OSRS Fortis Colosseum Strategy and Tips


Preparing for the challenging Fortis Colosseum requires top-notch gear and combat stats. Optimize your gear for offense and defense, and don't overlook consumables. Maximize your skills and grasp the mechanics of each encounter. Expect setbacks, but use them to learn and adapt. Maintain calmness and focus, taking breaks if needed. Practice individual sections and be flexible with your strategies. Celebrate every advancement, no matter how small. With patience and determination, you'll have a better chance of obtaining the coveted Dizana's quiver. Good luck on your quest!

Fortis Colosseum.png

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Handicaps Strategy

Here's a strategy guide for handling handicaps in the Fortis Colosseum:

1. Bees! green: Utilize tier 1 to manage bees easily; they can even be used strategically against certain enemies. However, they become problematic during boss fights.

Note: Blood Barrage will not heal off bee swarms.

2. Blasphemy green: Harmless if damage is minimized. Otherwise, stay at tier 1 to avoid complications.

3. Doom red: Avoid this highly dangerous handicap.

4. The Doom Scorpion red: Not recommended on any tier level due to its lack of effectiveness.

5. Dynamic Duo yellow: Consider adding a second Shockwave Colossus cautiously, as it may overwhelm some players.

6. Frailty green: Keep reduction at tier 2 max; tier 3 poses significant risk due to health reduction.

7. Myopia yellow: Up to tier 1 if used; otherwise, it impedes long-range attacks.

8. Reentry green: Manageable handicap due to Javelin Colossi's attack range.

9. Red Flag red: Avoid unless minotaurs pose specific issues.

10. Relentless red: Avoid due to high risk of player death.

11. Solarflare green: Consider up to tier 1; can be navigated by moving over orbs.

12. Quartet green: Adds manageable enemies for extra challenge.

13. Totemic green: Handleable with Venator Bow.

14. Volatility green: Consider up to tier 2, keeping in mind enemy melee range limitations.

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Fremennik Warband

Fremennik warband archer.png Fremennik warband berserker.pngFremennik warband seer.png

The Fremennik Warband presents the lowest threat in the Colosseum. Like Jal-Nibs in the Inferno, they spawn in the center and rush towards players. Though armed with ranged weapons, they only attack in melee range, allowing kiting to avoid damage early on. With 50 hitpoints and 110 Attack, Strength, and Magic, plus 80 Defence, they're not formidable individually. Kill the berserker first to mitigate damage; later, let them approach or flick them strategically. Using their combat weakness ensures maximum hits. Quartet handicap spawns an extra member but poses minimal threat. Efficiently dispatch them to progress smoothly in the Colosseum.

Serpent Shaman

Serpent shaman.png

Serpent Shamans in the Colosseum are straightforward adversaries, utilizing a moderately potent magic attack against players. They lack any additional special mechanics or abilities, making them relatively simple to handle compared to other foes.

Jaguar Warrior

Jaguar warrior.png

Jaguar Warriors in the Colosseum are armed with formidable claw weapons, enabling them to execute three strikes per attack. Unlike dragon claws, each of these strikes independently rolls for accuracy and damage. With a staggering maximum hit of 47 and impressive melee stats, they pose a grave threat, potentially dealing up to 141 damage in a single onslaught. To safeguard against this, maintain Protect Melee at all times when the warrior is not properly positioned, and prioritize isolating them from other enemies to mitigate the risk of a lethal blow.

Javelin Colossi

Javelin Colossus.png

Javelin Colossi stand out as formidable foes within the Colosseum, wielding the power to hurl a pair of javelins at players, each capable of inflicting up to 48 damage. Their menace is further compounded by an astonishing attack range of 15 tiles, rendering traditional safespotting futile even amidst other enemies.

Every fifth attack, these colossi launch a javelin skyward, which subsequently descends upon the player's location after a few ticks. Failure to evade results in absorbing up to 40 typeless damage. Should the Reentry handicap be active, a molten sand pile forms upon impact, inflicting periodic damage if occupied. At tier 2, this effect persists, extending to an additional tile; tier 3 expands it to three tiles.



Manticores pose a significant threat in the Colosseum with their unique three-hit attack sequence. Depending on spawn, they'll initiate either a magic-ranged or ranged-magic combo followed by a melee strike. Each attack—distinguished by a blue orb for magic, green arrowhead for ranged, and orange spiky ball for melee—occurs consecutively, with the pattern swiftly recharged for reuse. Though their individual hits are less potent, manticores maintain accuracy, amplifying their danger.

