OSRS Forestry events Guide


Forestry events Guide OSRS

In OSRS, Forestry events introduce excitement to the woodcutting skill. These surprise events occur while collecting logs in the game world, excluding specific trees and locations. All players can engage to earn rewards, regardless of their prior activity. Difficulty and experience gained increase with the number of participants. The chance of an event spawning depends on a player's woodcutting activity in the past three minutes, including unsuccessful attempts. When a tree is cut, an event is randomly selected from a table, determining when and with what likelihood it will spawn. Restrictions prevent simultaneous events within a 20-tile radius and provide 1 XP to absent players. Participation yields woodcutting experience, scaling with the player's level, even beyond 99, with a recommendation to use the Dragon Axe special attack for additional XP.

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Rising Roots Event

In the "Rising Roots" event of Old School RuneScape, choppable tree roots materialize around a designated tree for a specific duration. Players receive Woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark by chopping these roots during the event. After a certain period, an anima-infused root, distinguished by its green trim, emerges. Chopping this special root yields increased Woodcutting experience and a higher quantity of anima-infused bark, with rewards scaling based on the player's Woodcutting level.

To maximize benefits, players are encouraged to locate and chop the anima-infused root as it moves within the event area. While the roots can be cut using 3t or 2.5t techniques, there is no skilling delay, preventing double-rolling opportunities. The "Rising Roots" event provides an engaging and rewarding experience for woodcutting enthusiasts in the game.

Struggling Sapling Event 

In the "Struggling Sapling" event within Old School RuneScape, a felled tree is replaced by a struggling sapling, encircled by diverse resource piles such as droppings, green leaves, rotting leaves, splintered bark, and wild mushrooms. Players have the opportunity to collect these resources, crafting mulch, a nutrient-rich concoction vital for the sapling's growth.

To concoct mulch, players gather from resource piles three times, the order determining the nutritional value. The sapling responds positively when the correct resources are in the proper slots. Starting at 10%, mulch gains 30% for each accurate resource. Feeding mulch to the sapling rewards players with Woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark.

Players often communicate the correct mulch combination through codes like '(G)reen leaves, Wild (m)ushrooms, (R)otting leaves' or 'gmr'. Successfully nurturing the sapling to a thriving state yields bonus experience, anima-infused bark, and 20 leaves of a random tier. The sapling's growth and depletion rates correlate with the number of participating players, emphasizing the importance of collective involvement for optimal rewards and preventing missed XP.

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Flowering Bush Event

In the "Flowering Bush" event of Old School RuneScape, vibrant bushes and friendly bee swarms emerge in eight colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, white, and lilac.

During the event, only one pair of bushes out of the eight can exchange strange pollen. Once players discover a pollen-giving bush, they can use it to pollinate another bush. Over time, these bushes transform into strange bushes and vanish, making way for another pair to exchange pollen. There are four or five such pairs during the event, and pollinating each pair once yields maximum bark, seeds, and woodcutting experience at the event's conclusion.

Taking and giving pollen awards players with a small amount of experience and anima-infused bark. A larger bonus of each, along with random seeds and strange fruits, is granted at the event's end. The quantity of rewards scales with the number of pollinations, providing an incentive for active participation in the "Flowering Bush" event.

Woodcutting Leprechaun Event

Encountering the Woodcutting Leprechaun in Old School RuneScape brings a unique twist to the woodcutting experience. While the event itself doesn't grant direct experience points, the leprechaun serves as a convenient bank deposit box, allowing players to store logs free of charge from both their inventory and a log or forestry basket.

Adding to the whimsy, "End of Rainbows" periodically materialize in the vicinity. Standing on these rainbows temporarily boosts the woodcutting experience gained by 200 points and offers a chance to receive anima-infused bark from chopping trees.

The Woodcutting Leprechaun remains active for a brief period, typically 50-70 seconds, providing ample time for players to utilize his services. As he prepares to depart, he signals his impending disappearance, allowing players 38 ticks (22.8s) to make the most of his assistance before he moves on to spread his luck elsewhere.

