OSRS Fighter hat Guide

Fighter hat Guide OSRS

The fighter hat is a distinctive piece of members-only armor in OSRS. To equip this hat, players must have a minimum Defense level of 45 and obtain it through the Barbarian Assault minigame. Players often opt for the fighter hat as an alternative to the warrior helm and berserker helm. While the warrior helm boasts slightly superior defensive bonuses, it only provides an attack bonus to slash. In contrast, the fighter hat not only offers defensive benefits but also provides attack bonuses for stab and crush. Notably, its +5 stab attack bonus makes the fighter hat the best-in-slot item for stab attacks. Comparatively, the berserker helm offers better defensive bonuses and a strength bonus (+3), but lacks melee attack bonuses. This makes the fighter hat a favored choice among players, particularly berserkers, who prioritize aesthetics over marginally improved defensive and strength stats. Additionally, the fighter hat serves as an appealing option for obsidian maulers unable to acquire the Inquisitor's great helm.

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How to Obtain the Fighter hat

As previously said, to obtain the Fighter hat you must participate in the Babarian Assault minigame to later talk to
Commander Connad, situated on the ground floor of the Barbarian Outpost, facilitates the acquisition of the fighter hat for players who have achieved 275 honor points in each role and have successfully defeated the Penance Queen.

Commander Connad Location:

Commander Connad.png

Commander Connad Location:

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 Attack bonusesStab +5Slash +5Crush +5Magic -7Ranged -7
 Defence BonusesStab +27Slash +29Crush +26Magic -3Ranged +28
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +0Head slot table List

Death Mechanics

In the unfortunate event of a player's death below level 20 Wilderness, the fighter hat remains in the player's inventory but becomes unusable. To restore its functionality, players must invest 45,000 coins to repair the hat by utilizing the services of Perdu, a character within the game.

Perdu Location:


Perdu Location