OSRS Ectofuntus Guide


Ectofuntus Guide OSRS

The Ectofuntus is situated in a temple north of Port Phasmatys. Worshipping at the Ectofuntus yields 5 Ecto-tokens per worship and provides 4 times the Prayer experience compared to burying bones. While this method saves money, it is more time-consuming. To utilize the Ectofuntus for Prayer training, it is strongly recommended to have completed the "Ghosts Ahoy" quest. The ectophial, one of its rewards, allows for infinite direct teleports to the Ectofuntus. After teleporting, the player's ectophial is automatically refilled. This quick access to the Ectofuntus location streamlines the process, making it a preferred choice for those looking to maximize Prayer experience.

Ectofuntus Guide OSRS

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How Ectofuntus works

Worshipping at the Ectofuntus in the northern temple of Port Phasmatys is a unique method to earn Prayer experience and Ecto-tokens. To engage with the ghost disciples and receive Ecto-tokens, players must equip a ghostspeak amulet or Morytania legs 2. This alternative method provides four times the Prayer experience compared to traditional bone burial, although it is more time-consuming.

For an efficient Ectofuntus session, a well-prepared inventory is essential. Consider carrying 9 buckets, 9 pots, and 9 bones of any type, along with an ectophial. To collect Ecto-tokens, players can drop a bucket or pot, or use stamina or super energy potions to maintain run energy levels. The buckets of slime needed can be purchased from a Charter Crewmember on the Port Phasmatys dock, who has a stock of 10. Players may hop worlds to buy additional buckets.

How Ectofuntus works

While gilded altars or the chaos altar may provide higher Prayer experience per hour, the Ectofuntus is a safer option, especially for those without access to a player-owned house or who wish to avoid the risks associated with the Wilderness. Wearing the full set of Zealot's robes while worshipping at the Ectofuntus gives a 5% chance (1.25% per piece) to save both Bonemeal and Buckets of slime, adding an extra layer of efficiency to the process.

Collect slime

The worshipping process involves collecting slime and grinding bones. To collect slime, players should take empty buckets and access the trapdoor west of the Ectofuntus, near the weathered wall shortcut (which requires 58 Agility). Using an empty bucket on the slime pool at the bottom of the stairs yields a bucket of slime. The ectophial, obtained by completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest, allows for instant teleportation back to the Ectofuntus after collecting slime, making the inventory slot it occupies worthwhile.

Collect slime

Grind bones

Grinding bones is the next step, requiring 14 desired bones and one empty pot for each. East of the Ectofuntus, players use bones on the loader of the bone grinder. The process is automated and continues until pots are filled. Manual interaction with each part speeds up the grinding. Banking via a ring of dueling and returning with an Ectophial, each loaded with 13 bones and pots, results in approximately 280 bonemeal per hour.

Tip: Worshipping the Ectofuntus | Sal's Realm of RuneScape

Worship the Ectofuntus

Finally, the actual worshipping involves offering equal amounts of buckets of slime and pots of bonemeal to the Ectofuntus. This grants 400% more Prayer experience compared to burying bones conventionally. Communication with a ghost disciple, while wearing a ghostspeak amulet or Morytania legs 2, 3, or 4, rewards 5 ecto-tokens per worship. However, the Ectofuntus can only hold up to 1,000 ecto-tokens (equivalent to 200 worships) before further attempts yield the message "There isn't room to put any more in." Therefore, players must collect ecto-tokens periodically to continue worshipping and reaping the benefits of this unique method.

Worship the Ectofuntus

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Efficiency Route for Ectofuntus Worship

To maximize efficiency, employ weight-reducing gear like graceful clothing or boots of lightness, coupled with a spotted or spottier cape. Utilize the ectophial for swift teleportation to the Ectofuntus, and carry an amulet of glory or a ring of dueling for convenient bank teleportation. Alternatively, the Crafting or Fishing cape, along with Morytania legs 3/4, offers efficient banking options.

Optimize trips by first obtaining all required slime, preferably purchased from Charter Crewmembers (via world hopping). Next, grind half the total bone quantity, ideally in batches of 12 per trip. The recommended inventory setup is 12 buckets of slime, 6 crushed bones, and 6 uncrushed bones (with teleportation runes), or 13 buckets of slime, 7 crushed bones, and 7 uncrushed bones (if walking to the bank or using teleport jewelry). This minimizes trips for grinding and worshipping compared to the conventional setup of 9 bones, 9 pots, and 9 slime buckets.

Efficient Route Steps:

1. Use ectophial
2. Worship
3. Grind the remaining bones in the inventory
4. Worship
5. Bank
6. Repeat


Worshipping at the Ectofuntus yields a steady 400% increase in Prayer experience per bone, a reliable but slightly lower bonus than the Chaos Altar's theoretical 700%. The Chaos Altar introduces a 50% chance of not consuming bones, potentially offering higher average gains. However, the Ectofuntus, located in Port Phasmatys, provides a secure and predictable alternative, particularly suitable for risk-averse players. The choice between the two methods depends on personal preferences and risk tolerance, with the Ectofuntus offering a consistent approach to Prayer training, albeit with a marginally lower theoretical average bonus than the Chaos Altar.

Bones.png Bones18
Wolf bones.png Wolf bones18
Burnt bones.png Burnt bones18
Monkey bones.png Monkey bones20
Bat bones.png Bat bones21.2
Big bones.png Big bones60
Jogre bones.png Jogre bones60
Zogre bones.png Zogre bones90
Shaikahan bones.png Shaikahan bones100
Babydragon bones.png Babydragon bones120
Wyrm bones.png Wyrm bones200
Wyvern bones.png Wyvern bones288
Dragon bones.png Dragon bones288
Drake bones.png Drake bones320
Fayrg bones.png Fayrg bones336
Lava dragon bones.png Lava dragon bones340
Raurg bones.png Raurg bones384
Hydra bones.png Hydra bones440
Dagannoth bones.png Dagannoth bones500
Ourg bones.png Ourg bones560
Superior dragon bones.png Superior dragon bones600