OSRS Have Elsie tell you a Story Task Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Have Elsie tell you a Story Task Guide OSRS - Leagues 4

Welcome, fellow RuneScapers, to an intriguing quest that takes us to the heart of Varrock and the charming Elsie Parks. In this guide, we'll delve into the quest "Have Elsie Tell You a Story," an enchanting narrative waiting to be unveiled in the ecclesiastical embrace of Varrock's Saradomin church.

Meet Elsie Parks, an elderly woman found knitting diligently in the Saradomin church in the north-eastern reaches of Varrock. Her knitting needles dance with the rhythm of stories untold, and she harbors a tale that can be unlocked with a simple offering – a cup of tea.


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Have Elsie tell you a story

To embark on this whimsical journey, you must first procure a cup of tea. Fear not, for there's a tea stall conveniently located in Varrock. Head south from the eastern entrance, and you'll stumble upon this haven of warm brews. The cups of tea are priced at a mere ten coins, or if you're feeling a bit mischievous, a Thieving level of 5 allows you to liberate a cup without parting with your hard-earned gold.

cup of tea

While the tea boasts healing properties and a temporary Attack boost, its true purpose lies in being the key to Elsie's enchanting narrative.

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Armed with the coveted cup of tea, venture to the north-eastern edge of Varrock, where the Saradomin church stands tall. Ascend to the upper echelons of the church, and there you shall find Elsie, nestled in a rocking chair, her hands weaving tales through the rhythmic clinks of knitting needles.

Have Elsie tell you a story

Present her with the cup of tea, and Elsie will regale you with a story of Dissy – the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village – and his band of misfit Saradomin followers. Their escapades led them to the Zamorak temple in south-east Varrock, where they left their mark by painting "Saradomin pwns" on the walls.

Completing this charming quest not only unveils the mischievous side of Saradomin's followers but also grants you the satisfaction of an Easy Varrock achievement.


As the tale unfolds, you become a part of Varrock's rich history, woven with threads of misadventure and the whimsy of Elsie's storytelling. "Have Elsie Tell You a Story" is a testament to the storytelling prowess embedded in the fabric of Old School RuneScape, where every nook and cranny holds secrets waiting to be uncovered.

With the echoes of Elsie's story lingering in your ears, we bid you farewell, RuneScapers. May your adventures in Varrock continue to be filled with tales untold and quests undiscovered. Until our next rendezvous in the realms of Gielinor, happy adventuring!