OSRS Dragon Scimitar Guide

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Dragon Scimitar Guide OSRS

The dragon scimitar stands out as the most potent scimitar within the realm of Old School RuneScape, reserved for warriors with a formidable Attack level of 60 and the completion of the challenging Monkey Madness I quest. Notably, it shares akin attributes with Viggora's chainmace, although the chainmace distinguishes itself as a crushing weapon rather than a slashing one.

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How to Obtain the Dragon scimitar

To acquire this formidable blade, one must journey to Ape Atoll and engage with Daga, the designated merchant, who offers the dragon scimitar for a price of 100,000 coins. While non-Ironman accounts can conveniently secure it through the Grand Exchange, those following the Ironman path must make the journey to Ape Atoll. A Monkeyspeak amulet isn't mandatory; players can simply right-click 'Trade' on Daga. However, maintaining a monkey form is still requisite unless the player has successfully completed Monkey Madness II, at which point the monkey form becomes optional. Players who've liberated King Awowogei in the Recipe for Disaster quest can expedite their journey to Ape Atoll using the Ape Atoll Teleport spell (requiring a minimum Magic level of 64) to swiftly access Daga's shop.

Daga Location:


Daga Location

For the adventurous souls, the dragon scimitar presents itself as a rare spoils from the formidable Wilderness boss Scorpia. 

Scorpia/Strategies - OSRS Wiki

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Special Attack and Stats

The dragon scimitar showcases a unique special attack named "Sever," characterized by heightened precision and strategic disruption. When deployed, Sever delivers a strike with increased accuracy and imposes a notable constraint exclusively on opposing players.

A player performing the dragon scimitar's special attack, Sever.

Upon activation, Sever enforces a 5-second restriction on the target player, preventing them from employing defensive prayers such as Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Melee. This potent effect, however, does not extend to the Protect Item prayer. Notably, the execution of Sever demands a substantial energy investment, consuming 55% of the player's special attack reserve.

In terms of combat mechanics, Sever enhances its efficacy by rolling against the target's slash defense with an impressive 25% boost in accuracy. This added precision makes Sever a formidable choice for those seeking to disrupt their adversary's defensive capabilities and capitalize on a more accurate and impactful strike.

 Attack bonusesStab +8Slash +62Crush -2Magic +0Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +1Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +28
 OtherMelee strength +66Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +0Weapon slot table List


The dragon scimitar, while not the most powerful one-handed training weapon in the game, holds a significant place due to its accessibility and effectiveness in strength training. When compared to other notable weapons, including the Ghrazi rapier, Blade of saeldor, Abyssal tentacle, Abyssal whip, Abyssal dagger, Zamorakian hasta, Staff of the dead, Inquisitor's mace, Osmumten's fang, and the Sarachnis cudgel, it may be outperformed by some. However, it remains a popular choice, especially for those focused on training strength.

In contrast, the Saradomin sword stands out with its +82 Strength bonus and +82 Slash attack, making it a formidable option for those seeking a balance between strength and accuracy. The Saradomin's blessed sword takes this a step further, offering a higher +88 Strength bonus and a substantial +100 slash attack, making it an even more powerful alternative.

When considering the Abyssal whip, it provides a +82 Strength bonus along with +82 slash attack. While it competes in terms of strength, its versatility extends beyond strength training, making it a popular choice for various combat styles.

The Abyssal dagger, with its +75 Strength bonus and +75 stab attack, offers a different approach. While it may not match the raw strength of some alternatives, its stab attack provides an advantage against certain opponents with lower stab defense.

In essence, the choice between these weapons depends on individual preferences, combat styles, and specific training goals, showcasing the diverse array of options available in the game.