OSRS Hespori seed Guide


Hespori seed Guide OSRS

If you're an adventurer in the vast world of Gielinor, you've likely heard of the mysterious Hespori seeds in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). These seeds, requiring a Farming level of 65 to plant, offer players a unique farming experience that goes beyond conventional crops. In this blog, we'll delve into the fascinating history and mechanics behind Hespori seeds.

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How to Obtain the Hespori seed

Hespori seeds are not a common reward in the world of Gielinor; in fact, they are quite rare. You can obtain them in various ways, such as checking the health of fully grown trees, bushes, or cacti, during the last harvest of regular plants like herbs, hops, allotments, flowers, mushrooms, cacti, or giant seaweed, or by completing farming contracts.

A particularly interesting method is obtaining Hespori seeds when farming giant seaweed. The drop rate is 1/15, and similar to the Farming pet, the chance is rolled on the last harvesting attempt. However, note that if your inventory is full, you won't receive a Hespori seed.

Hespori seed detail.png

Cultivating the Mighty Hespori

Once you have a Hespori seed in your possession, the true adventure begins. These seeds can only be planted in the Hespori patch, located in a cave in the west wing of the Farming Guild. To plant them, you'll need a seed dibber.

What makes Hespori plants fascinating is that they require no water, compost, or protection against diseases. Their growth time ranges from 22 to 32 hours, depending on when you plant them. You'll know your plant is fully developed when you see the flower bloom near the cave entrance.

hespori patch

Facing the Hespori

When the Hespori plant reaches full growth, it transforms into the Hespori, a demi-boss that players can challenge to gain generous Farming experience rewards (12,600 points, to be precise). The remarkable aspect is that you don't need to water, fertilize, or worry about diseases during this process.


If at any point you wish to stop randomly receiving Hespori seeds while harvesting or checking the health of your crops in Gielinor, simply speak to Arno, who can assist you in adjusting your preferences.


In summary, Hespori seeds in Old School RuneScape offer players a unique and thrilling farming experience. From acquisition to cultivation and the confrontation with the Hespori, each step in this farming journey adds a special touch to the world of OSRS. Will you dare to plunge into the mysterious realm of Hespori seeds? The adventure awaits you in Gielinor!