OSRS His Faithful Servants Miniquest Guide


His Faithful Servants Miniquest Guide OSRS

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Required Quests:

Priest in Peril

Required Items:

Combat equipment to defeat the Barrows Brothers



Combat level 70 Combat level

Teleports to Barrows

Strange old lockpick

Ghommal's hilt 2 or higher - removes Prayer drain when worn

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to the Strange Old Man wandering in the Barrows, east of Mort'ton.

Start Point

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1. Begin the miniquest by speaking to the Strange Old Man located at the Barrows. He will inform you about an icon guarded by the Barrows Brothers, which an unknown entity desires. Accept the task to retrieve the icon.

2. Prepare for battle by ensuring you have adequate combat gear and supplies, as you'll need to defeat all six Barrows Brothers: Dharok, Verac, Guthan, Torag, Karil, and Ahrim.

3. Head to the Barrows area and defeat each of the six brothers. Utilize the appropriate combat style and tactics for each brother to maximize your chances of success.

4. Once all six brothers have been defeated, proceed to the central Barrows chest. Open it to receive the strange icon. Ensure that you have enough inventory space to receive the icon, as it won't drop to the ground and will necessitate defeating all the brothers again if you fail to pick it up.

5. To guarantee receiving the icon, leave at least six inventory spaces open before searching the chest.

6. After obtaining the strange icon, return to the Strange Old Man at the Barrows. Speak with him to complete the miniquest and receive any rewards or acknowledgments.

7. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the "His Faithful Servants" miniquest.