OSRS Dwarf Cannon Quest Guide

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Dwarf Cannon quest osrs

Captain Lawgof is seeking your assistance in achieving victory over the goblin threat. He kindly requests your aid in addressing a few crucial matters.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

20 Agility for the log bridge shortcut from Seers' Village is recommended.

Items Needed to Complete Quest:


Start point  

Talk to Captain Lawgof, south of the Coal Trucks, north-west of the Fishing Guild.

Start point

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Locate Captain Lawgof positioned to the southern region of the coal trucks, within the confines of the gates. If you lack the requisite 20 Agility to navigate the log, you'll need to enter the enclosed area from the southern approach through the gate. At this juncture, Captain Lawgof will share the predicament posed by the impending goblin advance from the southern front.

talk to captain lawgof

In a gesture of temporary camaraderie, he'll extend an invitation for you to join the esteemed ranks of the Black Guard, a formidable division within the dwarven military. Once you've accepted this offer, he'll equip you with 6 railings and a hammer (should you not already possess one in your inventory). This arrangement will facilitate your involvement in the vital task of rectifying the damaged railings that encircle the compound.

The compromised railings, visibly contorted when viewed directly from the front or rear, demand your attention. Engage in the process of restoration by carefully "inspecting" the specific sections of railing that require mending. Should your efforts falter, there's a possibility of sustaining 1 or 2 points of damage, coupled with a temporary reduction in either Strength or Crafting abilities. It's worth noting that this damage could prove perilous if your hitpoints hover at 2 or lower. Persistence might be essential, as successful straightening of the fence may necessitate multiple attempts at each afflicted segment.


Upon successfully restoring all 6 railings, reengage in conversation with Captain Lawgof. Here, he will divulge the alarming news of communication breakdown with the watchtower. Your next course of action involves journeying southwards toward the watchtower situated just beyond the gate, adjacent to the dwarf commander's location, and positioned within the woodland area as indicated by a ladder on the map. A thorough investigation is in order.

Take heed: ensure that you conclude your dialogue with Captain Lawgof; failure to do so might impede the spawning of the dwarf remains.

Subsequent to concluding this conversation, you'll find the dwarf remains atop the watchtower's upper level. These remains will be tucked away in a corner, their presence not signified on the map with the customary red dot. Thus, maintaining a vigilant outlook is advised.

Proceed southward, ascending to the upper echelon of the watchtower, and secure possession of the dwarf remains. Transport these remains back to Captain Lawgof.

In a state of profound sorrow, Captain Lawgof will reveal that the fallen dwarf, a casualty during the watchtower's overrun, was none other than Gilob. Gilob left behind a son named Lollk, whose whereabouts remain a mystery.

The Missing Son

Items recommended: Food (lower levels) and a skills necklace.

Journey south from the watchtower and then veer east, tracing a path around the periphery of the Fishing Guild until you reach a cavern. This cavern holds the key to locating Lollk. Alternatively, if you possess a skills necklace, you can utilize it to teleport directly to the Fishing Guild. The entrance to the cave lies just east of the gateway to the Fishing Guild.

Upon entering the cave, you'll be confronted with a divergence into three distinct passageways. Opt for the middle passage and proceed in a north-western direction, eventually arriving at the goblin outpost. Continue your trajectory in the north-western direction, and you'll find yourself in a chamber filled with crates. Among these crates, search for the one positioned at the northernmost end of the east wall (as depicted in the accompanying illustration). It is within this crate that Lollk awaits, ready to spring forth.

Enter cave

With heartfelt gratitude, Lollk will express his thanks for your valiant rescue. Subsequently, he will make his way back to Captain Lawgof, hastening to reunite with him.

The Dwarven Multicannon

Items recommended: A Falador teleport (tablet)/amulet of glory/combat bracelet and a Camelot teleport (tablet)/Ardougne teleport (tablet)/skills necklace.

Once you've successfully rescued Lollk and reunited him with Captain Lawgof, make your way back to the captain. He will extend his heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable assistance and then present you with the task of repairing his malfunctioning multicannon. Accept the toolkit he offers and proceed to mend the cannon using the following sequence of actions on the screen that materializes:

talk to lollk

1. Utilize the pliers to adjust the safety switch located at the bottom. (2nd tool)

2. Employ the hooked tool to address the spring. (3rd tool)

3. Apply the toothed tool to the gear situated at the base of the hammer, specifically targeting the gear. (1st tool)

repairing the cannon

After you've skillfully executed these repairs, engage in conversation with Captain Lawgof once more. During this exchange, he will admit his lack of knowledge regarding the cannon's ammunition supply. He will then direct your attention to the dwarf base positioned to the south of Ice Mountain, situated just above the entrance to the Dwarven Mine. This location holds the answers you seek about the cannon's ammunition.

talk to captain lawgof again

To reach the dwarf base swiftly, journey directly south from the Black Knights' Fortress, north of Falador, and west of the Edgeville Monastery. An expedient approach is to utilize a combat bracelet for teleportation to the monastery. Alternatively, you can opt to teleport to Falador and embark on a brief walk to reach the base. Once there, seek out Nulodion within the western building of the compound. Engage in conversation with him to obtain an ammo mould and receive comprehensive instructions.

It is vital that you do not discard Nulodion's notes or the ammo mould, as these items are pivotal for Captain Lawgof's requirements. Disposing of them would necessitate revisiting Nulodion to retrieve the items.

Having acquired the necessary knowledge and tools, return to Captain Lawgof and engage in dialogue once more. In recognition of your remarkable efforts, he will bestow upon you a well-deserved reward.

Congratulations, with the completion of these tasks, your quest is triumphantly concluded!

dwarf cannon quest completed