OSRS Hopespear's Will Miniquest Guide


Hopespear's Will Miniquest Guide OSRS

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Required Quests:

The Restless Ghost

Desert Treasure I

Fairytale II - Cure a Queen

Land of the Goblins

Required Skills:

Prayer 50 Prayer

Required Items:

Ghostspeak amulet

Ring of visibility or Ring of shadows

Goblin potion

Dramen or lunar staff (unless the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary has been fully completed)

Food and potions to defeat 5 enemies without armour, weapons, or magic


Combat level 90 Combat level

Plain of mud sphere or charged Skills necklace

Quick access to fairy rings

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to Hopespear in the crypt of the Goblin Temple. 

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Walkthrough: Freeing the Souls in the Goblin Temple

1. Locate the Goblin Cave Entrance: Head to the Goblin Cave entrance, situated just east of the Fishing Guild's entrance.

2. Enter the Cave: Upon entering the cave, head north and then west until you encounter two goblin guards at the entrance to the temple.

3. Drink the Goblin Potion: Before entering the temple, drink a dose of the goblin potion. This step is crucial for maintaining your goblin form within the temple.

4. Enter the Temple: Proceed into the temple without equipping the ghostspeak amulet or the ring of visibility yet. Equipping them prematurely will cause you to revert to human form and get expelled from the temple.

5. Navigate to the Crypt: Inside the Goblin Temple, make your way to the crypt where the ghost of Hopespear, the goblin prophet, resides.

Navigate to the Crypt

6. Equip Necessary Items: Once inside the crypt, equip the ghostspeak amulet and the ring of visibility or the Ring of Shadows to interact with Hopespear.

7. Speak with Hopespear: Approach Hopespear and inquire about his presence in the temple. He will reveal that he awaits the Big High War God to take his spirit to Yu'biusk.

8. Accept the Favor: Inform Hopespear that you have been to Yu'biusk, prompting him to ask for a favor: to free the souls of the goblin high priests.

9. Understand the Ritual: To fulfill this task, you must complete a ritual involving the defeat of the goblin priests without using weapons, spells, or armor. Their bones must then be retrieved for burial in Yu'biusk.

10. Prepare for Battle: Remove all equipped items, including those providing stat bonuses and jewelry like rings of recoil. Weapons that enhance attack speed without stats, such as the Ham Joint or Goblin Paint Cannon, won't work either. However, you can still wear the ghostspeak amulet and the ring of visibility or Ring of Shadows.

11. Summon and Battle the High Priests: Summon and battle the five high priests by speaking their names over their graves. Unlike the quest "Land of the Goblins," you can fight the high priests in any order.

PriestLvlGrave LocationAttack style
Snothead chathead.png Snothead32South-westMelee
Snailfeet chathead.png Snailfeet56South-eastMelee and Ranged
Mosschin chathead.png Mosschin88North-westMelee, and Magic
Redeyes chathead.png Redeyes121North-eastMelee, Magic and Ranged (Lowers Attack, Strength
and Defence)
Strongbones chathead.png Strongbones184NorthMelee, Magic, and Ranged. Summons level 29 skoblins,
and lowers Attack, Strength and Defence


Tips for Defeating Strongbones:

1. Recommended Stats: Aim for at least level 70 melee stats, along with 70 Prayer for Piety. If using Chivalry, slightly higher melee stats are advisable.

2. Prayer Protection: Utilize the Protect from Melee prayer to mitigate damage from Strongbones and his summoned skoblins.

3. Combat Boosts: Consider using regular super combat potions to maintain boosts to your Attack, Strength, and Defence stats throughout the fight.

4. Healing Supplies: Strongbones can hit up to 18 regularly, so bring plenty of high-healing food to sustain yourself. Additionally, bring 2-3 prayer potions (or 3-4 if your melee stats are around 70) to maintain Protect from Melee and Piety.

5. Ring Choice: Opt for the Ring of Shadows over the Ring of Visibility, as it can provide additional combat stat boosts.

General Notes:

1. Multiple Attempts: You don't have to defeat all the high priests in one go. You can leave the crypt to restock and bank any bones collected so far.

2. Reclaiming Items: If you die during the fights, you'll lose any bones in your inventory. Your gravestone will appear near the stairs leading to the temple in the Goblin Cave. You won't need another dose of goblin potion to reclaim your items.

3. Collecting Bones: Ensure to pick up each goblin's set of bones before proceeding to kill the next one, as the previous goblin's bones will despawn upon the new goblin's death.

Burying the Bones in Yu'biusk:

1. Accessing Yu'biusk: Use the fairy ring code "BLQ" to reach Yu'biusk.

2. Burying the Bones: Once in Yu'biusk, bury the bones of the goblin high priests. Players don't need to bury all five sets of bones at once; burying them all will complete the miniquest.

Reward: The rewarded XP for each priest is as follows: 

Priest BonePrayer Prayer Experience
Snothead's bone.png Snothead's bone1,250
Snailfeet's bone.png Snailfeet's bone2,500
Mosschin's bone.png Mosschin's bone5,000
Redeyes' bone.png Redeyes' bone10,000
Strongbones' bone.png Strongbones' bone20,000