God Wars Dungeon: Kree'arra Guide 2023


Armadyl God Wars Dungeon (GWD) is a challenging PvM (Player vs. Monster) content in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It requires at least 70 Ranged to access and is home to the Armadyl faction, led by the aviansie general Kree'arra. To survive and thrive in Armadyl GWD, you'll need good gear, appropriate stats, and a solid strategy. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to prepare and conquer the dungeon.

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1. 70 Ranged: This is the minimum requirement to access the Armadyl GWD.

2. High Defence and Hitpoints: It is highly recommended to have at least 70 Defence and a reasonably high Hitpoints level (80+) to tank the damage effectively.

Good Ranged Gear: Aim for the best gear you can afford. Recommended items include:

1. Armour: Armadyl armor set is the best option, but if that's not possible, use blessed dragonhide or Karil's equipment.

2. Weapon: Armadyl crossbow is the best choice, but a blowpipe or a rune crossbow with broad bolts can also be effective.

3. Amulet: Necklace of anguish or Amulet of fury.

4. Ammunition: Diamond or ruby bolts (e) for the Armadyl crossbow.

5. Boots: Pegasian boots if possible, otherwise, use snakeskin boots or ranger boots.

6. Ring: Archers ring (i) if you can afford it, otherwise, use an Archers ring.

7. Cape: Ava's assembler or Ava's accumulator.

Inventory Setup:

Ranging potions: To boost your Ranged level, bring a few ranging potions (4) to extend your trips.

Super restore potions: To restore your Prayer points, bring super restores (4) or (2) as needed.

Prayer potions: Bring prayer potions (4) or (2) to sustain your prayers during the fight.

Food: High-healing food like sharks or better is recommended to keep your Hitpoints up.

Teleportation method: An emergency teleport or teleportation jewelry to leave the dungeon quickly if needed.

Getting There:

To access Armadyl GWD, use the God Wars Dungeon portal, located north of Trollheim in the Trollheim Mountains. The Troll Stronghold quest is required to use this route. Alternatively, players who have completed the hard Wilderness Diary can use the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon entrance at the Forgotten Cemetery, although it is riskier due to player killers.

Location GWD

map god wars dungeon

The Dungeon:



Armadyl GWD is a single-room dungeon with three main NPCs:

Kree'arra (level 580): The aviansie general and the primary target.

Wingman Skree (level 143): Attacks with ranged attacks.

Flockleader Geerin (level 149): Attacks with melee attacks.

Flight Kilisa (level 159): Attacks with magic attacks.

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Entering the room: When you enter the room, move towards any corner of the room. He will attack with ranged attacks, so keep the Protect from Missiles prayer active at all times.

Kree'arra's Attacks:

1. Ranged Attack: Kree'arra's primary attack is ranged, which is why you're using Protect from Missiles prayer. It's essential to keep your prayer points up to maintain protection.

2. Special Attack (Bomb): Occasionally, Kree'arra will perform a special attack where he drops a bomb on the ground. Move away from the bomb's location to avoid damage.

3. Melee Attack: When Kree'arra is close to you, he may use a melee attack. This is infrequent, but if it happens, switch to Protect from Melee prayer.

Dealing with the Minions:

The main challenge in Armadyl GWD is dealing with Kree'arra's minions, Wingman Skree, Flockleader Geerin, and Flight Kilisa.

It's recommended to take down the minions first, as they can deal considerable damage and interrupt your attacks on Kree'arra.

Focus on killing them one by one, starting with Wingman Skree, then Flockleader Geerin, and finally Flight Kilisa.

Use the Protection prayer that corresponds to the attack style of the minion you're currently fighting (Protect from Missiles for Wingman Skree and Flight Kilisa, and Protect from Melee for Flockleader Geerin).

Prayer Management:

Prayer points are crucial in Armadyl GWD. Make sure to use your super restore potions when your Prayer points get low.

Keep an eye on your Ranged potion timer and refresh it as needed to maintain your boosted Ranged level.

Food and Health:

Pay attention to your Hitpoints and eat food as necessary to stay alive.

It's essential to keep your health high, especially when you're facing multiple minions.

Retreat if Necessary:

If you're running low on supplies or health, don't hesitate to retreat to the entrance and restock or teleport out.

team of players fighting Kree'arra's


1. Solo vs. Team: Armadyl GWD can be done solo, but having a team can be beneficial for extending trips and increasing kill rates.

2. Anticipate Special Attacks: Be vigilant about Kree'arra's special attacks and react quickly to minimize damage.

3. Use Long-range: If using a blowpipe, switch to long-range mode to stay at a safe distance from Kree'arra and his minions.



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Conquering Armadyl God Wars Dungeon in Old School RuneScape requires good Ranged gear, decent stats, and careful execution of strategies. Always be prepared with the right supplies and remain focused during the fight. With enough practice and persistence, you'll be able to defeat Kree'arra and his minions, earning valuable loot and experience in the process. Good luck on your adventure!