OSRS Eclipse Atlatl Guide



The Eclipse Atlatl is a formidable two-handed weapon, requiring a Ranged level of 75 to wield effectively. It's a prized item, obtainable as a potential reward from the Lunar Chest located in Neypotzli. This weapon distinguishes itself by its unique mechanics and synergy with the Eclipse Moon Armor set.

One of its distinctive features is its exclusive use of atlatl darts as ammunition. This specialized ammunition adds to the weapon's overall effectiveness and versatility in combat scenarios.

Interestingly, despite being a ranged weapon, the Eclipse Atlatl utilizes the player's melee strength bonuses to determine the amount of damage dealt to a target. This unexpected twist makes it a formidable choice for those with strong melee capabilities seeking to diversify their combat repertoire.

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Set Effect


However, the true power of the Eclipse Atlatl is unlocked when paired with the complete Eclipse Moon Armor set. When all pieces of this set are worn together, the player benefits from the potent "Searing Blows" set effect. This effect grants the Eclipse Atlatl a 20% chance to inflict a burn effect on targets upon striking them.

Once afflicted, targets suffer a gradual burn, enduring 10 damage over the course of 40 ticks, which translates to approximately 24 seconds. This damage accumulates steadily, with one damage inflicted every 4 ticks. What's more, this burn effect is stackable, potentially allowing for devastating sustained damage over time, with the possibility of stacking up to five times.

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 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +87
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +40Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +02h slot table List

Special attack

The Eclipse Atlatl boasts a potent special attack known as "Eclipse," a devastating maneuver that can turn the tide of battle in the wielder's favor. However, executing this technique requires precise timing, strategic positioning, and the full Eclipse Moon Armor set to unleash its full potential.

To initiate the Eclipse special attack, the wielder must expend 50% of their special attack energy. Additionally, they must be within melee distance of their target and ensure that the target is already afflicted with the burn effect, a condition imposed by the weapon's innate properties or its set effect.

When executed, the Eclipse special attack consumes the remainder of the burn damage that the target would have endured. This consumed burn damage then translates into a substantial boost to the player's offensive capabilities. Specifically, the player's maximum hit is increased by the exact amount of remaining burn damage, while their minimum hit is elevated by half of that amount. However, this augmentation is subject to a cap of 50, ensuring balance and preventing excessive power.