Beehive Event

The Beehive event unfolds in Old School RuneScape, introducing a beekeeper and a wild beehive accompanied by unfinished counterparts. To complete the bee hive construction, players utilize the logs they've gathered. Once assembled, the beehive vanishes, making way for the appearance of another unfinished one shortly afterward.

Upon successfully building a bee hive, players earn a modest amount of Construction experience and anima-infused bark. The event concludes with a larger bonus of each, coupled with a 2/3 chance to obtain sturdy beehive parts. These parts prove valuable as they can be employed in constructing a beehive within a player-owned house.

The dynamic nature of the Beehive event encourages players to contribute to the construction process, fostering a sense of accomplishment and offering rewards that enhance both Construction skills and potential player-owned house features.

Friendly Ent Event

Encountering a Friendly Ent event in Old School RuneScape brings a group of five entlings seeking assistance in styling their leaves. Each entling expresses their preference ("Breezy at the back!"), indicating the correct pruning option when right-clicking them ("Prune-top," "Prune-back," and "Prune-sides").

Players must prune each entling multiple times until they express satisfaction. Selecting the wrong option or attempting to prune an already pruned entling results in a temporary player stun.

Breezy at the back!Back
A leafy mullet!Top and sides
Short back and sides!Back and sides
Short on top!Top

Pruning each entling grants Woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark, with additional XP and rewards at the event's conclusion, based on player activity. Members receive a varied assortment of tree leaves, Fletching experience (scaled to their level), and, if all entlings are satisfied, an egg nest for pruning at least once. Even incorrect pruning grants an egg nest, ensuring rewards for participation in the Friendly Ent event.

Poachers Event

The Poachers event in Old School RuneScape features three poachers and a Frightened Fox. The poachers attempt to trap the fox with fox traps, and players must step in to disarm the traps whenever they are laid.

Each successfully disarmed fox trap grants Hunter experience and anima-infused bark. The event concludes with an XP bonus and rewards based on the player's activity throughout the event. Additionally, players have a chance to receive a fox whistle, with the likelihood scaling between 1/90 to 1/45 based on Woodcutting level (ranging from level 1 to 99). The fox whistle can be used on a beaver pet, enabling it to transform into a fox pet.

Participating in the Poachers event not only offers skill experience and rewards but also introduces the possibility of obtaining a unique and charming companion in the form of a transformed fox pet.

Enchantment Ritual Event

During the Enchantment Ritual event in Old School RuneScape, a Dryad and several ritual circles materialize, requiring assistance to complete a magical ritual. Periodically, ritual circles with varying colors (red, green, blue, yellow) and shapes (square, star, triangle, hexagon) are summoned.

Players must identify and stand on the odd one out—the ritual circle with a unique shape and color among the five—for a brief period to charge the ritual. The Dryad repeats this process several times before concluding the enchantment.

For every correct ritual circle chosen, players receive Woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark. The event concludes with an XP bonus and rewards based on the player's overall activity. Additionally, there is a 1/50 chance to receive a petal garland, a cosmetic necklace, as an extra reward.

Participating in the Enchantment Ritual not only offers skill experience and anima-infused bark but also provides a chance to obtain a stylish petal garland, adding a touch of enchantment to the player's appearance.

Pheasant Control Event 

In the Pheasant Control event of Old School RuneScape, the Freaky Forester and Pheasant Nests make an appearance. Players are tasked with retrieving a pheasant egg from unoccupied nests and delivering it to the Freaky Forester. Speed is crucial, as a slow delivery may prompt the pheasant to notice, resulting in a temporary stun for the player. Moreover, players can carry only one pheasant egg at a time.

Every successfully delivered egg rewards the player with Thieving experience, Woodcutting experience, and anima-infused bark. The event concludes with an XP bonus and rewards, contingent on the player's overall activity. Additionally, there is a 1/2 chance to receive pheasant tail feathers, which can be crafted into a pheasant costume using a needle and thread.

For those seeking an extra flair, there's a chance to obtain a golden pheasant egg (with odds scaling from 1/90 to 1/45 based on Woodcutting level). This egg can transform a beaver pet into an adorable pheasant companion, adding a unique touch to the player's collection.