OSRS Forester's Ration Guide


Forester's Ration Guide OSRS

A Forester's ration is a valuable item utilized in Woodcutting activities. When carried in the inventory or stored within a forestry kit, it enhances the woodcutting experience for the wielder. Here's how it works:

Forester's ration detail.png

1. Increased Woodcutting Experience: With a Forester's ration at hand, a player wielding a felling axe receives a 10% boost in Woodcutting experience every time they successfully chop a tree. This bonus contributes to skill progression and proficiency in Woodcutting.

2. Chance for Log Preservation: Moreover, there's a significant advantage of a 20% chance not to receive a log with each successful chop while using a Forester's ration. This means that despite chopping a tree, there's a chance of preserving the resources, enhancing efficiency in wood gathering.

3. Consumption Mechanics: Every time a player successfully chops a tree with a felling axe, one Forester's ration from their inventory or forestry kit is consumed. This consumption is regardless of whether logs are obtained or not. Upon consumption, a notification appears in the chatbox stating: "You consume a Forester's ration to fuel a mighty chop. You strike a clean cut without gathering any material."

4. Run Energy Restoration: In addition to its primary benefits, a Forester's ration also offers a utility function. If a player's run energy is below 100%, there's a 30% chance of consuming a Forester's ration to restore 20% of their run energy upon successfully chopping a tree. This feature applies to both regular axes and felling axes, providing a convenient way to maintain energy levels during woodcutting sessions. Upon activation, a message appears in the chatbox indicating the energy restoration

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How to Create the Forester's ration

Forester's rations, vital for enhancing woodcutting endeavors, can be crafted through a straightforward process. To concoct these valuable items, follow these steps:


- Woodcutting Woodcutting level 35
- Cooking Cooking level 35


- Any type of tree leaves
- Cooked meat or cooked fish

Crafting Process:

1. Gathering Tree Leaves: First and foremost, collect any type of tree leaves. The type of leaves used will determine the base number of rations produced.

LeafBase rations
Leaves.png Leaves2
Oak leaves.png Oak leaves4
Willow leaves.png Willow leaves6
Maple leaves.png Maple leaves8
Yew leaves.png Yew leaves10
Magic leaves.png Magic leaves12


2. Selecting Food Multiplier: The magic happens when combining the tree leaves with a cooked meat or cooked fish. The food used acts as a multiplier, influencing the final quantity of rations. For instance, utilizing magic leaves with manta rays, a fish requiring level 91 Cooking, results in a notable outcome.

Cooking 1-29 fish1x
Cooking 30-69 fish OR any meat2x
Cooking 70-99 fish3x


3. Crafting Output: The combination of tree leaves and the chosen food item will yield Forester's rations. The precise number of rations produced is influenced by the base value associated with the chosen leaves and the multiplier effect of the selected food.

4. Example: Using magic leaves with manta rays, as mentioned, might yield an impressive 36 rations. This showcases how the choice of high-level cooking ingredients can significantly impact the final output of Forester's rations.