OSRS Have the wise Old Man get angry with you Task Guide- Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Have the wise Old Man get angry with you Task Guide OSRS - Leagues 4

Wise Old Man

In the realm of Old School RuneScape, the Trailblazer League has ushered in a myriad of challenges for daring adventurers to conquer. Amidst the 60 tasks awaiting completion, one particular feat has left many players scratching their heads: "Have the wise Old Man get angry with you." Seemingly straightforward, this task demands a careful orchestration of choices, turning what appears simple into a strategic challenge.

The enigmatic figure at the heart of this task is none other than Dionysius, the Wise Old Man. Nestled in Draynor Village, this Saradominist wizard and former adventurer boasts a legendary past, notably marked by the Draynor Bank Robbery. Cloaked in light brown robes, a regular blue cape, partyhat & specs, and wielding a short staff, the Wise Old Man shares tales of his Gielinor adventures and offers a unique service to declutter your bank from quest items or "junk."


His presence extends beyond the game mechanics, making appearances at iconic events like the 2018 Birthday celebration alongside other distinguished Old School RuneScape NPCs. For the ambitious players eyeing the prestigious Quest point cape and hood, Dionysius becomes the merchant, selling these coveted items upon completing all quests in the game, totaling 300 Quest points.

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How to make him angry with you?

To unlock the Wrath of the Wise Old Man, adventurers must have unlocked the Desert region. The critical juncture arises when presented with the option to choose "three gods," a seemingly innocuous decision that triggers the Wise Old Man's wrath.

Without guidance, achieving this feat might prove elusive. Yet, as you unravel this achievement in the Trailblazer League, remember—it is but one stepping stone in your grand odyssey. Many more challenges await, and with the Wise Old Man's anger behind you, the path ahead becomes a bit clearer, leaving you with one less worry in the vast realm of Gielinor.