OSRS Farming Contracts Guide

Farming Contracts Guide OSRS

Farming contracts in RuneScape offer players a unique way to earn rewards by growing specific crops assigned by Guildmaster Jane within the Farming Guild. This guide will walk you through the intricacies of farming contracts, providing valuable tips and strategies to optimize your farming experience.

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Understanding Farming Contracts

Guildmaster Jane is the key figure responsible for assigning farming contracts. Players receive instructions to grow a particular crop, and upon successful completion, they are rewarded with a seed pack containing a variety of seeds. Boosts can be utilized to undertake contracts for which a player's Farming level is below the requirement. It's important to note that all eligible entries on the contract table are equally considered when Jane decides which contract to give out.

Guildmaster Jane:

Guildmaster Jane.png

Guildmaster Jane Location:

Guildmaster Jane Location

Completion Criteria

- Health checking for certain crops.

- Harvesting the last item from the patch for others.

- Replanting for crops with previously checked health.

- Unharvested crops count as completed contracts.

Cancellation and Tracking

Players can cancel contracts by asking Guildmaster Jane for an easier one, switching to a lower-level contract. However, easy contracts cannot be canceled. Monitoring your progress is possible by checking the number of completed contracts through Guildmaster Jane.

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Optimizing Your Strategy

To maximize your efficiency in completing farming contracts, consider the following strategy:

1. Pre-grow Time-Consuming Crops: Cultivate time-consuming crops in advance without checking their health or harvesting.

2. Instant Contract Completion: After completing a contract, instantly fulfill the next one by checking the health or harvesting the pre-grown crops.

3. Efficient Patch Management: Ensure all patches are pre-grown and promptly replace them as contracts are completed.

Adopting this strategy enables players to efficiently complete multiple contracts in succession, minimizing delays and maximizing rewards within a given time frame.

Contract difficulty vs. seed pack tiers



Mastering farming contracts in RuneScape requires a strategic approach and efficient patch management. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can enhance your farming experience and reap the rewards of Guildmaster Jane's assignments. Happy farming!