Once the respawn point is set to Kourend Castle, players will find themselves strategically positioned within the castle grounds. The closest bank is on the 3rd floor, approximately 30 tiles away from the physical respawn point. To access the bank, players will navigate through two sets of stairs, ensuring a secure and efficient route.

This choice provides a unique respawn point within the grandeur of Kourend Castle, offering both convenience and proximity to banking facilities. Players opting for this location can enjoy the regal atmosphere as they prepare for their adventures in the vast realm of Gielinor.

Kourend Castle