OSRS Demonic Offering Spell Guide

Demonic Offering Spell Guide OSRS

The Arceuus spellbook harbors formidable arcane secrets, among which lies the potent incantation known as Demonic Offering. Reserved for the adept wielders of magic, this spell requires a mastery of the arcane arts, along with the completion of the illustrious quest, A Kingdom Divided. Once harnessed, it bestows its caster with the ability to offer up to three demonic ashes instantaneously, granting unparalleled experience and spiritual rejuvenation.

For those embarking on the solitary path of Ironmen without access to wrath runes, the Font of Rune stands as a sanctuary, allowing them to channel the Demonic Offering spell without impediment. Here, amidst the ethereal aura of the Font, they can harness the spell's formidable might, unburdened by the constraints of conventional spellcasting.

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Unlocking the Spell

To invoke the Demonic Offering, one must first attain a proficiency in magic, reaching a mastery level of Magic 84. Furthermore, the seeker must embark on the epic journey presented in A Kingdom Divided, surmounting its challenges to claim the spell as their own.

Cost: 1Soul rune.png 1Wrath rune.png

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Mechanics of the Spell

When cast, the Demonic Offering spell swiftly channels the mystic energies, allowing the caster to consecrate up to three demonic ashes from their inventory. What sets this incantation apart is its unique augmentation of the scattering process, granting threefold experience for each ash offered. This boon ensures that practitioners of this spell ascend to greater heights of magical prowess with each invocation.

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Additionally, the arcane forces at play within the Demonic Offering spell hold the power to restore the spiritual essence of the caster. For every set of ashes converted, a prayer point is revitalized. However, the potency of this restoration is further magnified when dealing with infernal ashes, replenishing two prayer points with each conversion.

Experience Rates

AshesPrayer XP/Hr
Fiendish ashes.png Fiendish ashes54,000
Vile ashes.png Vile ashes135,000
Malicious ashes.png Malicious ashes351,000
Abyssal ashes.png Abyssal ashes459,000
Infernal ashes.png Infernal ashes594,000