[OSRS] Dragon Slayer I quest guide

Dragon Slayer I Quest Guide OSRS

Dragon Slayer I Quest Guide OSRS

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 32 Quest points to enter the Champions' Guild

The ability to defeat a level 83 dragon

Items Required:

Unfired bowl (can be made with soft clay on a Potter's Wheel with  8 Crafting)

Wizard's mind bomb (can be bought in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador or The Toad and Chicken in Burthorpe)

Lobster pot (can be bought from any fishing shop)

Silk (can be bought from Thessalia for 30 coins or the Al Kharid silk stall for 3 coins -- members can steal it from the Ardougne silk stall with  20 Thieving)

Magic/ranged weapon as well as a law and air rune (to cast Telekinetic Grab if your Magic level is 33 or higher) or 10,000 coins


Anti-dragon shield (Can be obtained during the quest)

90 steel nails (Members can buy these from the Sawmill operator north-east of Varrock, they can also be smithed at  34 Smithing using 6 steel bars by all players)

3 planks (only normal planks)

  • Free-to-play: Pick up the spawns in the Graveyard of Shadows, level 19 Wilderness, or for a safer option, ornate lockboxes in the Camdozaal Vault after Below Ice Mountain
  • Member: Several other spawn locations or buy them at the sawmill
  • 2,000 coins



 45 Combat level

 33 Magic, otherwise you will have to pay 10,000 coins.

 37 Prayer for Protect from magic against Elvarg's magic attacks.

Fast travel to the Champions' Guild (Varrock teleport, Chronicle or (members only) Combat Bracelet)

Energy potions or (members only) stamina potions

(Members only) Antifire potions to significantly lower Elvarg's dragonfire attack damage

(Members only) Fast travel to the Karamja Volcano (via Port Sarim or Amulet of Glory)

(Members only) Fast travel to Port Sarim (Explorer's Ring 2, Skills Necklace to the Crafting Guild, or Rat Pits or Pest Control minigame teleports)

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Ok Let’s do this!

Initiating Dragon Slayer 1

Commence by engaging in conversation with the Guildmaster located within the Champions' Guild. (Choose dialogue option 2)

Proceed to converse with Oziach in Edgeville. (Select dialogue option 1•1•1•1)

Revisit the Guildmaster at the Champions' Guild. During this interaction, it's crucial to obtain the maze key by inquiring about Melzar's map piece. Additionally, inquire about the map pieces of Thalzar and Lozar, and seek information regarding the location of the appropriate ship. (Opt for dialogue options 2•1•1•1•2•3•2•3)

If you haven't already acquired an anti-dragon shield, it's recommended to approach Duke Horacio. (Choose dialogue option 1•1•1•2)


Acquiring Map Pieces:

The sequence of obtaining the map pieces is flexible.

Once you have gathered all three map pieces, merge them by using one on the others.


Thalzar's Map Piece Quest

 Initiate contact with the Oracle situated on Ice Mountain. Prior to this, ensure that you've conversed with the Guildmaster about the location of Thalzar's map piece. (Opt for dialogue option 1)

Within the Dwarven mine, you will need to interact with a magic door located at the north-eastern section of the mine. To accomplish this, apply silk, a lobster pot, an unfired bowl, and a wizard's mind bomb (ensure to right-click) on the magic door. This action should automatically grant you access through the door.

Upon entering the magical door, proceed to unlock the chest and subsequently search it. This will result in obtaining the desired map piece. Ensure you press the space bar or complete the dialogue to proceed. (It's important to note that re-entry does not necessitate re-using the items, should you make an error.)

Dwarven Mine Map

Dwarven Mine Map


Obtaining Melzar's Map Piece

Upon securing the Maze key from the Guildmaster, make your way to Rimmington.

Enter Melzar's Maze, and inside:

  1. Eliminate the small zombie rat with an extended tail to procure a key. Subsequently, access the northwestern door and ascend the ladder.
  2. Defeat the ghost attired in a hood, tube top, and without a cape to obtain another key. Access the second door from the north on the eastern wall and ascend the ladder.
  3. Overcome the skeleton bearing a round shield to acquire the next key. Utilize the door situated at the westernmost position on the southern wall and descend the ladder three times.
  4. Dispatch the zombies to secure the key. Proceed to the blue door.
  5. Confront and defeat Melzar the Mad to attain another key. Access the purple (magenta) door.
  6. Defeat the lesser demon to gain the final key. You can employ a safespot strategy by leading the demon to the magenta door.
  7. Open and explore the chest to receive the coveted map piece.


Maze Map

Maze Map


Securing Lozar's Map Piece

 Journey to the jail located in Port Sarim.

Within the jail:

  1. You have two options: vanquish Wormbrain using ranged, magic, or a halberd, and then employ telegrab to retrieve the map piece. Alternatively, you can opt to pay him 10,000 coins in exchange for the map piece.
  2. Ensure that you've previously conversed with the Guildmaster to gain knowledge of the location of Lozar's map piece. (Choose dialogue options 1•3•2)


Acquiring a Boat

 Collect the following items from your bank: 3 wood planks, 90 steel nails, a hammer, and 2,000 coins.

Engage in conversation with Klarense, who is positioned on the southern docks of Port Sarim near the Void Outpost boat. Pay him the sum of 2,000 coins to facilitate the transaction. (Select dialogue options 4•1)

Once on board the boat:

  1. Descend the ladder and proceed to mend the hole present. Repeat this process three times.
  2. Subsequently, converse with Ned, located in Draynor Village, ensuring you have the map in your inventory. (Opt for dialogue option 1)


The Boss Fight

Preparation is key for the upcoming battle. Ensure that you have both your Antifire potion and Anti-dragon shield at the ready.

Revisit the boat you skillfully repaired earlier at Port Sarim. Step aboard the ship and engage in conversation with Captain Ned. (Choose dialogue option 1)

From there:

  1. Ascend the volcano and access the entrance to the cave. (Following the ensuing cutscene, remember to ascend out of the hole to complete a Karamja medium task.)
  2. Optionally, before teleporting away, proceed south from Elvarg's cave and unlock a Karamja medium task by opening the wall.
  3. Continue southward, and engage in combat with Elvarg. Depending on your combat level, you might choose to use the "flinching" tactic by attacking Elvarg from the southeast corner of her cave. While this method is slow, it offers a safe approach to the battle. Upon prevailing, you will automatically possess Elvarg's head as evidence of your victory.

fight boss

Flinching tactic spot

Note of caution: Exiting Elvarg's cave for any reason will necessitate you to reacquire planks and nails for ship repairs. However, if you opt for the optional task of opening the wall south of Elvarg's cave, you will have convenient access to the lair via the Karamja volcano dungeon, thus avoiding the need to travel to Crandor again.


Concluding the Quest

Engage in conversation with Oziach, located in Edgeville, to wrap up your quest.



And that is! Quest Complete!


Quest Complete!