OSRS Dragonfire Ward Guide

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Dragonfire Ward Guide OSRS

Embark on a journey through the realms of Gielinor as we unveil the power and prowess of the Dragonfire Ward. This comprehensive guide is tailored for adventurers seeking the perfect balance of defense and offense. Learn how to obtain, charge, and harness the full potential of this remarkable ranged shield. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a novice explorer, the Dragonfire Ward is your key to facing the fiery challenges that await in the land of Old School RuneScape.

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What is the Dragonfire Ward?

The Dragonfire Ward is an exceptional ranged shield that demands a Ranged level of 70 and a robust Defence level of 75. To equip this shield, adventurers must have embarked on the perilous Dragon Slayer I quest. Standing as the second-highest in Ranged Attack and Ranged Strength bonuses for the shield slot, the Dragonfire Ward is rivaled only by the twisted buckler.

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Where Can You Obtain the Dragonfire Ward?

To acquire Dragonfire Ward, one must venture into the heart of dragon territory and face the fearsome Vorkath to obtain the Skeletal visage. You can forge the wonderful Dragonfire ward with this Skeletal visage plus an Anti-dragon shield on an Anvil along with your trusty hammer. The shield is not only a powerful defense against standard dragonfire attacks, but also a sturdy protection against the icy breath of Wyverns. .

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Smithing 90 Smithing

Note: Don't forget to carry a hammer in your pocket Hammer.png

Anti-dragon shield.png Anti-dragon shield1Coins 10000.png 105
Skeletal visage.png Skeletal visage1Coins 10000.png 10,282,609
 TotalCoins 10000.png 10,282,714
Dragonfire ward.png Dragonfire ward1Coins 10000.png 10,555,426

The Stats of Dragonfire Ward

Boasting impressive defensive capabilities, the Dragonfire Ward not only protects against dragonfire but also accumulates charges as it absorbs the breath attacks of adult dragons and wyverns. Each breath attack contributes a charge, enhancing the ward's Melee and Ranged defensive bonuses by +1 per charge. With a maximum capacity of 50 charges, the Dragonfire Ward can provide a substantial +50 bonus to both defenses, amplifying its protective capabilities.

 Attack bonusesStab -10Slash -10Crush -10Magic -10Ranged +15
 Defence BonusesStab +25Slash +30Crush +28Magic +28Ranged +68
 OtherMelee strength -2Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +8Prayer bonus +0Shield slot table List

Special Effects and Charging Mechanism

The Dragonfire Ward's unique ability to accumulate charges sets it apart. To charge the ward efficiently, face off against dragons or wyverns, allowing it to absorb their potent breath attacks. The charging process mirrors the resilience required to obtain such a prestigious shield. The ward, when fully charged, becomes a stalwart defender, augmenting your defense against both melee and ranged assaults.

Special Effects


During Combat, the dragonfire ward can expend one charge to unleash a blast of dragonfire at one target, which can hit approximately 25 damage. This attack can only be used once every two minutes, and each expended charge reduces the ward's Melee and Ranged defensive bonuses by one. Note: you do not have to use these attacks, as it does lower the wards defensive bonuses per attack. The dragonfire attack follows the standard rules for dragonfire; it will be less effective against a target that has resistance to dragonfire, such as a player that used an antifire potion and/or an anti-dragon shield or dragonfire ward. Furthermore, the dragonfire attack will not work against chromatic dragons, skeletal wyverns and some boss monsters, although metal dragons below mithril are vulnerable to it.

The dragonfire attack can be used at range (up to 10 squares away) and over obstacles, after which the user will initiate a normal attack with their equipped weapon, if possible. The damage splat is rolled with accordance to the user's Defence level and target's Magic Defence bonus. When used upon an NPC, Magic, Defence and HP experience is gained; however, when used upon another player, only Defence experience is gained.



As we conclude our exploration into the Dragonfire Ward, envision yourself as the fearless protector of Gielinor, clad in the mightiest of shields. This ranged masterpiece not only fends off dragonfire but transforms with each battle, adapting to the challenges it faces. May your journey be ablaze with triumphs, and may the Dragonfire Ward be your unyielding guardian in the face of fiery adversaries.

Arise, valiant adventurers! The Dragonfire Ward awaits those brave enough to face the flames. Let its charged defenses be your shield against the fiery trials that Gielinor presents. As you embark on quests, conquer dungeons, and vanquish dragons, may the Dragonfire Ward be your trusted companion, paving the way for glory and victory. Until our paths cross again in the world of Old School RuneScape, may your adventures be epic, and your victories legendary!