OSRS Felling Axe Guide


Felling Axe Guide OSRS

In the bustling world of Gielinor, where adventurers traverse vast landscapes in search of glory and resources, few skills rival the importance of Woodcutting. Within this realm of forestry and timber extraction lies a tool of unparalleled efficiency and power: the felling axe. Let's delve into the intricacies of this essential implement and unlock the secrets to mastering Woodcutting efficiency.

At its core, the felling axe is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation, designed to expedite the process of harvesting timber while maximizing the experience gained in the Woodcutting skill. When wielded alongside forester's rations or housed within a forestry kit, these axes unlock a world of possibilities for aspiring lumberjacks. By providing a 10% boost in Woodcutting experience, they elevate the art of woodcutting to new heights, allowing adventurers to progress faster than ever before.

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But the advantages of the felling axe extend beyond mere experience gains. With a 20% chance to forego obtaining a log with each swing, these axes offer a unique twist to the woodcutting experience. This feature isn't limited to conventional trees; even the elusive sulliusceps fall under the purview of the felling axe's efficiency. However, to sustain this enhanced productivity, one must be prepared to part with Forester's rations, with each log harvested consuming a ration.

What truly sets the felling axe apart is its ability to synergize with other enhancements. The experience boost from felling axes stacks multiplicatively with the bonuses granted by the renowned Lumberjack outfit, further amplifying the gains reaped from each swing of the axe. And fear not, adventurers, for even in moments where a log eludes your grasp, the chance to obtain a coveted beaver pet remains unchanged, ensuring that companionship may yet be found amidst the forest's embrace.

Mechanically, felling axes mirror their conventional counterparts, operating at the same speed and success rates. However, their true potency shines through with higher-tier axes, which boast an increased likelihood of log acquisition. This translates to faster woodcutting endeavors, making felling axes a cornerstone of efficiency for seasoned lumberjacks and novices alike.

Crafting a felling axe is an art in itself, requiring skill and precision at the anvil. From the humble beginnings of basic iron to the majestic allure of dragon-tier axes, each creation represents a testament to the smith's prowess. The process itself, combining a felling axe handle with a standard axe amidst the rhythmic symphony of hammer blows, grants the smith 5 Smithing experience and yields a formidable tool fit for the challenges of the wild.


AxeSmithing required
Bronze felling axe.png Bronze felling axeSmithing 1
Iron felling axe.png Iron felling axeSmithing 1
Steel felling axe.png Steel felling axeSmithing 6
Black felling axe.png Black felling axeSmithing 11
Mithril felling axe.png Mithril felling axeSmithing 21
Adamant felling axe.png Adamant felling axeSmithing 31
Rune felling axe.png Rune felling axeSmithing 41
Dragon felling axe.png Dragon felling axeSmithing 61
3rd age felling axe.png 3rd age felling axeSmithing 61
Crystal felling axe.png Crystal felling axeSmithing 71



ItemQuantityGE Price
Felling axe handle.png Felling axe handle1Coins 10000.png 2,633,234
Dragon axe.png Dragon axe1Coins 10000.png 51,647
 Total costCoins 10000.png 2,684,881
Dragon felling axe.png Dragon felling axe1Coins 10000.png 2,746,791


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For those seeking the pinnacle of woodcutting prowess, the crystal felling axe stands as a beacon of achievement. Crafted through a mystical process involving singing bowls and crystal tool seeds, this exquisite implement embodies the fusion of craftsmanship and magic, offering unparalleled efficiency to those bold enough to wield it.

Beyond their utility in woodcutting, felling axes also possess martial prowess, serving as melee weapons with enhanced attack bonuses. While their attack speed may lag behind conventional weapons, their formidable capabilities make them a valuable asset in the hands of any adventurer.

In conclusion, the felling axe represents more than just a tool; it embodies the spirit of efficiency and innovation within the realm of Woodcutting. Whether you're a seasoned lumberjack or a fledgling adventurer, mastering the art of the felling axe is key to unlocking the full potential of Gielinor's bountiful forests. So pick up your axe, sharpen your skills, and embark on a journey of discovery and efficiency unlike any other. The forest beckons, and with the power of the felling axe in hand, nothing shall stand in your way.