When paired with colossi, their attack pattern can create perilous scenarios, such as needing to tank either ranged or magic attacks. Note the necessity to pray against their attacks preemptively, unlike The Leviathan's projectiles, which require mid-flight prayer adjustments.

Shockwave Colossi

Shockwave Colossus.png

Shockwave Colossi stand out as formidable adversaries within the Colosseum, boasting an extensive attack range and heightened accuracy compared to their ranged counterparts. Their potent strikes inflict significant damage, posing a substantial threat to players. Despite their ferocity, they lack any unique mechanics of their own.

The Dynamic Duo handicap escalates the challenge by introducing two Shockwave Colossi simultaneously, compounding the difficulty of encountering these formidable foes. Prepare carefully and remain vigilant to overcome these formidable opponents in the Colosseum.


Minotaur (Fortis Colosseum).png

Minotaurs represent the ultimate challenge in the Colosseum, emerging as reinforcements from waves 7 to 11. These formidable foes unleash devastating melee attacks capable of inflicting immense damage. Moreover, they possess the ability to heal nearby enemies to full health, emphasizing the urgency of eliminating them swiftly. Reinforcing this urgency, minotaurs spawn aggressively towards players, potentially catching them off guard with their formidable maximum hit of 74. It's advisable to avoid their spawns and utilize Protect from Melee if cornered, especially when not sheltered behind pillars.

The Red Flag handicap eliminates the possibility of safespotting minotaurs, mandating close-quarters combat a risky proposition when contending with other adversaries. Exercise caution and strategic planning to navigate encounters with these formidable foes effectively.

Sol Heredit

Sol Heredit.png

Sol Heredit, the final boss of the Colosseum, unleashes a multifaceted assault that demands both skill and strategy from players. Here's a breakdown of the battle phases and tactics to overcome each:

Phase 1: Testing Footwork

- Heredit unleashes AoE attacks with distinct patterns that require reactive dodging.

- Attacks follow a rule of alternating styles to anticipate, with visual cues aiding timing.

- AoE patterns include Trident stabs and Shield slams, each demanding specific movements for evasion.

Phase 2: Introducing New Challenges (~1300 HP)

- Heredit retains primary AoE attacks while introducing additional hazards.

- Molten Sand pools inflict damage when stepped on and persist throughout the encounter.

- Light Beams spawn and unleash projectiles, requiring careful positioning to avoid damage.

- Combo Attack requires precise prayer timing to mitigate heavy melee damage.

- Grapple attack targets specific gear slots, demanding quick responses for evasion.

Phase 3: Escalating Threats (~1100 HP)

- Similar to Phase 2, with the addition of more Light Beams and Molten Sands.

Phase 4: Unyielding Assault (~750 HP)

- Mirrors Phase 3 with added Light Beams and Molten Sands.

- Modified Combo Attack with delayed final hit increases challenge.

Phase 5: Defiance (~400 HP)

- Resembles Phase 4, with escalating hazards and challenges.

Enrage Phase (~150 HP): Culmination

- Heredit accelerates Molten Sand creation, pressuring players to finish the battle swiftly.

- Swift defeat is essential to avoid being overwhelmed by the increasing arena hazards.

Warning: Volatility Hazard

- Activating Volatility results in Heredit exploding upon defeat, posing a risk of lost loot, including the coveted quiver.


1. Blood Barrage Consideration: Keep in mind that Blood Barrage won't heal off bee swarms, so plan your healing strategy accordingly.

2. Utilize Pillar Safespots: The circular arena features four central columns that can be used as safespots against enemies. While they don't offer complete protection due to the spread of spawns, they can still be useful for managing encounters.

3. Prioritize Fremennik Warband: Deal with the Fremennik warband promptly at the start of each wave to minimize unnecessary damage. Find an optimal column to hide behind and effectively stack monsters for easier management.

4. Avoid Pure Tanking: Attempting to tank all monsters without proper strategy will likely lead to swift defeat due to their high accuracy. Utilize healing methods like Blood Barrage and consider special attacks on Bee Swarms for maximum efficiency.

5. Watch for Reinforcements: After initiating a wave, expect reinforcements to arrive shortly, often in the form of Jaguar warriors. Stay vigilant and adapt your strategy accordingly to handle these new threats.