OSRS Gnome Restaurant Guide


Gnome Restaurant Guide OSRS

Gnome Restaurant, also referred to as Aluft Aloft Gnome Food Delivery Service among gnomes, is an engaging minigame centered around Gnome cooking and the prompt delivery of your culinary creations to various customers. To initiate the minigame, engage in conversation with Gianne jnr. located on the western end of the 2nd floor of the Grand Tree.

Participating in this minigame becomes notably more enjoyable and rewarding if you have previously completed The Grand Tree quest. This prior quest completion is strongly recommended, enhancing your overall experience and potentially providing additional benefits during your Gnome Restaurant endeavors.

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To kick off your Gnome Restaurant adventure, players are required to undergo a tutorial facilitated by Gianne jnr. at the Grand Tree, situated on the 2nd floor north of the bank. This tutorial serves as an introduction to the art of gnome cooking and crafting gnome cocktails. It is imperative that players possess a minimum cooking level of 29 to commence their training.

Initiate the tutorial by conversing with Aluft Gianne snr., who can be found on the same platform as Gianne jnr. He will furnish you with a recipe book and outline four distinct gnome dishes to prepare. For the necessary ingredients, players can engage in trade with Hudo, conveniently located by the cooking range north of Aluft Gianne snr.

For the gnome cocktail segment of the tutorial, approach Blurberry positioned on the eastern platforms of the 2nd floor[US]. Blurberry will equip you with a cocktail book and task you with concocting four different cocktails. To obtain the essential ingredients, players can trade with Heckel Funch.

Upon successful completion of the cooking and cocktail-making tutorial, players are then poised to embark on their Gnome Restaurant journey, running a delivery service throughout the realm of Gielinor.

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How to play Gnome Restaurant

To play the Gnome Restaurant minigame effectively, follow these steps:

1. Receive a Task:

- Speak to Gianne jnr. to receive a task in the form of a delivery box.

- Choose between an easy task (within or around the Grand Tree) or a hard task (anywhere in Gielinor).

- Easy tasks have a 6-minute time limit, while hard tasks have an 11-minute limit.

2. Understand the Task:

- Click the delivery box to review the required food and delivery destination.

3. Job Selection and Penalty:

- Players can decline a hard job, but there is a 5-minute and 30-second waiting penalty before they can take another hard job.

- Players can choose to wait out the penalty or take and complete an easy job (which can be up to twice as fast) before returning for another hard job.

4. Token Reward Limit:

- If a player has reached the reward token limit of 10 pieces of gnome food, they can no longer quick-start a delivery mission.

- However, this allows them to keep requesting new hard jobs until a gnome with unique rewards is selected, maximizing valuable rewards.

5. Prepare Food in Advance:

- The delivered food must be player-prepared; premade versions from Gianne's Restaurant or Blurberry Bar cannot be used.

- It is recommended to prepare the required items in advance and store them in the bank to save time.

- Withdraw the necessary items from the bank upon receiving a task.

6. Delivery and Teleport:

- Deliver the order and teleport back to the Grand Tree for efficiency.

- If you have completed Monkey Madness II, use the royal seed pod for the fastest return.

- Alternatively, use teleports from items like the amulet of glory, ring of dueling, or the gnome glider.

Types of gnome cooking


TypeCooking lvlBasic IngredientsUse on unfinished
Worm hole.png Worm hole304 king worms, 2 onions, 1 gnome spiceBake, 1 equa leaves
Veg ball.png Vegetable ball352 onion, 2 potatoes, 1 gnome spiceBake, 1 equa leaves
Tangled toad's legs.png Tangled toads' legs404 toad's legs, 1 gnome spice, 2 cheese, 1 dwellberries, 2 equa leavesBake
Chocolate bomb.png Chocolate bomb424 chocolate bars, 1 equa leavesBake, 1 chocolate dust, 2 pot of cream



TypeCooking lvlBasic IngredientsUse on unfinished
Fruit batta.png Fruit batta254 equa leaves, 1 lime chunks, 1 orange chunks, 1 pineapple chunksBake, 1 gnome spice
Toad batta.png Toad batta261 equa leaves, 1 gnome spice, 1 cheese, 1 toad legsBake
Worm batta.png Worm batta271 king worms, 1 cheese, 1 gnome spiceBake, 1 equa leaves
Vegetable batta.png Vegetable batta282 tomatoes, 1 dwellberries, 1 onion, 1 cheese, 1 cabbageBake, 1 equa leaves
Cheese+tom batta.png Cheese and tomato batta291 tomato, 1 cheese

Bake, 1 equa leaves



TypeCooking lvlBasic IngredientsUse on unfinished
Toad crunchies.png Toad crunchies102 toad legs, 1 gnome spiceBake, 1 equa leaves
Spicy crunchies.png Spicy crunchies122 equa leaves, 1 gnome spiceBake, 1 gnome spice
Worm crunchies.png Worm crunchies142 king worms, 1 gnome spice, 1 equa leavesBake, 1 gnome spice
Chocchip crunchies.png Chocchip crunchies162 chocolate bar, 1 gnome spiceBake, 1 chocolate dust



TypeCooking lvlBasic IngredientsHave in inventory when pouring
Fruit blast.png Fruit blast61 pineapple, 1 lemon, 1 orange1 lemon slices
Pineapple punch.png Pineapple punch82 pineapple, 1 lemon, 1 orange1 lime chunks, 1 pineapple chunks, 1 orange slices
Wizard blizzard.png Wizard blizzard182 vodka, 1 gin, 1 lime, 1 lemon, 1 
1 pineapple chunks, 1 sliced lime
Short green guy.png Short green guy201 vodka, 3 limes1 sliced lime, 1 equa leaves
Drunk dragon.png Drunk dragon321 vodka, 1 gin, 1 dwellberries1 pineapple chunks, 1 pot of cream, Heat
Choc saturday.png Choc saturday331 whisky, 1 chocolate bar,
1 equa leaves, 1 bucket of milk
Heat, 1 chocolate dust, 1 pot of cream
Blurberry special.png Blurberry special371 vodka, 1 brandy, 1 gin,
2 lemons, 1 orange
1 lemon chunks, 1 orange chunks, 1 equa leaves, 1 sliced lime